Episodes (10)

The Trial of Klaus Barbie
S02E01 · The Trial of Klaus Barbie

Jul 15, 1987

Decades after the end of World War II, escaped war criminal Klaus Barbie is brought to justice.

S02E02 · Land

Jul 22, 1987

The Amazonian jungle, Brazil, 1987. Ruthless landowners are hiring gunslingers to evict peasants from their land. The peasants look to their priest for help. should they resist the Violence passively - or defy the church's teaching and take up arms? When a stranger on the run arrives in town, the answer becomes clear.

Lily My Love
S02E03 · Lily My Love

Jul 29, 1987

Lily is 13, Colin is 39 and a vagrant. They run away together. 'One and a half to the English Lakes, single, because we're never coming back, we're going on.'

Cariani and the Courtesans
S02E04 · Cariani and the Courtesans

Aug 05, 1987

A painter falls in love with a woman whom he suspects may be a thief and a prostitute.

Our Lady Blue
S02E05 · Our Lady Blue

Aug 12, 1987

In a Liverpool convent a touching and unusual friendship is forged between Rachel, a young volunteer, Paul, doing 100 hours of community service, and Sheila, a dying prostitute. It results in a strange and forbidden journey to Lourdes.

White Lady
S02E06 · White Lady

Aug 26, 1987

In a derelict farmhouse, deep in the English countryside, Gil struggles alone to bring up his little daughters 'to need very little. - strong against all harm'. But unknown to any of them, in the surrounding fields of wheat and barley, and in the nodding branches of the fruit trees, there lurks a deathly power.

The Shutter Falls
S02E07 · The Shutter Falls

Sep 16, 1987

A 19th Century photographer travels to the North of Scotland to document the fishing industry, where he falls in love with one of the Gaelic-speaking fish gutting girls.

S02E08 · Christine

Sep 23, 1987

Depiction of the everyday life of a teenage heroin addict.

The Interrogation of John
S02E09 · The Interrogation of John

Sep 30, 1987

A man is brought into a small London police station and charged with gross indecency. A terrible murder has also been committed in the area. Is there a connection? Might the assembled officers have an early result? Not if he refuses to say anything or even give his name.

S02E10 · Road

Oct 07, 1987

Your tour guide for the night is one drunken man called Scullery. Prepare yourself for the experience of your lifetime as he shows you an average night along a derelict Lancashire road in the 1980s.


Screenplay Season 2 (1987) is released on Jul 15, 1987 and the latest season 8 of Screenplay is released in 1993. Watch Screenplay online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. Screenplay is directed by David Wheatley,Jane Howell,Anthony Garner,Danny Boyle and created by Andy Armitage with Benjamin Whitrow and Annette Crosbie.

As know as:

Screenplay, 24 Heures pour survivre, Сценарий


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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