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The Future of Law Enforcement: Part 1
S01E01 · The Future of Law Enforcement: Part 1

Oct 20, 1994

RoboCop is back to provide justice in Delta City. While investigating the murders of several homeless people, he uncovers some of the city's darker secrets.

The Future of Law Enforcement: Part 2
S01E02 · The Future of Law Enforcement: Part 2

Mar 14, 1994

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Prime Suspect
S01E03 · Prime Suspect

Mar 21, 1994

When a person is killed and the murder weapon is RoboCop's gun, he is arrested and placed on trial. He has an alibi which he refuses to divulge, so he's about to be deactivated.

Trouble in Delta City
S01E04 · Trouble in Delta City

Mar 28, 1994

A new miracle drug gets rushed to the market by OCP, but more thorough testing reveals that it has powerful mind-altering properties. This causes many people in Delta City to have violent and psychotic outbursts, including none other than officer Madigan. RoboCop investigates to discover what the truth is behind the dangerous drug and to get it off the streets, as well as clear Madigan of any wrongdoing.

Officer Missing
S01E05 · Officer Missing

Apr 04, 1994

Feeling like the Chairman has been enjoying the spoils of OCP for too long, Robocop decides to take him on a tour of the rundown part of Old Detroit. There he witnesses first hand the chaos and destruction left in the wake of big business. To make matters worse, a bizarre band of pirates has been terrorizing the streets, and RoboCop gets attacked by them and starts malfunctioning. In order to escape this nightmare, the two must team up with the parents of a sick child who needs a heart transplant.

What Money Can't Buy
S01E06 · What Money Can't Buy

Apr 11, 1994

A sickly boy who was rescued from the slums of Old Detroit desperately needs a lung transplant to stay alive. At the eleventh hour, his donor lungs are stolen by thieves who harvest organs and sell them on the black market for top dollar. It's up to RoboCop to shut down this illegal organ trafficking operation and recover the boy's donor organs in time to save his life.

Ghosts of War
S01E07 · Ghosts of War

Apr 18, 1994

A band of mercenaries begins terrorizing Delta City, and RoboCop must put a stop to them before they carry out a terrorist attack. However, this is no ordinary band of thugs, as the members of this particular group fancy their own identities after their own childhood superheroes. This is done to cover the shame of the physical and psychological scars of war left upon the group, after being disemboweled by the military in the aftermath of a rather shady covert operation. RoboCop takes particular interest in this group, as he identifies one of the members as a close ...

Zone Five
S01E08 · Zone Five

Apr 25, 1994

OCP appoints a vigilante group as new neighborhood watch team in order to solve an ongoing drug problem. They are too hasty in their decision, as it becomes clear that they are actually the drug pushers, and using the watch group as a cover for their operation. RoboCop feels he must step in and expose the operation, especially when he finds his son has been recruited by the group.

Provision 22
S01E09 · Provision 22

May 06, 1994

RoboCop is shocked when he learns his estranged wife and son are living on welfare. The two are also involved in a heated ongoing protest campaign against "Provision 22" which is a law that prevents welfare recipients from working. RoboCop steps in once his wife is arrested, as protesters of the law are subject to brainwashing once detained. After some investigation, RoboCop discovers that behind the legislation is a scandal to keep the middle class oppressed and make the fat cats at OCP more money. Not only must he expose this operation, but he also must prevent a ...

Faces of Eve
S01E10 · Faces of Eve

May 09, 1994

A new miracle product from OCP offers consumers new identities via gene transplant therapy. Things go wrong quickly when Pudface Morgan and his gang become aware of this product, and use it to spring out of prison and commit a murder. Things get even worse when Pudface plans to plunge Delta City into chaos by using the Chairman's identity to sabotage OCP and the police department. RoboCop must put a stop to their evil plans, and becomes especially concerned when it becomes public knowledge that his son eyewitnessed the murder.

When Justice Fails
S01E11 · When Justice Fails

May 16, 1994

RoboCop and Officer Madigan race to save the lives of four astronauts as they go head-to-head against a flamboyant corporate raider who values profits more than safety.

The Human Factor
S01E12 · The Human Factor

May 27, 1994

RoboCop teams-up with his unsuspecting father, a retired police captain, to stop an insane bomber from unleashing a campaign of terror against OCP that could end in nuclear Armageddon.

Inside Crime
S01E13 · Inside Crime

Jul 01, 1994

The hideous face of Pudface Morgan pulls in boffo ratings for OCP's new hit "reality" show which follows the exploits of criminals, but the disfigured maniac has plans to take on RoboCop live on prime time.

Robocop vs. Commander Cash
S01E14 · Robocop vs. Commander Cash

Jul 04, 1994

Children are rioting and stealing all over the city as RoboCop faces his most formidable opponent, a nut case who believes he's a real live version of OCP's super hero, Commander Cash

S01E15 · Illusions

Jul 15, 1994

RoboCop guards The Chairman of OCP against a mysterious assassin, while Madigan falls under the romantic spell of a handsome young magician who may be the killer.

The Tin Man
S01E16 · The Tin Man

Jul 22, 1994

As armed Ice Cream trucks and Lunch Catering vans wage a gang war for control of illegal gambling and Gadget falls victim to Lotto-fever, the past haunts RoboCop when an ex-partner returns as a gang-busting vigilante.

Sisters in Crime
S01E17 · Sisters in Crime

Jul 29, 1994

When his sexist views anger feminists, The OCP Chairman is kidnapped by a band of shapely rebels and forced to do housework, while Chip Chayken and his sexy partner plan to rip-off OCP.

S01E18 · Heartbreakers

Aug 05, 1994

It's love at first "byte" when Lippencott enters Virtual Reality and falls for Diana Powers, while RoboCop is blackmailed into stealing a top secret weapon that can literally break hearts.

Mother's Day
S01E19 · Mother's Day

Sep 12, 1994

Gadget's caught in a custody fight and leaves Sergeant Parks to be reunited with her real mother. RoboCop suspects the woman is part of a plot by Russian crime boss Vlad "Stitch" Molotov and his sexy moll, Nadia.

S01E20 · Nano

Sep 19, 1994

While arresting a thief, who is suddenly run down by a runaway bus, Detective Madigan is seriously injured and paralyzed. Robocop investigates and uncovers a criminal using nanobots to override machinery and electronics.

Corporate Raiders
S01E21 · Corporate Raiders

Nov 07, 1994

The city's rocked by anti-corporate violence as RoboCop and Officer Madigan are assigned to bring in a charming ex-terrorist, but a corrupt union leader and his sultry secretary have other plans.

Midnight Minus One
S01E22 · Midnight Minus One

Nov 14, 1994

RoboCop and Officer Madigan race the clock to prove a killer is innocent before he's executed in front of millions of viewers on a hit television show.

Public Enemies
S01E23 · Public Enemies

Nov 21, 1994

RoboCop must save the President and First Gentleman from an assassiantion plot hatched by Dr. Mallardo, Chip Chayken, and Pudface Morgan.


RoboCop Season 1 (1994) is released on Oct 20, 1994. Watch RoboCop online - the English Action TV series from Canada. RoboCop is directed by Paul Lynch,Michael Vejar,Allan Eastman,Mario Azzopardi and created by Michael Miner with Richard Eden and Yvette Nipar.

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RoboCop(English), RoboCop, RoboCop 4, RoboCop: The Series, Robocop


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Robocop Productions Ltd., Rysher Entertainment, Skyvision Entertainment

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