Episodes (26)

Greek Week
S04E01 · Greek Week

Sep 21, 1990

Jesse's grandparents visit from Greece with some unexpected guests in tow.

Crimes and Michelle's Demeanor
S04E02 · Crimes and Michelle's Demeanor

Sep 28, 1990

When Michelle misbehaves, Danny is in denial, believing she is still too young to be punished.

The I.Q. Man
S04E03 · The I.Q. Man

Oct 05, 1990

Jesse and Joey's latest client asks them to compromise their morals while shooting a commercial.

Slumber Party
S04E04 · Slumber Party

Oct 12, 1990

Stephanie feels left out when the Honeybees plan a mother-daughter sleepover.

Good News, Bad News
S04E05 · Good News, Bad News

Oct 19, 1990

DJ becomes editor of the school newspaper and faces backlash when she appoints Kimmy to a position for which she is unqualified.

A Pinch for a Pinch
S04E06 · A Pinch for a Pinch

Oct 26, 1990

Jesse gives Michelle bad advice on how to handle a bully.

Viva Las Joey
S04E07 · Viva Las Joey

Nov 02, 1990

Joey gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he's asked to open for Wayne Newton in Las Vegas.

Shape Up
S04E08 · Shape Up

Nov 09, 1990

In light of Kimmy's upcoming pool party, DJ begins a crash diet and overexerts herself exercising. When Stephanie notices the problem, DJ swears her to secrecy, but the secret is out when DJ collapses during a family outing to the gym.

One Last Kiss
S04E09 · One Last Kiss

Nov 16, 1990

Jesse eagerly anticipates his high school reunion until an ex-girlfriend contacts him.

Terror in Tanner Town
S04E10 · Terror in Tanner Town

Nov 23, 1990

Danny's new girlfriend introduces her mischievous son to the family.

Secret Admirer
S04E11 · Secret Admirer

Dec 07, 1990

The Tanners invite Cindy and Rusty over again for a backyard barbecue. Rusty writes a phony love letter which causes confusion as each member of the household reads it in turn, all believing it to be from a different person.

Danny in Charge
S04E12 · Danny in Charge

Dec 14, 1990

When Joey and Jesse take a trip, Danny is alone in caring for the girls for the first time.

Happy New Year
S04E13 · Happy New Year

Dec 28, 1990

Joey feels lonely when he can't find a date for New Year's Eve.

Working Girl
S04E14 · Working Girl

Jan 04, 1991

DJ's grades suffer when she takes a part-time job.

Ol' Brown Eyes
S04E15 · Ol' Brown Eyes

Jan 11, 1991

Danny feels uncool when DJ turns to Joey and Jesse instead of him.

Stephanie Gets Framed
S04E16 · Stephanie Gets Framed

Jan 25, 1991

Steve Urkel comes to town. He helps Stephanie deal with her new glasses, but when she takes all of Joey's funny glasses and disrupts the class with them, she realizes she took it too far. Jesse is also having trouble deciding a best man for his wedding.

A Fish Called Martin
S04E17 · A Fish Called Martin

Feb 01, 1991

Michelle gets a hard lesson in proper fish care when she gives her new goldfish, Martin, an actual bubble bath and things go belly-up. Meanwhile, Becky teaches the gang to square dance.

The Wedding: Part 1
S04E18 · The Wedding: Part 1

Feb 08, 1991

Jesse gets cold feet on the eve of his marriage to Becky.

The Wedding: Part 2
S04E19 · The Wedding: Part 2

Feb 15, 1991

Jesse's attempt at skydiving makes him late for his own wedding.

Fuller House
S04E20 · Fuller House

Feb 22, 1991

Michelle is upset when she learns that Jesse plans to move out of the house and into Becky's apartment.

The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang
S04E21 · The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang

Mar 01, 1991

Jesse and Joey set about renovating the attic into a loft for newlyweds Jesse and Becky. DJ and Stephanie argue.

Stephanie Plays the Field
S04E22 · Stephanie Plays the Field

Mar 08, 1991

Stephanie joins a little league baseball team to be near a boy she likes.

Joey Goes Hollywood
S04E23 · Joey Goes Hollywood

Mar 29, 1991

When Joey leaves for Los Angeles to begin filming his new television series with a prolific actor, the rest of the Tanner family decides to join him.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
S04E24 · Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Apr 01, 1991

Becky enjoys bonding with her new niece DJ, but Becky must learn to be a disciplinarian when DJ takes advantage of her.

The Graduates
S04E25 · The Graduates

Apr 26, 1991

Danny dates a college student. At the same time, D.J. graduates from junior high and Michelle graduates from preschool. Stephanie feels left out of the graduation festivities, so the family tries to cheer her up by making a graduation ceremony for her.

Rock the Cradle
S04E26 · Rock the Cradle

May 03, 1991

Becky discovers that she is pregnant, but has trouble breaking the news to Jesse.


Full House Season 4 (1990) is released on Sep 21, 1990 and the latest season 8 of Full House is released in 1994. Watch Full House online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Full House is directed by Joel Zwick,John Tracy,Bill Foster,Jeff Franklin and created by Jeff Franklin with John Stamos and Dave Coulier. Full House is available online on HBO Max and HBO Max Amazon Channel.

This is a story about sports-broadcaster-turned-morning-talk-show-host Danny Tanner and his three little girls, D.J. (Donna Jo), Stephanie, and Michelle Tanner. Before the show begins, Danny Tanner's wife is killed by a drunk driver, so he needs help raising his daughters. He asks his rock-musician brother-in-law Jesse Katsopolis and his comedian best friend Joey Gladstone to move in with them. As the show goes on, Jesse marries Rebecca Donaldson, Danny's talk-show co-host, and they have twin sons, Nicky and Alex Katsopolis.

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Bizim Ev, Huset fullt, Casa plina, Полный дом, Tres por tres


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