Episodes (10)

Episode #3.1
S03E01 · Episode #3.1

Jan 25, 2015

It is now 1918 and the Great War is over. After losing his beloved wife, Harry and his children look forward to a happy family event - his daughter Rosalie is to be married. Among the staff, there is a romantic surprise in store for Agnes.

Episode #3.2
S03E02 · Episode #3.2

Feb 01, 2015

Harry agrees to support Nancy Webb and asks Mr Crabb to organize funds to finance her project but Mr Crabb is unable to comply, telling Harry that there is no money. Nor is Serge happy to find Harry has blocked his plan for an aerodrome and Harry is irate to learn that his son-in-law's new business associate is Lord Loxley. Thackeray goes head to head with Harry over the handling of an exhibition by French couturier Madame Lanvin and is sacked for his pains but Henri and Agnes come to the rescue, as, rather unexpectedly, does Harry's daughter Violette, who ...

Episode #3.3
S03E03 · Episode #3.3

Feb 08, 2015

Harry applies for a bank loan to fund Nancy Webb's project but at the land auction is forced to bid well beyond his budget due to Loxley's interference. Lois meanwhile is perturbed to find that Marie is running up huge hotel bills on Harry's account and decides to find out more about her. Agnes is concerned by Henri's distant attitude and learns from Victor that Henri is traumatised by his war experiences. This leads to a row whilst they are designing a window display in which Harry has to intervene. Connie, one of many women engaged at the store to replace the men ...

Episode #3.4
S03E04 · Episode #3.4

Feb 15, 2015

Kitty is taken to hospital, where Frank is horrified to discover that her attackers were the soldiers he met, who bought drink with the money he gave them. The police are called but Frank, fearing he will be incriminated, asks Kitty to drop the charges, much to her disgust. Serge learns that Loxley was only using him to get at Harry and has no intention of funding his airport. Violette makes a play for Victor, to the annoyance of Gordon, visiting the club with his companion Grace Calthorpe. Victor also tells the blackmailing policeman Purkiss he will no longer pay him...

Episode #3.5
S03E05 · Episode #3.5

Feb 22, 2015

With Henri gone Harry invites applications for a new deputy but ultimately appoints Gordon. As Kitty returns to work a sly journalist tricks Connie into giving him a story which ultimately vilifies Kitty for taking jobs away from the men and shows her attackers as victims. Kitty is the subject of hate mail and Frank's writing contract terminated whilst Loxley, previously accused of profiteering, jumps on the band-wagon with a charitable trust for ex-soldiers, indirectly hitting at Harry. Harry responds by unveiling the plans for his project with Nancy Webb - though ...

Episode #3.6
S03E06 · Episode #3.6

Mar 01, 2015

Harry becomes more involved with Nancy, inviting her to family dinner and having to sell some of his shares to raise funding for their housing project; a move which also diminishes his majority shareholding. Nancy, meanwhile, has other plans for Harry's money. Serge leaves for Paris to secure funds for his aviation dreams, taking Rosalie. Victor, under continuing extortion, joins forces with another businessman with a gambling interest in his nightclub. Kitty's attackers are out on bail thanks to Loxley and after an ineffectual attempt from Frank to tackle him, Kitty ...

Episode #3.7
S03E07 · Episode #3.7

Mar 08, 2015

Miss Mardle organizes Doris Grove's funeral, barring Billy, the delivery boy and true father of Doris's son Ernest. Sensing that she is troubled Mr Crabb persuades Miss Mardle to tell Grove the truth about the child's paternity, adding that Doris was run over returning home from taking Ernest to see his father. The news is not well received. George is disturbed to find that Ryan is dealing drugs from Victor's club and quits. His fears are justified when a patron almost dies of an over-dose. Nancy starts to feel guilty about her plan to defraud Harry when he tells her ...

Episode #3.8
S03E08 · Episode #3.8

Mar 15, 2015

As the Treaty of Versailles is signed Harry decides to mark it with a celebratory event entitled Britain at Play. Frank, his press agent, devises a competition, the prize being a trip in an aeroplane with French aviator Jacques De Sibours, who takes a shine to Violette - though she is still pining for Victor, who, suffering from Regan's rough clientele at the club, proposes to make it a high class gambling establishment. Gordon is caught in a compromising situation with Grace by Mr. Crabb, but, for all his assurances, she knows Gordon will not marry her due to their ...

Episode #3.9
S03E09 · Episode #3.9

Mar 22, 2015

Miss Mardle persuades Mr Grove not only to let Billy see his son but to hire George as head of security whilst Violette reluctantly dates Jacques and Gordon determines to tell his father he wants to marry Grace. Princess Marie is delighted when her jewels arrive from Russia, repaying Harry for his kindness. She is suspicious of Nancy and the supposed architect Gerrard, actually Nancy's brother Gus, who reacts badly when Nancy admits that she loves Harry and will go through with the marriage. After the success of Britain At Play Harry proposes a mammoth sale with ...

Episode #3.10
S03E10 · Episode #3.10

Mar 29, 2015

At the delayed board meeting Loxley proposes a vote of No Confidence in Harry but this is defeated after Loxley launches a personal tirade against the store owner. As the day approaches to begin work on the housing estate Nancy tells Gus that the money will be used to build houses and not misappropriated but Princess Marie has alerted Harry to the supposed architect being a fraud and Gus is arrested. Nancy escapes but brings the money to Harry though the engagement is inevitably off and Harry, like Violette, counts himself unlucky in love. Meanwhile Gordon comes to an...


Mr Selfridge Season 3 (2015) is released on Jan 25, 2015 and the latest season 4 of Mr Selfridge is released in 2016. Watch Mr Selfridge online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. Mr Selfridge is directed by Rob Evans,Lawrence Till,Anthony Byrne,Joss Agnew and created by Kate Brooke with Ron Cook and Jeremy Piven. Mr Selfridge is available online on PBS Masterpiece Amazon Channel and Apple TV.

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Господин Селфридж(Bulgarian), Mr Selfridge(English), Mr Selfridge(French), Store forretninger, Mr. Selfridge


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