Episodes (24)

Good Day for It
S02E01 · Good Day for It

Jul 07, 1987

Emma and Violet return from England to a welcome-home party.

Horses for Courses
S02E02 · Horses for Courses

Jul 14, 1987

Hurtle makes his own brew to cope with the beer strike.

The Unluckiest Boy in Town
S02E03 · The Unluckiest Boy in Town

Dec 21, 1987

DJ wants to start up a disco in the town for the youngsters who have nothing to do.

It Isn't Cricket
S02E04 · It Isn't Cricket

Jul 28, 1987

Windoona are to take on Cooper's Crossing in a big cricket match. George upsets everyone by deciding to play for Windoona.

An Only Child
S02E05 · An Only Child

Aug 04, 1987

Sam has to find other accommodation when he is forced to leave the pub.

A Love Story
S02E06 · A Love Story

Aug 11, 1987

A young woman angers her father and brother when she reveals that she is pregnant. Chris and Father Jacko attempt to get Zoe sorted with an acceptable home.

Keeping Up Appearances
S02E07 · Keeping Up Appearances

Aug 18, 1987

Hurtle and DJ team up to make a video on how to survive in the outback.

All Things Bright and Beautiful
S02E08 · All Things Bright and Beautiful

Aug 25, 1987

Poachers cause trouble when they miss their target and shoot Father Jacko. Geoff is not as enraptured by a patient as the rest of the Crossing is. Chris tries to get Zoe to meet her real father.

My Name Is Sky
S02E09 · My Name Is Sky

Sep 01, 1987

A gang of hippies comes to town and causes friction with the locals. Chris grows to despise one of her patients who later dies. Geoff goes to Sydney but finds that he misses the outback and his friends in the Crossing.

Bachelors & Spinsters
S02E10 · Bachelors & Spinsters

Sep 08, 1987

A Bachelor and Spinsters night is held. Zoe is attracted to Glen, however she finds herself becoming jealous when it is clear he only has eyes for Chris.

Fifty-two Hours Straight
S02E11 · Fifty-two Hours Straight

Sep 15, 1987

The Chochrane brothers create their usual havoc when they try to blow up a car in order to get the insurance money. When Sam tries to lend a helping hand, he ends up being injured.

A Friend of a Friend
S02E12 · A Friend of a Friend

Sep 22, 1987

Dougie gives a lift to a stranger and brings him to town, however it soon becomes apparent that the man's obsession with God and his incessant ramblings are not healthy.

Friends and Lovers
S02E13 · Friends and Lovers

Sep 29, 1987

Sam becomes jealous when a male friend from Sydney comes to visit Emma. Meanwhile, Emma is given an engagement ring.

Realms of Gold
S02E14 · Realms of Gold

Oct 06, 1987

Reg Hodges has finally found a piece of gold - but is it real?.

The Hometown Hero
S02E15 · The Hometown Hero

Oct 13, 1987

A novice pilot takes control of a plane when his instructor brother falls ill.

A Distant Echo
S02E16 · A Distant Echo

Oct 20, 1987

Violet is mortified when she finds out that her grandfather's father killed a lot of aborigines. However, Dougie helps her to put things into perspective.

No Laughing Matter
S02E17 · No Laughing Matter

Oct 27, 1987

When Zoe moves with her father to Sydney, Chris struggles to cope with her latest loss.

No Quarter Asked
S02E18 · No Quarter Asked

Nov 03, 1987

Kate's friend Jessie returns to the Crossing after being away for five years. However the celebration soon comes to an end when it emerges Jessie has Multiple sclerosis. Emma and Sam decide that they should get married.

Myths & Legends
S02E19 · Myths & Legends

Nov 10, 1987

Father Jacko gives Chris flying lessons when she decides there is more to life than work.

The Hitch-hiker
S02E20 · The Hitch-hiker

Nov 17, 1987

Violet leaves for a vacation. Sam and Emma make plans for their marriage with a bit too much help from Violet. Chris' father comes to visit her. Someone hurts her eye and Geoff takes care of her.

Give a Dog a Bad Name
S02E21 · Give a Dog a Bad Name

Nov 24, 1987

A carnival comes to Coopers Crossing and people get killed. The murderer seems to be a boy from the carnival. Chris' father starts to be in the way for Chris and the others.

Every Day a Gift
S02E22 · Every Day a Gift

Feb 11, 1988

Chris meets her father's girlfriend. George is desperate to purchase a farm but finds himself paying more than he bargained for.

Bearing Gifts
S02E23 · Bearing Gifts

Feb 18, 1988

On her way back from Bali, Violet has an encounter with the law when she's accused of being a drug smuggler.

Repeat Performance
S02E24 · Repeat Performance

Feb 25, 1988

Sam and Emma get married. Chris misses the whole wedding when she's stuck on a farm in the outback with a sick child and the mother.


The Flying Doctors Season 2 (1987) is released on Jul 07, 1987 and the latest season 9 of The Flying Doctors is released in 1991. Watch The Flying Doctors online - the English Drama TV series from Australia. The Flying Doctors is directed by Colin Budds,Brendan Maher,Mark Defriest,Catherine Millar and created by Vincent Moran with Lenore Smith and Maurie Fields.

As know as:

The Flying Doctors, De flyvende læger, Lentävät lääkärit, Die fliegenden Ärzte





Production Companies:

Crawford Productions, Nine Network Australia

Cast & Crew

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