Episodes (20)

A Good Drop of Red
S06E01 · A Good Drop of Red

Mar 01, 1990

Two strangers visit Coopers Crossing in search of a bed for the night.

The Hero
S06E02 · The Hero

Mar 08, 1990

A new RDS pilot lands himself in trouble when he gives a lift to an old rascal called Felix.

S06E03 · Suspicion

Mar 15, 1990

When Chris thinks she has stumbled across a case of police brutality, she does everything in her power to intervene.

Daddy's Girl
S06E04 · Daddy's Girl

Mar 22, 1990

Memories come flooding back for Tom Callaghan when an old girlfriend flies into Coopers Crossing.

Two Sisters Running
S06E05 · Two Sisters Running

Mar 29, 1990

Nick discovers an overturned truck containing an old lady and two little girls.

Dangerous Games
S06E06 · Dangerous Games

Apr 05, 1990

Vic and Nancy bicker constantly but when Nancy falls down the stairs by accident, things take a turn for the worse. Only a dangerous operation can prevent her from being paralysed for the rest of her life.

Milk Run
S06E07 · Milk Run

Apr 12, 1990

Word gets around that a prominent professor is to visit Coopers Crossing to see Chris about a job. DJ has a mystery to work out when a young boy radios in about an accident involving his mother but their location and identity are not clear enough to send immediate assistance.

Point of No Return
S06E08 · Point of No Return

Apr 19, 1990

What begins as a routine clinic run to Mondobella Homestead turns into a series of disasters - and they all come down to one woman, Pauline Grant.

Small Mercies
S06E09 · Small Mercies

Apr 26, 1990

Tom is blinded and trapped in the bush after a car accident.

A Painful Extraction
S06E10 · A Painful Extraction

May 03, 1990

DJ's father announces that his son will be accompanying him back to Greece to help run the family business.

The Climber
S06E11 · The Climber

May 10, 1990

David's past catches up with him when two old university friends, Peter and Karen, come to visit him at Cooper's Crossing.

Dead Reckoning
S06E12 · Dead Reckoning

May 17, 1990

When charter pilot Doug Holland flies into Coopers Crossing to refuel his aircraft, a nightmare begins for Geoff, Kate and the other doctors.

A Bride to Be
S06E13 · A Bride to Be

May 24, 1990

Typical Aussie outback man Whistler, who loves Alice but has avoided marriage for 20 years, discovers that the time has come to make a decision. In order to raise some extra money so that he will be able to support her, he attempts cattle rustling - but collapses in the process.

A Place for the Night
S06E14 · A Place for the Night

May 31, 1990

A young girl blames herself for her sister's drowning and loses the will to walk. While taking her to Broken Hill for tests, the plane makes a forced landing, and Geoff and Kate decide to stay the night in an eerie homestead occupied by two strange sisters.

End of the Rainbow
S06E15 · End of the Rainbow

Jun 07, 1990

When Nick and David go searching for Dan Jackson, an asthmatic who works in an opal mine, they find more than they expected.

Double Vision
S06E16 · Double Vision

Jun 14, 1990

When Peta Rowlands and her daughter Kim arrive at Coopers Crossing, Kim soon develops a crush on Tom. The residents tease Tom about it but he suspects that Kim has a serious problem.

The Boy in the Boot
S06E17 · The Boy in the Boot

Jun 21, 1990

A bizarre incident occurs when following an accident, Tim Sewell is nearly incinerated in the boot of his father's car and refuses to speak about it.

Windows of the Soul
S06E18 · Windows of the Soul

Jun 28, 1990

David goes in search of a Vietnam veteran who badly needs a heart by-pass, and ends up becoming surrogate father to a dog.

Rest in Peace
S06E19 · Rest in Peace

Jul 05, 1990

While out horse riding one afternoon, Nick and Annie make a gruesome discovery that may contain the answer to a six-year-old mystery.

Life Line
S06E20 · Life Line

Jul 12, 1990

Chris undergoes an emotional crisis after receiving some devastating news about her father.


The Flying Doctors Season 6 (1990) is released on Mar 01, 1990 and the latest season 9 of The Flying Doctors is released in 1991. Watch The Flying Doctors online - the English Drama TV series from Australia. The Flying Doctors is directed by Colin Budds,Brendan Maher,Mark Defriest,Catherine Millar and created by Vincent Moran with Lenore Smith and Maurie Fields.

As know as:

The Flying Doctors, De flyvende læger, Lentävät lääkärit, Die fliegenden Ärzte





Production Companies:

Crawford Productions, Nine Network Australia

Cast & Crew

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