Episodes (20)

Spit and Polish
S04E01 · Spit and Polish

Sep 13, 1972

A series of assaults on women occurs, and when one of them manages to fight back, the trail to the culprit begins. What is the significance of a white car, and a garage owned by an elderly lady?

S04E02 · Killer

Sep 20, 1972

Josephine has been found guilty of the murder of a small child. But as she is driven from court, an accident frees her. How can a vulnerable teenager be traced, and how can she be prevented from committing another crime?

S04E03 · Surveillance

Sep 27, 1972

Det. Chief Supt. Barlow has inside knowledge that a gang of safe breakers are in operation. When they move into make their arrest a gun is pulled of PC Snow.

Dog Eat Dog
S04E04 · Dog Eat Dog

Oct 04, 1972

PC Snow attempts to be-friend a troubled youngster by giving him a pet dog when his father kills the animal Snow considers taking the law into his own hands

Bank Rate
S04E05 · Bank Rate

Oct 11, 1972

Danny Fitch, who works for Harry Hawkins girlfriend Sara, is conspiring with target criminal Tom Rattery to rob her uncle's bank, in Thamesford. Is Hawkins too involved?

On the Third Day
S04E06 · On the Third Day

Oct 18, 1972

On his way to a promotion board interview, Det. Chief Supt. Barlow is told he has been targeted by violent thug Timothy Redway who intends to gain revenge.

The Witness
S04E07 · The Witness

Oct 25, 1972

Barlow and Watt investigate an armed gang who have stolen a lorry containing Scotch Whiskey worth twenty grand. Barlow plays the suspects off against each other to see who will crack first.

Run for Your Money
S04E08 · Run for Your Money

Nov 01, 1972

Det. Chief Supt. Barlow attempts to get to the bottom of Arthur Austin who is unapologetic about embezzling twenty thousand pounds from the company he used to work for

New Broom
S04E09 · New Broom

Nov 08, 1972

Det. Chief Supt. John Watt steps into the shoes of Charlie Barlow, following his promotion.

Paper Chase
S04E10 · Paper Chase

Nov 15, 1972

A search is on for a couple who are flooding shops with fake one pound notes. Market stallholder Ben Fisher attempts to get his money back by using local dog track.

Welcome to the Club
S04E11 · Welcome to the Club

Nov 22, 1972

Det. Chief Supt. John Watt is tipped off that the council are working a land scam with a local developer. Evans and Snow look into an epidemic of wireless robberies.

S04E12 · Justice

Nov 29, 1972

Chief Inspector Adler moves back to CID putting noses out joint. Thire first task is to investigate antiques dealer George Bensfield who is fencing stolen items.

S04E13 · Conversion

Dec 06, 1972

A bank robbers use information gained from a gullible youngster to impersonate gas workers, working in the area, pull off the perfect crime.

S04E14 · Needle

Dec 13, 1972

An unpopular prison warden is run down outside the prison gates. Watt believes he knows which prisoner was behind it but he has to find the driver.

S04E15 · Execution

Dec 20, 1972

Sgt. Evans and PC Nesbitt hear shots at the home of aging gangland boss Billy Baxter and discover his minder shot and his girlfriend terrified. Watt and Hawkins fear Baxter will be next.

S04E16 · Time-Table

Jan 03, 1973

Veteran safe breaker Jack Rogers has teamed up with Simmonds, who is unknown to the police, to pull a series robberies around the country and all with perfect alibi.

S04E17 · Conspiracy

Jan 10, 1973

Dawes runs a small gang of safe breakers but when he takes his new girlfriend on holiday to Spain, Det. Supt. Adler decides to play mind games with old flame Lucy.

Money for Sale
S04E18 · Money for Sale

Jan 17, 1973

A car left at a scrapyard alerts Watt to criminal Alfred Felton, who has disappeared with a suitcase full of money and is on the run from the gang he works with.

For Love or Money
S04E19 · For Love or Money

Jan 24, 1973

Detective Superintendent Adler is suckered into interviewing glamorous Patti Nolan at her home, while investigating missing loot from a bank robbery. Instead it he who finds himself under investigation for taking a bribe.

Little Acorns
S04E20 · Little Acorns

Jan 31, 1973

A law and order conference is threatened to be hijacked by Heston, a right wing agitator. Meanwhile PC's Nesbitt and Knowles misjudge local youngsters running riot in a tower block that turns into a siege.


Softly Softly: Task Force Season 4 (1972) is released on Sep 13, 1972 and the latest season 8 of Softly Softly: Task Force is released in 1976. Watch Softly Softly: Task Force online - the English Crime TV series from United Kingdom. Softly Softly: Task Force is directed by Frank Cox,David Sullivan Proudfoot,Gilchrist Calder,Peter Cregeen and created by Ewart Alexander with Frank Windsor and Norman Bowler.

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Softly Softly: Task Force, Task Force Police


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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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