Episodes (12)

Ur askan i elden
S02E01 · Ur askan i elden

Jan 14, 1993

Tom Hansson died in the fatal fire at Karisma, and Renate fell into a coma both to Reidar's and Rolf's sad.

Skamfläckar sitter djupt
S02E02 · Skamfläckar sitter djupt

Jan 21, 1993

Rolf and Reidar manage to make an agreement with Elisabeth. Rebecca starts working as a sales manager. Gustav gets into trouble after Yngve disappears.

Tjockare än vatten
S02E03 · Tjockare än vatten

Jan 28, 1993

Reidar and Elisabeth begin to spend intimate time together. Andersson is trying to get holdings of Dahlén shares and Henrik and Yvonne are having dinner. At Freja, Tony is offered the job of curator.

Lysande utsikter
S02E04 · Lysande utsikter

Feb 04, 1993

Lina regularly starts riding with Freja and ignores school. Yvonne tells that Yngve killed her mother. Ola is looking for a job at Dahlén while Uno leaves prison and starts working as a cabin cleaner.

En vän i nöden
S02E05 · En vän i nöden

Feb 11, 1993

Rolf decides not to let Ola start working for them and Tony helps Joker after he has problems with the daily cash register and has dinner with Sofie. Jussi tries to become friends with Uno while Kåkå fixes a problem with the boat's engine.

S02E06 · Vapenskrammel

Feb 18, 1993

Reidar decides that Ola will be advertising manager. Henrik succeeds with his assignment at Mega Line as he receives 5% of the shares at the same time as he starts hanging out with Yvonne.

Första kyssen
S02E07 · Första kyssen

Feb 25, 1993

Uno becomes foreman and Gerd has to undergo a health examination. Uno meets Bogdan and starts smuggling again and he is discovered by Jussi.

S02E08 · Dubbelspel

Mar 04, 1993

Elisabeth wants to invest in the Baltics, which Rolf does not appreciate. Ola and Rebecca go to dinner. Uno and Jussi continue their smuggling and Uno discovers Tony's illegal games.

Var går gränsen
S02E09 · Var går gränsen

Mar 11, 1993

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På drift
S02E10 · På drift

Mar 18, 1993

Rebecca tells Ola that she is pregnant with another. Gustav and Tony disagree while Kåkås' enemy Raspen appears on Freja and Raspen takes help from Tony to set up the enemy, but it turns out that Raspen is Sara's son.

Falskt spel
S02E11 · Falskt spel

Mar 25, 1993

Sara has a serious conversation with Kåkå and you find out that Jussi is Raspen's father. Tony is not fond of what has come out and Irma appears on Freja again.

Nån gång i nästa liv
S02E12 · Nån gång i nästa liv

Apr 01, 1993

Reidar finds out who Ola is through photo evidence and Rebecca goes to Switzerland with Ola. Ola finds out that the child is Henrik's. Lina admits everything to Kåkå about the theft.


Rederiet Season 2 (1993) is released on Jan 14, 1993 and the latest season 20 of Rederiet is released in 2002. Watch Rederiet online - the Swedish Drama TV series from Sweden. Rederiet is directed by Thomas Hellberg,Bengt Bauler,Maria Weisby,Anders Lenhoff and created by Louise Boije af Gennäs with Bert-Åke Varg and Johannes Brost.

"Rederiet" is one of the most successful and longest running series in Swedish television history. The story is about a shipping company which conducts passenger traffic on the Baltic sea between Stockholm in Sweden and Åbo in Finland. The story takes place both in Stockholm (mostly in the office of the company) and on board the ship m/s Freja. The company (Dahlénrederiet) has for decades been run by the Dahlén family. But there are other people who try to gain control over the company, which leads to a constant struggle for the power. We also get to follow the life on board the ship, where people fall in love and break up. There are also struggles for higher positions on the ship and some people use their position to make some extra money. And in the middle of all that, there may be troubles with the passengers or with the ship which have to be solved. There will be terrible accidents, deaths, murders, smuggling, theft, infidelity, arson, rape, drugs, insanity and many other terrible things. But there will also be a lot of love and friendship and maybe some unknown relatives will show up and some others, who we thought were gone, will appear again...

As know as:

The Shipping Company, High Seas, Rederiet, Varustamo, Na pełnym morzu


Sweden, Finland



Production Companies:

SVT Drama, Yleisradio (YLE)

Cast & Crew

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