Episodes (12)

The Countess Alice
S07E01 · The Countess Alice

Jul 01, 1992

A reporter is assigned a then-and-now piece on a 50-year old photospread of three society beauties. One of them, Lady Alice Munroe, now the widowed Grafin von Holzendorf, has agreed to be interviewed. A few questions set the Grafin's daughter, Connie, thinking about her past, and she sets off for her fatherland, now that the Berlin wall is down, to find out where she comes from. But what she finds out may destroy her relationship with her mother.

Force of Duty
S07E02 · Force of Duty

Jul 08, 1992

RUC detective Simpson Gabby is consumed by guilt after he fails to act decisively in a moment of terror. As the pressure on him builds, Gabby gradually loses control of his life.

Bad Girl
S07E03 · Bad Girl

Jul 15, 1992

A young single mother has to convince the authorities that she is a fit parent.

Bitter Harvest
S07E04 · Bitter Harvest

Jul 22, 1992

A young black British woman goes to the Dominican Republic as an aid worker. When she goes missing, her parents make an emotional journey to piece together her story.

Man to Man
S07E05 · Man to Man

Jul 29, 1992

A German woman takes on her husband's identity after his death, and spends the next 40 years impersonating him.

Death and the Compass
S07E06 · Death and the Compass

Aug 05, 1992

In the comic book world of a timeless Latin American country, famed policeman Inspector Lonnrot becomes embroiled in a series of murders. Rejecting all obvious solutions to the crime he discovers a more complex set of clues only to find himself enmeshed in a diabolical plot.

Buying a Landslide
S07E07 · Buying a Landslide

Sep 02, 1992

Republican senator Walter Partin trails Democrat Philip Kautsky in the polls and will shortly face him in a televised debate. Drafted to play Kautsky in rehearsals is Michael Tyne, ex-Democrat turned Republican. But Tyne is alarmed by an unexpected twist in the Partin campaign and reacts in devastating fashion.

Continental Drift
S07E08 · Continental Drift

Sep 09, 1992

An eccentric Scottish spinster greets the collapse of communism by snapping up a statue of Lenin on the cheap and towing it home across a bemused or hostile Europe. / Two members of the British fascist movement bring fraternal greetings to their neo-Nazi counterparts in Berlin. / Marijke and Pieter were in love. Now it has gone sour, but they still have to finish their George Formby documentary on location in Lancashire.

A Little Bit of Lippy
S07E09 · A Little Bit of Lippy

Sep 16, 1992

Cross-dressing husband is unmasked but eventually wins through.

Dread Poets' Society
S07E10 · Dread Poets' Society

Jan 01, 1992

Benjamin Zephaniah, renowned Rastafarian poet/rapper is traveling by train from Birmingham to Cambridge to receive his Creative Arts Fellowship sharing a carriage with a racist and philistine car spares salesman played by Timothy Spall; by chance the poets Keats, Byron, Shelley and writer Mary Shelley are transported from a séance they are conducting in The Villa Como by a freak electrical storm. AQ battle of wits, drug taking and poetry performance ensues!

Small Metal Jacket
S07E11 · Small Metal Jacket

Sep 23, 1992

1969: America is losing the war in South-East Asia. A female officer plans a fresh initiative.

You, Me & Marley
S07E12 · You, Me & Marley

Sep 30, 1992

A group of bored Roman Catholic teens from Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, steal cars and joyride around the city, causing havoc among the nearby Protestants and local Irish Republican Army members, all of who are outraged by the youths' nihilism. The gang, led by ace thief Sean (Marc O'Shea), is connected with the IRA but couldn't care less about the group's politics. But things turn serious when an IRA member captures one of the boys, Marley (Michael Liebmann), in an effort to end the mayhem.


Screenplay Season 7 (1992) is released on Jul 01, 1992 and the latest season 8 of Screenplay is released in 1993. Watch Screenplay online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. Screenplay is directed by David Wheatley,Jane Howell,Anthony Garner,Danny Boyle and created by Andy Armitage with John Kavanagh and Tony Doyle.

As know as:

Screenplay, 24 Heures pour survivre, Сценарий


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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