Episodes (7)

One Way Out
S01E01 · One Way Out

Sep 10, 1989

James Carlisle is a successful architect who sees his children every weekend following his divorce from Lyn. When Lyn falls in love with the unstable Bernard, James is forced to take drastic action.

S01E02 · 1996

Sep 17, 1989

In Britain in the mid-1990s, terrorism and civil disobedience are rife. Jack Bentham, a senior Scotland Yard detective, has two cases involving shooting to investigate: one at a demonstration by radical nurses, one by police officers in Wales. The further he delves into both cases, the more evidence he discovers of corruption at the highest administrative levels.

The Accountant
S01E03 · The Accountant

Sep 24, 1989

Kindly accountant is kidnapped by mafia types while he is equally concerned about his son's Bar Mitzvah. Is sweet and painful.

Home Run
S01E04 · Home Run

Oct 01, 1989

Back in London from abroad, Bill English has it all - smart flat with a river view, flash car and, of course, the beautiful Anna. But he was born and brought up in these parts and everything's changed. Anna asks: 'Where are the ghosts, Bill?'

She's Been Away
S01E05 · She's Been Away

Oct 08, 1989

Locked away in an asylum as a young girl because she was an embarrassment to her family, then forgotten, an old woman returns to what's left of her kin and to her memories.

The Mountain and the Molehill
S01E06 · The Mountain and the Molehill

Oct 15, 1989

It is May 1944, two weeks before D-day. Britain stands poised for the long-awaited invasion of France - thousands of troops wait anxiously for the orders to come for embarkation. MI5 is horrified to discover the top-secret codewords for the invasion suddenly appearing as clues in the Daily Telegraph crossword. Two agents are immediately dispatched to confront the culprit, the headmaster of a boys' school in southern England.

Blore M.P.
S01E07 · Blore M.P.

Oct 22, 1989

Derek Blore MP enjoys both a happy successful political career and a sideline in the suburbs. When his two political lives become confused, with an added Russian complication, he finds a national scandal engulfing him.


Screen One Season 1 (1989) is released on Sep 10, 1989 and the latest season 8 of Screen One is released in 1996. Watch Screen One online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Screen One is directed by Les Blair,Robert Young,Robert Bierman,Dewi Humphreys and created by Andy Armitage with Geraldine James and Alfred Molina.

As know as:

Screen One, Vihollisen vesillä(video box title), Screen One(Japanese), Screen One(English), Один экран


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Cast & Crew

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