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Amongst Barbarians
S05E01 · Amongst Barbarians

Jul 11, 1990

Two teenage boys, Ralph and Bryan, are in a jail in Malaysia, awaiting death. They have been found guilty of smuggling drugs. 48 hours before their execution, their parents arrive to visit them.

Antonia and Jane
S05E02 · Antonia and Jane

Mar 17, 1993

Plain Jane Hartman hates her life. She's goofy, boring and only has sex if she reads Iris Murdoch novels out loud to her loopy boyfriend. Her oldest friend Antonia McGill knows about everything. She orders the right food; she can complain and get results. She's beautiful and has a brilliant career. Is it any wonder that they hate each other's guts?

Night Voice
S05E03 · Night Voice

Jul 25, 1990

Clarence Flamer hosts a late-night talk show on regional radio station North Star Sound. A phone call he takes one night leads to his discovering a mortgage scam being run by a group of estate agents. His attempts to delve deeper have tragic consequences.

The Englishman's Wife
S05E04 · The Englishman's Wife

Aug 01, 1990

A woman and her daughter are stranded in a rambling old house deep in the countryside of County Tyrone. Their economic circumstances are hopeless, but it is friends and former business associates who pose the greatest threat to their happiness.

The Land of Dreams
S05E05 · The Land of Dreams

Aug 08, 1990

Joseph Mnwana arrives at Heathrow on a flight from Johannesburg and asks for political asylum. But what is he fleeing from? The authorities are suspicious, and Joseph has an uncertain future in store.

Keeping Tom Nice
S05E06 · Keeping Tom Nice

Aug 15, 1990

Doug and Winnie have tried hard to keep their disabled son Tom 'nice', but when Stephen, a young social worker, takes a professional interest it has tragic consequences.

A Safe House
S05E07 · A Safe House

Aug 22, 1990

In the aftermath of the Guildford and Woolwich pub bombings, a large number of people of Irish descent were rounded up for questioning by the police in London. Most were subsequently released. But for the Maguire family, 3 December 1974 was the start of a nightmare that is only now ending.

S05E08 · Afters

Aug 29, 1990

A man discovers his love for his wife as he prepares to face life without her.

S05E09 · Wedded

Aug 29, 1990

A husband drives throughout the night on a voyage of self-discovery, while his wife waits at home, raking over the ashes of their marriage as their child sleeps in the next room.

Available Light
S05E10 · Available Light

Sep 05, 1990

A mercenary art dealer and his beguiling young assistant pay a visit to a once-famous artist. In his isolated house, they discover disturbing paintings depicting the course of a passionate love affair. But the paintings also seem to reveal startling evidence of a murder. The visitors begin to fear for their lives.

S05E11 · Needle

Sep 12, 1990

Danny and Paula are a young married couple with a baby. They are moving up in the world, leaving their high-rise for a house of their own. The future of their marriage is threatened by only one thing: Danny is a heroin addict.

Shoot the Revolution
S05E12 · Shoot the Revolution

Dec 16, 1990

During the Romanian Revolution in December 1989, a young girl is shot in the head by Tudor Barbu, a member of the Securitate. His brother Octavian was the girl's teacher who "filled her head with the ideas of truth." The question is not how did she die, but why?

August Saturday
S05E13 · August Saturday

Dec 29, 1990

Grania did something 15 years ago that brought her great happiness but also great pain. The events of that day have been a heavy secret to bear that, if discovered, would devastate those closest to her.


Screenplay Season 5 (1993) is released on Jul 11, 1990 and the latest season 8 of Screenplay is released in 1993. Watch Screenplay online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. Screenplay is directed by David Wheatley,Jane Howell,Anthony Garner,Danny Boyle and created by Andy Armitage with John Kavanagh and Tony Doyle.

As know as:

Screenplay, 24 Heures pour survivre, Сценарий


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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