Episodes (8)

Wide-Eyed and Legless
S05E01 · Wide-Eyed and Legless

Sep 05, 1993

The movie chronicles the struggles of Deric and Diana Longden, a happily married couple who try to cope with Diana's inexplicable degenerative disease which causes occasional paralysis of her extremities and periodic blackouts. One day, while attending a literary luncheon, Deric meets Aileen Armitage, a woman novelist with whom he strikes up a close friendship. Diana soon discover their relationship and calls Aileen, asking to meet her.

A Foreign Field
S05E02 · A Foreign Field

Sep 12, 1993

Veterans return to Normandy on the 50th anniversary of D-Day for their own special and poignant reasons, among them two looking for an old love who turns out to the same woman for both.

Down Among the Big Boys
S05E03 · Down Among the Big Boys

Sep 19, 1993

Set in Glasgow, Louie, the detective son of an upright police sergeant, is about to marry. His intended is the daughter of JoJo (Connolly), a wealthy and compulsive thief who attempts a spectacular robbery. Louie is put in charge of the investigation of JoJo's latest enterprise. JoJo learns of his peril and begins an exercise in risk management.

Royal Celebration
S05E04 · Royal Celebration

Sep 26, 1993

July 29, 1981: After two years of the Thatcher administration, there is recession and unrest, but the economic boom is just around the corner. Meanwhile, there's the fairy tale wedding of Charles and Diana to celebrate.

Tender Loving Care
S05E05 · Tender Loving Care

Oct 03, 1993

Dawn French plays a nurse who murders patients on her hospital ward.

Money for Nothing
S05E06 · Money for Nothing

Oct 10, 1993

A British high school bet between two friends, and a case of teenage love, take unexpected turns as a small deception called the 'October House Partnership' attracts increasingly bigger players in the property market on both sides of the Atlantic.

Wall of Silence
S05E07 · Wall of Silence

Oct 17, 1993

A corpse is fished out of a north London canal with stab wounds through the eyes. The victim was a prominent member of the Hasidic Jewish community, and the cause of death one reserved by the Hasidim to punish "moysers" or informers.

The Bullion Boys
S05E08 · The Bullion Boys

Oct 24, 1993

In 1940, Britain's gold reserves were transferred for safety to Liverpool because of the threat of a German invasion. The top-secret operation was known only to a handful of security men and senior bank officials - and a group of Liverpool dockers who handle the move. Billy Mac, the dockers' leader, hatches an ingenious plan to steal some of the gold bars from under the noses of the guards.


Screen One Season 5 (1993) is released on Sep 05, 1993 and the latest season 8 of Screen One is released in 1996. Watch Screen One online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Screen One is directed by Les Blair,Robert Young,Robert Bierman,Dewi Humphreys and created by Andy Armitage with Mark Chapman and Geraldine James.

As know as:

Screen One, Vihollisen vesillä(video box title), Screen One(Japanese), Screen One(English), Один экран


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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