Episodes (30)

A Comedy of Eras
S02E01 · A Comedy of Eras

Sep 07, 1996

The evil scientist Dr. Amelia Chronos defeats the Mask and sends Stanley back in time, to the Salem Witch Trials. Stanley struggles to find the mask at the same location he did the first time.

Goin' for the Green
S02E02 · Goin' for the Green

Sep 14, 1996

Mayor Tilton recruits Colonel Beauregard Klaxon, a Southern businessman to create The Edge City Games after the Mask publicly humiliates him at the uncovering of the mayor's statue. Klaxon stores nuclear waste underneath the stadium where the Edge Games are played which results in the creation of a swamp monster.

Flight as a Feather
S02E03 · Flight as a Feather

Sep 21, 1996

The Mask is really in the shambles when he loses his lucky white feather hours before the Swedish karaoke contest at the Coco Bongo. Now the Mask has to avoid Kellaway and Doyle, as well as Mayor Tilton's ex-girlfriend, a performance artist, Walter and a mother eagle.

The Good, the Bad and the Fish Guy
S02E04 · The Good, the Bad and the Fish Guy

Sep 28, 1996

Fish Guy takes the mask and Edge City is in serious trouble. Stanley joins forces with Putty Thing to stop Fish Guy.

S02E05 · Malled

Oct 05, 1996

At the new mega-mall, Lonnie the Shark and his thugs rob a bank. Unfortunately Stanley is there but without the mask. It's up to Milo to bring it to him.

Channel Surfin'
S02E06 · Channel Surfin'

Oct 12, 1996

The villainous Channel Surfer intends to brainwash every citizen in town to watch his favorite TV show. He succeeds into trapping the Mask inside a television set.

Mask au Gratin
S02E07 · Mask au Gratin

Oct 19, 1996

Stanley finally submits to take out Mrs Peenman's niece, Jennifer. He discovers that Jennifer possesses an old amulet which transforms her by the moonlight turning into a monster named Gorgonzola who turns anything and everything into cheese.

Jurassic Mask
S02E08 · Jurassic Mask

Oct 26, 1996

The Mask has to stop the three animatronic dinosaurs that were brought to life by the nuclear-powered laser regenerator of Dr. Horace T. Proctor.

You Oughta Be in Pictures
S02E09 · You Oughta Be in Pictures

Nov 02, 1996

The Mask has been challenged by the famous action movie star, Sly Eastenegger who will be the next action movie sensation. Peggy discovers that a nuclear bomb has been stolen and Eastenegger plans to use it in his action movie.

For All Mask-Kind
S02E10 · For All Mask-Kind

Nov 09, 1996

Stanley has been chosen to join Gil Headstrong, a paranoid astronaut on a space mission.

Up the Creek
S02E11 · Up the Creek

Nov 16, 1996

Stanley and Charlie go on a rafting trip, where they become the two witnesses of a hillbilly wedding ceremony.

Boogie with the Man
S02E12 · Boogie with the Man

Nov 23, 1996

Stanley gives his soul to the Devil, who grants his wish - to be as lucky as the Mask.

What Goes Around Comes Around
S02E13 · What Goes Around Comes Around

Nov 30, 1996

Stanley carrying the mask is doomed to repeat the same half-hour after Dr. Amelia Chronos puts him in a time limbo.

All Hail the Mask
S02E14 · All Hail the Mask

Dec 07, 1996

The Mask makes a trip to a Pacific island where he stumbles upon a tribe that worship him as a god. Little does he know that his subjects intend to sacrifice Stanley when he loses the mask.

Power of Suggestion
S02E15 · Power of Suggestion

Dec 14, 1996

A magician hypnotizes Stanley during the Fluff Ball. The magician is interrupted before he could reverse the spell by the partycrasher Kablamus. Now under a spell, Stanley is going to do Kablamus' bidding.

Mr. Mask Goes to Washington
S02E16 · Mr. Mask Goes to Washington

Dec 21, 1996

The Mask saves the president's life and is employed as the new bodyguard. However Greenfield, member of the president's staff has his doubts about that decision.

Rain of Terror
S02E17 · Rain of Terror

Dec 28, 1996

The Mask has to confront the latest super villain named The Tempest, who attacks Edge City using the four elements.

