Episodes (13)

S06E01 · Alert

Sep 04, 1974

Task Force is on high alert when SA plane is hijacked by sophisticated terrorist group. Armed security, on the plane, wound two and arrest another. After landing, Watt becomes suspicious that not everyone has been truthful.

You Don't Have to Shout, I'm Listening
S06E02 · You Don't Have to Shout, I'm Listening

Sep 11, 1974

Nesbitt and Dodds are sent to a disturbance at garage where they attacked by employee Masrur Jemal. When Evans visits his house he finds the wife dead and his child seriously ill. Everybody assumes he is guilty except John Watt.

Worth a Million
S06E03 · Worth a Million

Sep 18, 1974

John Watt has the plans for a robbery organised by Jim Ryland but doesn't know the location. He brings in Ryland associate Billy Cooper for questioning and he admits the job is worth a million pound but won't tell them where.

Domestic Incident
S06E04 · Domestic Incident

Sep 25, 1974

PC Snow is called to a block of flats where a distressed woman tells him that her psychotic ex George Fletcher has her tracked down and is now holding his kids hostage and threatening to kill them.

Pop Goes the Weasel
S06E05 · Pop Goes the Weasel

Oct 02, 1974

Slim Slaver and the Slavers are playing a gig at Elverton village hall. The audience is mostly made up of teenage girls who will do anything to see him. During the gig, Slim Slaver is electrocuted and dies in suspicious circumstances.

Cat Among the Pigeons
S06E06 · Cat Among the Pigeons

Oct 09, 1974

Det. Chief Supt. Watt wants an investigation into Jeremy Styles, a successful business man who started from nothing. Watt believes he is connected to villain Sam Daniels and they are secret partners in crime.

S06E07 · Pardon

Oct 16, 1974

Former armed robber Red Raynor is released from prison, after ten years, is terrified out of skin when he receives a scythe delivered to his door. PC Snow discovers a deaf mute in the woods who believes he killed a policeman.

Little Boy Blue
S06E08 · Little Boy Blue

Oct 23, 1974

8-year-old Alec Browell lives with his gran but is not wanted by his mother. When he disappears nobody reports it to the police for over a day leaving Det. Chief Supt. Watt has no choice but to open a murder investigation.

A Day's Work
S06E09 · A Day's Work

Oct 30, 1974

PC Snow is called by a school headmaster to look into a number of students who running shoplifting racket. Chief Supt. Watt has to investigate large scale pilfering at a local building firm after losses of £15,000 in the accounts.

S06E10 · Paperwork

Nov 06, 1974

D.S. Bill Allen is beaten up on his own doorstep and left in a coma. Det. Chief Supt. Watt handles the inquiry but discovers Allen isn't liked by colleagues, villains or even his wife and son.

See What You've Done
S06E11 · See What You've Done

Nov 13, 1974

Lucy Rhodes, secretary to businessman Vincent Pauldron, is mugged on the way home. His son Chris tells police that his father may have been the attacker but oddball Richard Spencer, who left the pub early, attracts attention to himself.

We're in This Together
S06E12 · We're in This Together

Nov 20, 1974

Her Majesty's Inspector Sharp's visit to Thamesford coincides with a newspaper article written by Kingsley's MP claiming the police have a vendetta against Salmader family under orders from Det. Chief Supt. Watt .

S06E13 · Temptation

Nov 27, 1974

Det. Chief Insp. Hawkins is overseeing the security of a quarter of million pounds worth of jewelry and metals used in an exhibition in Kingley. Despite a police escort the diamonds are stolen from under their noses.


Softly Softly: Task Force Season 6 (1974) is released on Sep 04, 1974 and the latest season 8 of Softly Softly: Task Force is released in 1976. Watch Softly Softly: Task Force online - the English Crime TV series from United Kingdom. Softly Softly: Task Force is directed by Frank Cox,David Sullivan Proudfoot,Gilchrist Calder,Peter Cregeen and created by Ewart Alexander with Frank Windsor and Norman Bowler.

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Softly Softly: Task Force, Task Force Police


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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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