Episodes (18)

S13E01 · Kris

Aug 20, 1998

Are the Nazi accusations against Dahlén true?

Oväntad återkomst
S13E02 · Oväntad återkomst

Aug 27, 1998

How serious is Gustav's illness - will he survive?

I eget intresse
S13E03 · I eget intresse

Sep 03, 1998

Can Carl persuade Reidar to sell Dahléns?

Herre på täppan
S13E04 · Herre på täppan

Sep 10, 1998

Will Reidar sell Dahléns to Katarina Remmer?

I sista minuten
S13E05 · I sista minuten

Sep 17, 1998

How long will the crew endure Bengtsson's fire drills?

Trumf på hand
S13E06 · Trumf på hand

Sep 24, 1998

How will Reidar get his beloved shipping company back? What does Carl do to get revenge on Katarina?

S13E07 · Förbigångna

Oct 01, 1998

Is it finally Carl's turn to become CEO of Dahléns? Freja's new captain will be appointed.

S13E08 · Övertag

Oct 08, 1998

Does Bengtsson reveal Tony and Nina's black game?

Tid att gå vidare
S13E09 · Tid att gå vidare

Oct 15, 1998

Did Beatrice survive the car accident?

Den nakna sanningen
S13E10 · Den nakna sanningen

Oct 22, 1998

How will Uno solve the commotion that arises on board after Nikolai's sabotage?

S13E11 · Dilemma

Oct 29, 1998

Should Micki accept Beatrice's offer to open a gallery in the salon?

Spelets regler
S13E12 · Spelets regler

Nov 05, 1998

Will Dahléns expose Katarina's computer espionage?

Larmet går
S13E13 · Larmet går

Nov 12, 1998

Has Uno really fallen in love - with a nun?

S13E14 · Kollisionskurs

Nov 19, 1998

How is Uno visiting Sister Hanna at the convent?

Tro, hopp och kärlek
S13E15 · Tro, hopp och kärlek

Nov 26, 1998

Tony gets an unexpected visit on board - who is it?

Det godas fiende
S13E16 · Det godas fiende

Dec 03, 1998

Is it over forever between Katarina and Gustav?

Som man bäddar...
S13E17 · Som man bäddar...

Dec 10, 1998

Malte comes on board again - what is he doing this time?

S13E18 · Stormvarning

Dec 17, 1998

What does Gustav do when he discovers that Katarina has borrowed all his money?


Rederiet Season 13 (1998) is released on Aug 20, 1998 and the latest season 20 of Rederiet is released in 2002. Watch Rederiet online - the Swedish Drama TV series from Sweden. Rederiet is directed by Thomas Hellberg,Bengt Bauler,Maria Weisby,Anders Lenhoff and created by Louise Boije af Gennäs with Bert-Åke Varg and Johannes Brost.

"Rederiet" is one of the most successful and longest running series in Swedish television history. The story is about a shipping company which conducts passenger traffic on the Baltic sea between Stockholm in Sweden and Åbo in Finland. The story takes place both in Stockholm (mostly in the office of the company) and on board the ship m/s Freja. The company (Dahlénrederiet) has for decades been run by the Dahlén family. But there are other people who try to gain control over the company, which leads to a constant struggle for the power. We also get to follow the life on board the ship, where people fall in love and break up. There are also struggles for higher positions on the ship and some people use their position to make some extra money. And in the middle of all that, there may be troubles with the passengers or with the ship which have to be solved. There will be terrible accidents, deaths, murders, smuggling, theft, infidelity, arson, rape, drugs, insanity and many other terrible things. But there will also be a lot of love and friendship and maybe some unknown relatives will show up and some others, who we thought were gone, will appear again...

As know as:

The Shipping Company, High Seas, Rederiet, Varustamo, Na pełnym morzu


Sweden, Finland



Production Companies:

SVT Drama, Yleisradio (YLE)

Cast & Crew

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