The Mother of All Hoods
S02E18 · The Mother of All Hoods

Jan 04, 1997

Lieutenant Kellaway is humiliated by the Mask during a police reality show. Kellaway is determined to prove to the entire police force including his visiting mother that he is a good detective.

To Bee or Not to Bee
S02E19 · To Bee or Not to Bee

Jan 11, 1997

A half-man, half-bee mutant known as The Stinger, who can control all bees but can't control his constant craving for honey plots to brainwash the entire population of Edge City to manufacture honey for him.

Love Potion Number 8 1/2
S02E20 · Love Potion Number 8 1/2

Jan 18, 1997

Stanley buys a love potion from a gypsy woman, named Madam Suspiria. She is after the Mask because it was a part of her family's magic. Stanley accidentally spills the potion on his landlady, Mrs. Peenman and falls in love with her.

Cool Hand Mask
S02E21 · Cool Hand Mask

Jan 25, 1997

The Mask is framed and put behind bars for stealing money from an orphan Little League team. The Mask has been set up by Pretorius, who finally will get to rule Edge City.

Broadway Malady
S02E22 · Broadway Malady

Feb 01, 1997

The Mask destroys the opening night of a new musical based on the "Mad Monkey", created by Sir Andrew Bedwetter, a famous Broadway musical director. The director is really ticked off when Stanley cuts his budget. To get revenge on the Mask, Bedwetter creates a new musical featuring the Mask's lifelong enemies.

Enquiring Masks Want to Know
S02E23 · Enquiring Masks Want to Know

Feb 08, 1997

Peggy Brandt's photographer quits after following The Mask's fight with the Terrible Two. Now Stanley gets the job. Skillit unleashes a gang of mythical creatures on Edge City. Peggy sees this as an opportunity to further her career.

Future Mask
S02E24 · Future Mask

Feb 15, 1997

The Mask jumps in time, more precisely into the 23rd century. He is after the robot, who ripped his trousers. Instead of finding the robot, the Mask ends up in a war between a megalomaniacal future mayor known as Government Guy and a team of rebels over the Mask.

Sealed Fate
S02E25 · Sealed Fate

Feb 22, 1997

Stanley has to sell Putterware to pay off a bill. Meanwhile Peggy learns that the Putterware Company is bringing the disgusting leftovers to life.

'The Angels Wanna Wear My' Green Mask
S02E26 · 'The Angels Wanna Wear My' Green Mask

Mar 01, 1997

The Mask and Lieutenant Kellaway become victims of a bomb explosion caused by The Phony Frenchman. The two victims' souls face a council of angels who review past events to see which one of them will get into Heaven. When Kellaway unmasks The Mask and sees once and for all that The Mask is Stanley Ipkiss, the angel council reveals a horrible secret about themselves too.

Mutiny of the Bounty Hunters
S02E27 · Mutiny of the Bounty Hunters

Mar 08, 1997

Stanley has to babysit the neighbor's baby boy again while Pretorius hires Tex Clobber and Baxter Simon to help him capture The Mask.

Convention of Evil
S02E28 · Convention of Evil

Mar 15, 1997

Pretorius, Gorgonzola, Lonnie the Shark and Pete, "Bob," The Tempest, and The Stinger share their memories of ruined plans by the Mask.

The Green Marine
S02E29 · The Green Marine

Mar 22, 1997

The Mask has to explain his bizarre actions while serving in the Marines in front of the court.

Counterfeit Mask
S02E30 · Counterfeit Mask

Mar 29, 1997

Stanley is accused of counterfeiting money because at the airport he picked up the luggage of the mysterious Selina Swint. Meanwhile Peggy is living her dream when she gets her hands on the mask and also trapping Lieutenant Kellaway into marriage.


The Mask Season 2 (1996) is released on Sep 07, 1996 and the latest season 3 of The Mask is released in 1997. Watch The Mask online - the English Animation TV series from United States. The Mask is directed by Juli Murphy and created by Henry Gilroy with Rob Paulsen and Frank Welker.

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The Mask, The Mask: The Animated Series(new title), La máscara, The Mask(English, Alternative Title), O Máskara


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