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News Hounds
S02E01 · News Hounds

Sep 02, 1990

Every cub reporter wants a front page 'splash' and Liz Jolly from The Brit, a top-selling daily tabloid, is no exception. She's on the trail of a sensational story and her job depends on it.

Frankenstein's Baby
S02E02 · Frankenstein's Baby

Sep 09, 1990

Paul quarrels with his girlfriend Jane about when to start a family and Dr Eva Frankenstein comes to his aid by helping him to become the world's first pregnant man!

The Police
S02E03 · The Police

Sep 16, 1990

A group of schoolchildren set up a police force to stand up to the school bullies but things soon get out of hand..

Sweet Nothing
S02E04 · Sweet Nothing

Sep 23, 1990

A youth abandoned by his family joins a group of homeless people.

Can You Hear Me Thinking?
S02E05 · Can You Hear Me Thinking?

Sep 30, 1990

Judi Dench and her real-life husband, Michael Williams, play another married couple in this BAFTA-nominated tale of a family whose lives are shattered when their 16-year-old son develops schizophrenia. At first, he turns violent and has to be hospitalised. When he is released, the full implications of his illness strike home.

One Last Chance
S02E06 · One Last Chance

Oct 07, 1990

Nick, a Greek Cypriot living in London, hits on the idea of marriage to raise some cash - the bride, according to custom, coming complete with dowry. He is forced to enlist the help of a childhood adversary, Maria. Soon realising she is giving him the runaround, Nick retaliates by wooing her.

Sticky Wickets
S02E07 · Sticky Wickets

Oct 14, 1990

It's a big night at the New Dragon Inn when a coach of distinguished Germans arrives. But disaster looms - it's the local cricket team's annual fancy dress bash and the theme is the Second World War.

Survival of the Fittest
S02E08 · Survival of the Fittest

Oct 21, 1990

Molly Cowper is a wilful 80-year-old widow who firmly believes the world is there for her convenience. Her mild-mannered son Geoffrey does his best to help her keep her independence, but Molly keeps trampling on people.

Dark City
S02E09 · Dark City

Dec 11, 1990

At the same time as protesters weave through the shanty town of 'Dark City', the mayor's home is burgled. These two apparently unconnected events lead to the death of a councillor. Seven people are put on trial and only one person can prove their innocence.

Happy Feet
S02E10 · Happy Feet

Jan 01, 1991

The pupils of the Dora Jackson School of Dancing compete in the 1960 Classical Dance Festival in Scarborough. Fifties rock 'n' roll meets classical ballet with the arrival of Dora's ex-boyfriend Clifford and a mysterious ghost.


Screen One Season 2 (1990) is released on Sep 02, 1990 and the latest season 8 of Screen One is released in 1996. Watch Screen One online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Screen One is directed by Les Blair,Robert Young,Robert Bierman,Dewi Humphreys and created by Andy Armitage with Geraldine James and Alfred Molina.

As know as:

Screen One, Vihollisen vesillä(video box title), Screen One(Japanese), Screen One(English), Один экран


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Cast & Crew

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