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Not with a Bang...
S08E01 · Not with a Bang...

Sep 08, 1976

Informant Alf Bowen gives Harry Hawkins a tip about two men wanting explosives. Apart from a failed break-in at a quarry, nothing. Alf Bowen is playing both sides and when he discovers the men are going to kill him he sets up booby trap.

There's Always Tomorrow
S08E02 · There's Always Tomorrow

Sep 15, 1976

Two major operations are aborted due a red alert call. Special Branch inform Task Force of a possible kidnapping of a young Saudi boy. Branch man DCI Goldthorpe is shot dead, at the airport, before the situation can be safely resolved.

Say It with Flowers
S08E03 · Say It with Flowers

Sep 22, 1976

DS Grant is suspicious about London villain Micky Dixon and a flower shop in Church St. His investigation leads to a man called Aldridge but Dixon gets arrested on suspicion of driving a stolen car and Grant needs him released.

The Trojan Horse
S08E04 · The Trojan Horse

Sep 29, 1976

A high quality16mm film labeled 'Filth' is found at Grange Crossroads. Snow and Lincoln investigations leads to a man called Jennings of Wyvern House. DCS Watt needs to make a conspiracy charge for using an under age girl.

Now You See It, Now You Don't
S08E05 · Now You See It, Now You Don't

Oct 06, 1976

PC's Pearson and Lincoln arrest car theft John Dean, who drops a piece paper with a list of cars stolen to order. The first two have been stolen. However Dean is an alias and wanted by the Met for the Hatton Garden robbery.

As Good Cooks Go...
S08E06 · As Good Cooks Go...

Oct 13, 1976

George Barton contacts DS Grant about his missing wife, who appears to have vanished without trace along with her car. When the car is found it contains blood stains and a single shoe. He later receives a suspicious telephone call.

The Visitor
S08E07 · The Visitor

Oct 20, 1976

John Watt's old pal Bill Brown runs security at the Bull Hotel and wants him to help with a number of walk in thefts. Watt spots phony - Lord Hocking but he offers them Pierre Mandel, a man with a suitcase and shoulder holster.

Baked Beans
S08E08 · Baked Beans

Oct 27, 1976

John Watt spots fence Frank Chandler in a local bar. He is with his 'secretary' Doris offers Watt a chance to arrest him. He has agreed to buy a quantity of stolen lawnmowers from two wannabe villains and will give him the time and date.

The Climber
S08E09 · The Climber

Nov 03, 1976

A cat burglar scales a high rise tower block and breaks into six apartments stealing £400. The only cat burglar they suspect Keys has broke his leg. However his son Lee has enough money to buy a pony so Lincoln is sent undercover.

At Risk
S08E10 · At Risk

Nov 10, 1976

Det. Sgt. Grant is sent to a Thames County Council Social Services case review for a possible child endangerment case. Joan Fisher took her baby to hospital and they reported a number pre-existing injuries however prove is required.

Got Him!
S08E11 · Got Him!

Nov 17, 1976

DS Grant gets a tip about Maurice Roach, a well known villain planning a house breaking. Switz businessman Mr Tegman and his wife, of Woodstock Green, are found robbed and tied up. His niece witnessed a man loitering at the gates.

Just a Whisper?
S08E12 · Just a Whisper?

Nov 24, 1976

Mrs. Elsa Rutherford contacts PC Pearson to ask him to visit her in Axbury village. She tells him of hearing whispers in the night which intrigues him. After inquiries there are enough fragments to lead to a drug shipment arriving.

A Shot in the Dark
S08E13 · A Shot in the Dark

Dec 01, 1976

PC's Pearson and Lincoln are called to a factory break in. Pearson discovers an armed raider who fires a warning shot and flees. Insurance investigator Edward Letheridge offers John Watt a possible name of a recently released villain.

S08E14 · Communications

Dec 08, 1976

Lincoln and Grant stake out strip club. Hours later the stripper is found murdered in the park and a rag doll left by the body. Lincoln recognises the doll, from the club, while Hawkins links a bizarre telephone call about schizophrenia.

Alarums and Excursions
S08E15 · Alarums and Excursions

Dec 15, 1976

Harry Hawkins jobbing gardener Stanton appears to have vanished. PC Pearson takes him to his caravan, near Ashford. Inside it looks like a violent fight has taken place. An investigation begins but it appears Stanton has no history.


Softly Softly: Task Force Season 8 (1976) is released on Sep 08, 1976 and the latest season 8 of Softly Softly: Task Force is released in 1976. Watch Softly Softly: Task Force online - the English Crime TV series from United Kingdom. Softly Softly: Task Force is directed by Frank Cox,David Sullivan Proudfoot,Gilchrist Calder,Peter Cregeen and created by Ewart Alexander with Frank Windsor and Norman Bowler.

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Softly Softly: Task Force, Task Force Police


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