Episodes (18)

S05E01 · Errors

Sep 12, 1973

Unlikely drug mule, Ann Barclay is arrested at local pub. With long jail term likely, Watt and Hawkins start exert some pressure.

Signed Off
S05E02 · Signed Off

Sep 19, 1973

PC Felly is badly beaten after discovering a robbery in progress. Unfortunately for him it takes several hours for police to discover something is wrong.

A Quiet Man
S05E03 · A Quiet Man

Sep 26, 1973

Businessman Jack Hodder escapes with his life following bomb attack on his home. Watt and Hawkins suspect he is planning to take revenge after refusing treatment.

No Way
S05E04 · No Way

Oct 03, 1973

Watt, Hawkins and Evans come from a protection unit and straight into a bank robbery in Thamesford. Hawkins wounds one robber but John Watt is taken hostage.

No Life for a Woman
S05E05 · No Life for a Woman

Oct 10, 1973

An unidentified body of a woman is pulled from the canal. Sgt Evans and PC Snow have to chase down all the missing person reports from the last twelve months.

Twenty-Seven Pieces of Porcelain
S05E06 · Twenty-Seven Pieces of Porcelain

Oct 17, 1973

Watt and Hawkins head to Deauville, France to track down Clive Hornsby-Hyatt, a middle man who has orchestrated a string of antique robberies on country houses

S05E07 · Night-Watch

Oct 24, 1973

Sgt Evans gets a tip that a filling station attendant will be shot for revenge and it made to look like an accident. A pair of low level thieves hit the jackpot when they steal 1500 watches.

Catch as Catch Can
S05E08 · Catch as Catch Can

Oct 31, 1973

Harry Hawkins has put together "Operation Ratcatcher" to arrest a number of local big wigs who are involved in a conspiracy which they benefited from council contracts.

The Loudmouth
S05E09 · The Loudmouth

Nov 07, 1973

A tip off about serial criminal Billy Mason puts PC Snow undercover at a casino. Snow makes contact with him about a possible deal only for Mason to be murdered.

S05E10 · Interrogation

Nov 14, 1973

A jeweller's shop is robbed and a shot is fired at a bystander. Two suspects are arrested who both deny all charges. Gradually the police breaks down the suspects' resistance and one of them makes a full confession, implicating the other.

Slip of the Tongue
S05E11 · Slip of the Tongue

Nov 21, 1973

Two professional criminals break into a canning factory but take along petty thief Terry Johnson. When the three are arrested Johnson only gets probation which makes Hawkins suspicious.

S05E12 · Trial

Nov 28, 1973

Hawkins and Snow are to due give evidence in Herbert Andrews robbery trial. Much of the case resolves around forensic evidence so Andrews counsel is out to discredit the pair.

Skipper's Walk
S05E13 · Skipper's Walk

Dec 05, 1973

Harry Hawkins receives allegations that Sgt Jack Stirling is having an affair Jean Buxton, who's husband Tony he put behind bars. Hawkins and Watt decide to do some low key investigating first.

S05E14 · Cover

Dec 12, 1973

Jarman's barn is burned to the ground with arson suspected. When they start paying big money for a new structure to be built, Sgt Evans is sent undercover. He quickly spots the Thornley's planning something with villain Johnny Drew.

S05E15 · Observation

Dec 19, 1973

Hawkins is tipped off that armed robber Dave Riley is in the Kingley area following a break out of jail. Watching from a nearby flat Riley is with several accomplices and appears to be planning another armed robbery.

S05E16 · Trouble-Maker

Jan 02, 1974

Task Force aid a drug bust at a house containing mainly black tenants causing a lot of bad publicity from Fordyce, a black activist lawyer. In a bid to counter claims against police, John Watt is told thoroughly investigate.

The Raider
S05E17 · The Raider

Jan 09, 1974

A post office van is raided by six men who steal £50,000. Only hired muscled Danny Darby is arrested after using a gun. Darby eventually gives up the name of escaped villain Johnny Warren but he has not been seen for two years.

S05E18 · Victim

Jan 16, 1974

Chief Constable Cullen receives a threatening letter about prisoner David Bridie being persecuted again. Evans and Knowles are currently taking Bridie, via train, to London and need to get him to give up the letter writer.


Softly Softly: Task Force Season 5 (1973) is released on Sep 12, 1973 and the latest season 8 of Softly Softly: Task Force is released in 1976. Watch Softly Softly: Task Force online - the English Crime TV series from United Kingdom. Softly Softly: Task Force is directed by Frank Cox,David Sullivan Proudfoot,Gilchrist Calder,Peter Cregeen and created by Ewart Alexander with Frank Windsor and Norman Bowler.

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Softly Softly: Task Force, Task Force Police


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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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