Episodes (15)

The Mask Is Always Greener on the Other Side: Part 1
S01E01 · The Mask Is Always Greener on the Other Side: Part 1

Aug 12, 1995

Stanley Ipkiss buries his mask in quick-drying cement because he is fed up with it. But he must retrieve it fast in order to rescue Peggy and Milo.

The Mask Is Always Greener on the Other Side: Part 2
S01E02 · The Mask Is Always Greener on the Other Side: Part 2

Aug 12, 1995

Peggy and Charlie are tricked and held prisoners in the futuristic House of Tomorrow, controlled by Pretorius. The Mask must save them.

Baby's Wild Ride
S01E03 · Baby's Wild Ride

Aug 19, 1995

Stanley babysits his baby neighbor. The job gets a bit harder when the baby tries on The Mask and joins a biker gang.

The Terrible Twos
S01E04 · The Terrible Twos

Aug 26, 1995

Two teenage airheads, Dak and Eddie, get radioactive so they can get powers. Meanwhile, Lt. Mitch Kellaway is sure Stanley Ipkiss is The Mask and handcuffs himself to Stanley to prove it.

Sister Mask
S01E05 · Sister Mask

Sep 02, 1995

Pretorius sets in motion his latest creation - a sister Mask that has to turn the real Mask into a living puppet and then use him to steal meteorite fragments with unusual properties.

Shadow of a Skillit
S01E06 · Shadow of a Skillit

Sep 19, 1995

Skillit, who steals youth comes to Edge City on a mission to retrieve the shadows of Charlie, Peggy, and Milo.

Bride of Pretorius
S01E07 · Bride of Pretorius

Sep 16, 1995

Stanley finally becomes romantically involved with a shy, awkward customer. She accidentally finds and puts on his mask and the results are she becomes a loud, man-hungry woman. In the mean time Pretorius is looking for a female companion.

Double Reverse
S01E08 · Double Reverse

Sep 23, 1995

Stanley succeeds into removing the power of the mask, which enables him to act like the goofy character on his own. But he has to get the powerless Mask to work again when Kablamus arrives in Edge City.

Shrink Rap
S01E09 · Shrink Rap

Sep 30, 1995

Stanley gets rid of the mask by handing it to his therapist Dr. Neuman. All hell breaks loose when the therapist puts the mask on and joins forces with Pretorius.

Mayor Mask
S01E10 · Mayor Mask

Oct 07, 1995

According to Stanley, Mayor Tilton has to be taught a lesson how to run the Edge City better. So Stanley puts on the Mask and starts a campaign to become the new mayor. Soon it comes to light that Mayor Tilton is kidnapped and Pretorius is masquerading as him so he can turn all of Edge City into subjects for toxic waste experiments.

Martian Mask
S01E11 · Martian Mask

Oct 14, 1995

The Mask is hunted down by the FBI because the agents believe the Mask is an alien. Meanwhile, Putty Thing and Fish Guy go on a road trip.

How Much Is That Dog in the Tin Can?
S01E12 · How Much Is That Dog in the Tin Can?

Oct 21, 1995

Milo wears the Mask to spoil the sinister plan of a mad dogcatcher named Willamina Bubask. Stanley is being stalked by Walter at Cheap Chucky's Chili Cook-Off.

All Hallow's Eve
S01E13 · All Hallow's Eve

Oct 28, 1995

It's Halloween and Skillit manages to escape from reform school. Skillit seeks revenge on the Mask and uses the help of Atilla the Hun, Billie the Kid and an evil Merlin.

Santa Mask
S01E14 · Santa Mask

Nov 04, 1995

Kablamus, Walter, and the Terrible Twos are all disguised as Santa Claus to commit crimes. It's up to the Mask to clear Santa's name.

Split Personality
S01E15 · Split Personality

Nov 11, 1995

The Mask breaks in half during Walter's attempt to retrieve it. Now both Stanley and the Mask are existing at the same time. Chet Bozzack, an old high school bully of Stanley, gets and puts on the other half of the mask.


The Mask Season 1 (1995) is released on Aug 12, 1995 and the latest season 3 of The Mask is released in 1997. Watch The Mask online - the English Animation TV series from United States. The Mask is directed by Juli Murphy and created by Henry Gilroy with Rob Paulsen and Frank Welker.

As know as:

The Mask, The Mask: The Animated Series(new title), La máscara, The Mask(English, Alternative Title), O Máskara


United States



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Dark Horse Entertainment, Film Roman Productions, Sunbow Productions

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