Episodes (26)

The Gift
S05E01 · The Gift

May 18, 1989

A new doctor clashes with Chris over the treatment of a young man gravely injured in a road accident.

Second Chance
S05E02 · Second Chance

May 25, 1989

The antipodean aviators face a life-or-death decision when Emma is trapped beneath a truck in rising water.

Not the Malarvys
S05E03 · Not the Malarvys

Jun 01, 1989

The Malarvy family comes to Coopers Crossing when their daughter is hospitalized due to pneumonia. They have eight children and the oldest daughter looks after the rest of them.

The Adventure
S05E04 · The Adventure

Jun 08, 1989

Luke becomes suspicious of the safari group that arrives in Coopers Crossing. When Paula joins them, Luke follows headlong into the jaws of disaster.

No Man's Land
S05E05 · No Man's Land

Jun 15, 1989

Chris and David are on a clinic run for three days. A woman and her two daughters run the farm they're staying at. David doesn't feel welcome and soon he finds out that the women are very hostile towards all men, but why?

Rising Sundown
S05E06 · Rising Sundown

Jul 06, 1989

A wave of racism hits Coopers Crossing when two Japanese entrepreneurs make a bid for part of the community's heritage.

Man and Boy
S05E07 · Man and Boy

Jul 13, 1989

David and Sam have a life-and-death situation on their hands after a boy is struck by lightning, but the case causes a clash of medical opinion between them.

The Longing
S05E08 · The Longing

Jul 20, 1989

Pregnant Sheena and her husband Joe end up on an Aboriginal camp when he is fired for not being attentive enough on the McKinley property.

Bitter Harvest
S05E09 · Bitter Harvest

Aug 03, 1989

The usually happy and loving Potter family are suddenly showing aggressive behavior. Chris decides to investigate the cause.

The Instrument
S05E10 · The Instrument

Aug 17, 1989

A minor accident on the mining field brings a taste of what's to come for David, Kate and Paula as they prepare for a clinic run to the mine.

Word & Deed
S05E11 · Word & Deed

Aug 31, 1989

Fear and hatred spread like wildfire through Coopers Crossing when Father Jacko returns to town and discovers he has leprosy.

All That Glitters...
S05E12 · All That Glitters...

Sep 07, 1989

Jack is called in to investigate the attempted murder of a stranger. All the evidence seems to point to Luke Mitchell, and Jack uncovers some disturbing facts when he delves into Luke's past.

Fly Past
S05E13 · Fly Past

Sep 14, 1989

A life-and-death situation occurs when David is attacked by a swarm of wasps in his plane and Tom has to land the aircraft without any flying experience.

The Last Rodeo
S05E14 · The Last Rodeo

Sep 21, 1989

A young girl's life is endangered when the rodeo comes to town and her father decides to take her on the road with him. She is diabetic and faces certain death without medical assistance.

Sky Above, Earth Below
S05E15 · Sky Above, Earth Below

Oct 05, 1989

A 4yr old girl falls down a mine shaft. David, Tom, Jack and loads of others try to get her out before the shaft collapses.

Lucky Lady
S05E16 · Lucky Lady

Oct 12, 1989

Emma and Nick find a lone man wandering along an old track suffering from dehydration and fatigue.

The Chips Are Down
S05E17 · The Chips Are Down

Sep 28, 1989

Tom and David are involved in a horrific road accident.

Guardian Angel
S05E18 · Guardian Angel

Oct 19, 1989

An old prospector is in danger of losing his land after a pair of surveyors for a mining company arrive - then he discovers that one of them is suffering from rabies.

S05E19 · Battlers

Oct 26, 1989

Nick and his friend Shane won't stop squabbling and Logan abandons them in the outback with disastrous consequences.

No Tears
S05E20 · No Tears

Nov 02, 1989

An elderly farmhand believes he is a burden on his workmates. A sick camel poses a problem for the RFDS.

Doctor's Dreaming
S05E21 · Doctor's Dreaming

Nov 02, 1989

After being made an honorary member of an aborigine tribe, Geoff is thrown into a deadly dilemma when he collapses with appendicitis in a sacred cave and may not be able to get help without betraying his tribal oath.

Blues for Judy
S05E22 · Blues for Judy

Nov 09, 1989

Emma's friend gives birth in her car, then leaves the baby outside Emma's front door wanting Emma to look after it unaware that Emma is staying overnight in town.

The Claim
S05E23 · The Claim

Nov 16, 1989

Lorraine is killed while trying to mend her bridge. Her death leaves her best friend, Judith, to pick up the pieces and fight off a blackmailing claimant on Lorraine's will.

A Rhyme for Reason
S05E24 · A Rhyme for Reason

Jan 01, 1989

Pip, an elderly lady who is the darling of Coopers Crossing, comes into some money.

Dad's Little Bloke
S05E25 · Dad's Little Bloke

Feb 15, 1990

The accident of a young boy entangles his family in a web of deceit and suspicion.

A Sporting Life
S05E26 · A Sporting Life

Feb 22, 1990

A teenager has a struggle to come to terms with the loss of a leg in an accident.


The Flying Doctors Season 5 (1989) is released on May 18, 1989 and the latest season 9 of The Flying Doctors is released in 1991. Watch The Flying Doctors online - the English Drama TV series from Australia. The Flying Doctors is directed by Colin Budds,Brendan Maher,Mark Defriest,Catherine Millar and created by Vincent Moran with Lenore Smith and Maurie Fields.

As know as:

The Flying Doctors, De flyvende læger, Lentävät lääkärit, Die fliegenden Ärzte





Production Companies:

Crawford Productions, Nine Network Australia

Cast & Crew

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