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No Further Cause for Concern
S03E01 · No Further Cause for Concern

Jul 13, 1988

'I'm doing 15 years, three years at a time, and when I come out I'm going to be the same man as when I came in. The same man!' But even hard man Danny Monk can't foresee the consequences when he barricades himself in a cell during a prison riot with a prison officer as hostage.

A Woman Alone
S03E02 · A Woman Alone

Jul 20, 1988

A housewife confides to her neighbour about the troubles she has been having with her possessive husband, her romantic lover and her lecherous invalid brother-in-law. In spite of the impressive battery of mod cons in her home, she feels that love and marriage are not all they are cracked up to be.

Burning Ambition
S03E03 · Burning Ambition

Jul 27, 1988

When the luckless Martin and Renato have the bright idea of starting up a guided coach tour of the M25, London's orbital motorway, they think they're on to a winner - but they soon discover they're on course for disaster.

Eskimos Do It
S03E04 · Eskimos Do It

Aug 03, 1988

When the widowed Mrs Bing goes into hospital for a routine operation, she little realises she will soon make a dramatic bid for the most essential freedom of all.

Out of Love
S03E05 · Out of Love

Aug 10, 1988

The shy, hard-working farmer Thomas Price, whose life is dominated by his father Emrys, is strongly attracted to the independent Englishwoman Ruth and they become drawn into a passionate love affair.

Home Front
S03E06 · Home Front

Aug 24, 1988

'What about us? We have rights too. This is not just any residential home for kids in care. This is Home. You. tell them - they try and close us down, we're gonna fight....'

Between the Cracks
S03E07 · Between the Cracks

Aug 31, 1988

The performers in this drama are not actors reciting other people's lines. They are who they say they are and they speak from their own real experience. The stories you are about to hear are true.

The Black and Blue Lamp
S03E08 · The Black and Blue Lamp

Sep 07, 1988

In 1949, Tom Riley is arrested for the murder of PC George Dixon. As he awaits interrogation at the station, he is mysteriously transported into an episode of "The Filth", a 1988 police series where the hard men rule.

The Diary of Rita Patel
S03E09 · The Diary of Rita Patel

Sep 14, 1988

It's a new start for teenager Rita Patel and her family - new home, new school, new diary, new life. But their happiness is short-lived when racist skinheads attack the family and their home.

S03E10 · Edvard

Sep 20, 1988

Set in 1902, this is the story of the artist Edvard Munch and his stormy affair with Tulla Larsen , the inspiration behind some of his most famous paintings.

S03E11 · Starlings

Sep 28, 1988

Gary Wilson loses his factory job, retrains as a butler and under the patronage of a wealthy young woman finds success in the City.


Screenplay Season 3 (1988) is released on Jul 13, 1988 and the latest season 8 of Screenplay is released in 1993. Watch Screenplay online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. Screenplay is directed by David Wheatley,Jane Howell,Anthony Garner,Danny Boyle and created by Andy Armitage with Benjamin Whitrow and Kenneth Cranham.

As know as:

Screenplay, 24 Heures pour survivre, Сценарий


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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