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Episode #2.1
S02E01 · Episode #2.1

Jan 19, 2014

Five years have elapsed since the store opened. Harry's son Gordon is at boarding school but obtains his father's permission to leave and work in the store whilst all his female relatives have returned to America. Rose comes back for the fifth anniversary. On the boat over she has met emancipated feminist Delphine Day, a writer and night-club owner, who advises her to use her own potential. Lady Mae's husband Lord Loxley arrives in London, suspicious of his wife's friendship with Harry and not above using blackmail to get onto a military committee. New head of fashion...

Episode #2.2
S02E02 · Episode #2.2

Jan 26, 2014

Harry is confronted by a delegation of trade unionists led by Arnold Huxton demanding better workers' rights. Union membership is forbidden at the store as the staff have their own council for debates but Ed and Dave, who work in the loading bay with Gordon, are interested and arrange to attend a talk given by Huxton. Gordon overhears and sneaks into the meeting but when the Selfridge staff learns how comparatively well-served they are, the unionists are angry and a fight ensues. Rose, seeing Henri at the club, follows him home to where he is living in poverty though ...

Episode #2.3
S02E03 · Episode #2.3

Feb 02, 2014

The store is preparing for the Empire Exhibition but Agnes is struggling with her display and Thackeray is not pleased when Harry reinstates Henri, who has offered to help her. Nor is Rose happy to find Gordon has some saucy photos but in the resultant confrontation he makes her see that she should give Harry another chance. Consequently she declines her husband's suggestion that she should return to America if there is a war and they agree to support each other. Kitty gives Frank another chance as they take a picnic to Green park whilst Grove reencounters Miss Mardle...

Episode #2.4
S02E04 · Episode #2.4

Feb 09, 2014

Male staff are anxious to enlist in the army, gaining the nickname the Selfridge Brigade. Agnes is upset to learn that brother George has joined up but cannot prevent him whilst Victor is about to sign up but his uncle Gio is dying and asks him to stay and look after the family. Rose, Lady Mae and Delphine hold a charity sale to raise funds for Belgian refugees, taking place in the store's Palm Court restaurant. This leads to a confrontation between Thackeray (angry that a donation tin is put on his counter) and Henri, but Harry has now appointed Henri his deputy and ...

Episode #2.5
S02E05 · Episode #2.5

Feb 16, 2014

At Neuhaus's suggestion Miss Mardle takes in Belgian refugees, including handsome young violinist Florian Dupont. Agnes is asked out by Victor, now running the family restaurant following Uncle Gio's death and Gabriella's return to Italy. Gordon feels guilty that his friends are fighting in the war whilst Harry will not allow him to sign up and women are recruited to take over delivery work at the store, Rose becoming their champion when she demands better conditions for them. Delphine arranges a meeting for Harry with members of the military procurement board - ...

Episode #2.6
S02E06 · Episode #2.6

Feb 23, 2014

As the war progresses German goods are withdrawn from the store and Harry is approached by Bill Summertime, whom he met at the card game and who is part of British Intelligence. He asks if Harry, as an American neutral, will visit Germany as a spy. Henri bumps into Agnes, whilst she is waiting for Victor. Things are strained between them but she tells Henri that Victor is a good man. A party including Henri and Agnes and Miss Mardle and Florian attend the music hall and see popular singer Richard Chapman. Not only is he ideal to headline Harry's patriotic concert but ...

Episode #2.7
S02E07 · Episode #2.7

Mar 02, 2014

Henri is arrested but tells Agnes that the only reason he went to Germany was to find his old lover Valerie. Agnes tells Grove she believes Henri has been set up by the jealous Thackeray, who is forced to admit it. Henri, after being accused of theft in New York went on the run. Rose is concerned that she cannot get in touch with Harry and learns from Delphine that he is in Germany, spying on their manufacturers. An envious Grove warns Miss Mardle that she and Florian could become victims of gossip but she does not care - unlike Grove Florian has declared ...

Episode #2.8
S02E08 · Episode #2.8

Mar 09, 2014

Harry returns to London with information for Summertime but is angry that Bill will not support him in the face of accusations of treachery and talks to the staff to reassure them that Edwards' newspaper story about him was a lie. Edwards is genuinely contrite and agrees to print a letter from Harry telling the truth but the editor refuses. Following the bad publicity business is poor until Delphine brings American film producer Mack Sennett and his actress lover Mabel Normand to the store. They throw a lavish party where Mabel gets young Gordon very drunk. Harry ...

Episode #2.9
S02E09 · Episode #2.9

Mar 16, 2014

Business is still suffering after the newspaper story so Henri brings in the formidable journalist Winifred Bonfils Black. At the same time a contrite Frank Edwards resigns from the paper and meets Lady Mae, who tells him and Harry that she knows Loxley blackmailed Edgerton and is the real culprit. Harry invites her and Pimble to live with the Selfridges, reconciling Mae with Rose, and they unite against Loxley when he storms in to drag his wife back. Rose is feeling unwell and is advised to take a break from London by Delphine. Mae believes Delphine is trying to ...

Episode #2.10
S02E10 · Episode #2.10

Mar 23, 2014

Josie Mardle tells Florian she believes she is too old for him and that she has arranged an audition with the Halle Orchestra in Manchester. The young man is heart-broken but surprisingly it is Grove who apologizes to Miss Mardle and persuades her that she should make a go of the relationship. Agnes and Victor give Harry notice as they are leaving to run the restaurant together. Henri is also quitting to go to France and fight in the army. Agnes, Victor, Franco and George look around the restaurant but Agnes has her misgivings as to whether it is what she wants, given...


Mr Selfridge Season 2 (2014) is released on Jan 19, 2014 and the latest season 4 of Mr Selfridge is released in 2016. Watch Mr Selfridge online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. Mr Selfridge is directed by Rob Evans,Lawrence Till,Anthony Byrne,Joss Agnew and created by Kate Brooke with Ron Cook and Jeremy Piven. Mr Selfridge is available online on PBS Masterpiece Amazon Channel and Apple TV.

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Господин Селфридж(Bulgarian), Mr Selfridge(English), Mr Selfridge(French), Store forretninger, Mr. Selfridge


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