Episodes (15)

Ont uppsåt
S05E01 · Ont uppsåt

Sep 08, 1994

On board Freja, Jussi has become the new captain, when Sara went ashore with Raspen. During the Christmas celebration at Dahléns, Henrik was beaten by Ola who had escaped from prison.

Oväntat besök
S05E02 · Oväntat besök

Sep 15, 1994

The new chef Günther makes life miserable for Uno. Who should really have the power in Freja's kitchen regions? Mona has become a spy for Pehr Silver and revealed Dahlén's big advertising campaign.

S05E03 · Uppgörelsen

Sep 22, 1994

Reidar met Elinor's twin sister Beatrice and her son Carl, he offered them to stay in the villa. Renate, who has been reconciled with Henrik, also lives there. The two have decided to try again.

Natten har ögon
S05E04 · Natten har ögon

Oct 06, 1994

Renate has left the family after it was discovered that Henrik is the father of Rebecca's children. On board Freja, Viggo continues to harass Kåkå. She had to seek refuge in Emilio's cabin overnight.

Enda vittnet
S05E05 · Enda vittnet

Oct 13, 1994

Mona has for once been loyal to Dahléns and gone behind the backs of Pehr Silver. On Freja, Jussi has got worries. He defended himself against a drunk and violent passenger.

Pengarna eller livet
S05E06 · Pengarna eller livet

Oct 20, 1994

Viggo has told Jussi that he saw him on deck the night a passenger disappeared. And causing another person's death is not a good merit for a captain. Henrik has revealed to Reidar that he is the father of Rebecca's son Ragnar.

Nya krafter
S05E07 · Nya krafter

Oct 27, 1994

Dahléns has had liquidity problems, which do not seem to be resolved. It looks like competitor Silver intends to take advantage of the situation. Henrik Bjurhed intends to prove that he is the father of Ragnar.

Äkta silver
S05E08 · Äkta silver

Nov 03, 1994

Pehr Silver has chartered Freja, as Dahléns has problems paying installments. Henrik has involved the social authorities in his fight to prove that he is little Ragnar's father.

Far och son
S05E09 · Far och son

Nov 10, 1994

Tony had to borrow ten million from the tip winner Gustav to be able to take back Freja from Silver, who now steers on board. The romance sprouts between helmsman Carl and bar manager Siv.

Ett skott i natten
S05E10 · Ett skott i natten

Nov 17, 1994

Viggo was given the power to fire Kåkå from Freja. But she does not intend to give up. She has a gun. Beatrice had Henrik greet her son Ragnar behind Reidar's back. But suddenly Ragnar was gone.

S05E11 · Efterlyst

Nov 24, 1994

Mona hides Henrik and his son in their apartment. At the same time, she has got Reidar to promise a reward to anyone who can give tips on where Ragnar is. At Freja, Kåkå was attacked by Viggo.

Sanningar och lögner
S05E12 · Sanningar och lögner

Dec 01, 1994

Mona has got Reidar to increase the reward further to those who can tell where the grandson Ragnar is. Beatrice invited Siv and her daughters to dinner at the villa. But why did Beatrice try to get in touch with Paula?

S05E13 · Avslöjad

Dec 08, 1994

Beatrice has shown Paula photos of Carl's family in the United States. Carl has not told Siv about them. Henrik is tired of hiding with his son Ragnar. He almost seems to want to give up. That worries Mona.

Spruckna drömmar
S05E14 · Spruckna drömmar

Dec 15, 1994

Henrik gave up his attempts to become a legal father to little Ragnar. Reidar has got his grandson back. But now Henrik begins to suspect that Mona had plans he did not know about.

S05E15 · Demaskering

Dec 22, 1994

Chef Günther - is he really who he pretended to be? Irma wonders - Henrik found Mona at her mother's house. However, he was not prepared to face the outflow of gas. The explosion blew out of the entire floor.


Rederiet Season 5 (1994) is released on Sep 08, 1994 and the latest season 20 of Rederiet is released in 2002. Watch Rederiet online - the Swedish Drama TV series from Sweden. Rederiet is directed by Thomas Hellberg,Bengt Bauler,Maria Weisby,Anders Lenhoff and created by Louise Boije af Gennäs with Bert-Åke Varg and Johannes Brost.

"Rederiet" is one of the most successful and longest running series in Swedish television history. The story is about a shipping company which conducts passenger traffic on the Baltic sea between Stockholm in Sweden and Åbo in Finland. The story takes place both in Stockholm (mostly in the office of the company) and on board the ship m/s Freja. The company (Dahlénrederiet) has for decades been run by the Dahlén family. But there are other people who try to gain control over the company, which leads to a constant struggle for the power. We also get to follow the life on board the ship, where people fall in love and break up. There are also struggles for higher positions on the ship and some people use their position to make some extra money. And in the middle of all that, there may be troubles with the passengers or with the ship which have to be solved. There will be terrible accidents, deaths, murders, smuggling, theft, infidelity, arson, rape, drugs, insanity and many other terrible things. But there will also be a lot of love and friendship and maybe some unknown relatives will show up and some others, who we thought were gone, will appear again...

As know as:

The Shipping Company, High Seas, Rederiet, Varustamo, Na pełnym morzu


Sweden, Finland



Production Companies:

SVT Drama, Yleisradio (YLE)

Cast & Crew

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