Episodes (24)

Look, Up in the Sky
S04E01 · Look, Up in the Sky

Sep 08, 1988

Two air balloons drop in on the clinic run. As the Nomad is in for some expensive repairs, a balloon race is organised in order to raise funds.

Preacher Man
S04E02 · Preacher Man

Sep 15, 1988

Evangelist Edward Faithful arrives in town and even the cynics are won over by the evangelist's charm.

The Fear: Part 1
S04E03 · The Fear: Part 1

Sep 22, 1988

Australian-American relations are strained when Kimberley White returns to the crossing with her son Todd, who rapidly alienates everyone with his caustic remarks.

The Fear: Part 2
S04E04 · The Fear: Part 2

Sep 29, 1988

Todd conquers his agoraphobia in dramatic circumstances, and Kimberley leaves a parting gift for the town.

Fair Go
S04E05 · Fair Go

Oct 06, 1988

Coopers Crossing gets a new flying postman, but his idea of efficiency soon has everyone up in arms.

Broken Airwaves
S04E06 · Broken Airwaves

Oct 13, 1988

Kate feels taken for granted, and resigns to compete in a rodeo - only to find herself soon in need of the flying doctors. Meanwhile Sam and Emma are finding life on the farm very difficult.

Bed and Board
S04E07 · Bed and Board

Oct 20, 1988

An unexpected and unwelcome visitor from Maggie's past arrives in Coopers Crossing to receive some grim news. Sam takes his first student for flying lessons.

Breaking the Drought
S04E08 · Breaking the Drought

Nov 03, 1988

Sam and Emma face ruin on their new farm when the dams run dry. Dougie causes a near-disaster on a visit to his cousin and Marty and Paula are left in charge of Vic's pub - which is almost demolished.

Family Secrets: Part 1
S04E09 · Family Secrets: Part 1

Nov 10, 1988

A handsome stranger appears in town and surprises everyone by claiming to be Geoff's elder brother. He soon becomes a favourite with the townsfolk, but why does Geoff seem to have a grudge against him?

Family Secrets: Part 2
S04E10 · Family Secrets: Part 2

Nov 17, 1988

Geoff's elder brother becomes very popular with Coopers Crossing, but only Geoff knows his true character. When Barry makes a play for Kate, she ignores Geoff's warnings - to her cost.

All You Need Is Luck
S04E11 · All You Need Is Luck

Feb 09, 1989

Kate's temporary replacement arrives and ruffles Maggie's feathers. Chris has to give advice to a woman intent on marrying a man ten years her senior.

The Silly Season
S04E12 · The Silly Season

Feb 16, 1989

Coopers Crossing is agog when a man involved in a car crash claims it was caused by a UFO. And the identity of the car driver is shrouded in mystery.

Every Situation
S04E13 · Every Situation

Feb 23, 1989

George Baxter is forced into becoming a custodian of two streetwise kids. Sam unearths more of Maggie's tragic past. A tired and irritable Chris finally admits she needs Geoff's medical assistance.

The Storyteller
S04E14 · The Storyteller

Mar 02, 1989

Dougie is accused of assaulting a local white racist. Jack knows that he is innocent, so is puzzled when Dougie insists on owning up to the crime.

The Choice
S04E15 · The Choice

Mar 09, 1989

When an air accident leaves two sisters seriously injured, the man they both live with has to make a difficult choice. Kate returns from her break determined to make her separation from Coopers Crossing permanent.

A Shade of Doubt
S04E16 · A Shade of Doubt

Mar 16, 1989

Chris returns from Sydney with bad news.

Mick & Julia
S04E17 · Mick & Julia

Mar 23, 1989

An elderly couple makes a deep impression on the citizens of Coopers Crossing.

The Deal
S04E18 · The Deal

Jan 01, 1988

When a woman has a severe asthma attack, her young son makes a deal with God.

A Thing of Beauty
S04E19 · A Thing of Beauty

Apr 06, 1989

An old friend of Emma's becomes a cause for concern at the crossing. Geoff and Kate take their first tentative steps towards stabilising their relationship.

S04E20 · Cadenza

Apr 13, 1989

Culture comes to Coopers Crossing in the shape of the Junior Strings of Melbourne, causing an outbreak of snobbery and resentment. To make matters worse, the lead violinist develops a crush on Emma.

S04E21 · Mates

Apr 20, 1989

Vic has to make a sacrifice in order to help his wife's sick sister. Newcomer Luke Mitchell drifts into town.

The Child
S04E22 · The Child

Apr 27, 1989

There is astonishment among the townsfolk when a new father announces his son's birth as the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Chris has to cope with fears about her forthcoming operation in Sydney.

Next to Go
S04E23 · Next to Go

May 04, 1989

Chris's father is on hand when she arrives in Sydney for her life-or-death operation, but she still has other things on her mind.

Gotta Have Friends
S04E24 · Gotta Have Friends

May 11, 1989

Maggie's life is turned upside down by a face from the past and Geoff has a depressed donkey on his hands.


The Flying Doctors Season 4 (1988) is released on Sep 08, 1988 and the latest season 9 of The Flying Doctors is released in 1991. Watch The Flying Doctors online - the English Drama TV series from Australia. The Flying Doctors is directed by Colin Budds,Brendan Maher,Mark Defriest,Catherine Millar and created by Vincent Moran with Lenore Smith and Maurie Fields.

As know as:

The Flying Doctors, De flyvende læger, Lentävät lääkärit, Die fliegenden Ärzte





Production Companies:

Crawford Productions, Nine Network Australia

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