Episodes (13)

S03E01 · Homecoming

Apr 01, 2022

Homecoming: The Moomins return home to find a 'wise leader' telling everyone there should be no rules, and Moominvalley falls into chaos.

Moomintroll's Grand Adventure
S03E02 · Moomintroll's Grand Adventure

Apr 01, 2022

Moomintroll's Grand Adventure: When Moomintroll's sea adventure ends poorly, he meets Snork and tries to impress his new friend with tall tales. Will his fibs catch up with him?

Brisk & Breezy
S03E03 · Brisk & Breezy

Apr 01, 2022

Brisk and Breezy: When Mr Brisk sets up a summer camp, Little My joins the camp and puts Brisk through a series of rigorous tests.

Inventing Snork
S03E04 · Inventing Snork

Apr 01, 2022

Inventing Snork: Moomintroll tries to help Snork make friends in the valley using his clever inventions, but Snork's gifts backfire.

The Stinky Caper
S03E05 · The Stinky Caper

Apr 01, 2022

The Stinky Caper: When Moomintroll accidentally becomes an accomplice to a burglary, the Moomins try to put things right by staging a reverse heist, but nothing goes to plan.

Toffle's Tall Tales
S03E06 · Toffle's Tall Tales

Apr 01, 2022

Toffle's Tall Tales: Moomintroll and Sniff volunteer to walk Toffle home through the woods, but all is not what it seems.

Winter Secrets
S03E07 · Winter Secrets

Apr 01, 2022

Winter Secrets: When Stinky breaks out of jail, the Moomins postpone their winter hibernation to shelter their neighbours and hunt for the fugitive.

Lonely Mountain
S03E08 · Lonely Mountain

Apr 01, 2022

Lonely Mountain: Moomintroll cancels his hibernation to go find Snufkin in the mysterious Lonely Mountains, but Snufkin doesn't like having his solitude disrupted.

Mrs Fillyjonk's Last Hurrah
S03E09 · Mrs Fillyjonk's Last Hurrah

Apr 01, 2022

Mrs Fillyjonk's Last Hurrah: When Mrs Fillyjonk thinks she is "not long for this world", Moominpappa steps in to make all her wildest dreams come true.

Snufkin & The Fairground
S03E10 · Snufkin & The Fairground

Apr 01, 2022

Snufkin and the Fairground: After Snufkin advises a silence-loving Hemulen to leave his noisy job at the fairground, he is left to run the rides with the help of his friends.

Call of the Hattifatteners
S03E11 · Call of the Hattifatteners

Apr 01, 2022

Call of the Hattifatteners: When a lost Hattifattener's spark starts to fade, Moominpappa, the Fisherman and Little My set out to sea to return it home.

Moominmamma's Flying Dream
S03E12 · Moominmamma's Flying Dream

Apr 01, 2022

Moominmamma's Flying Dream: Moomintroll learns of Moominmamma's love of hot air ballooning and decides to make her dream come true.

Midsummer Magic
S03E13 · Midsummer Magic

Apr 01, 2022

Midsummer Magic: As preparations begin for the Midsummer party, the sun goes missing from Moominvalley.


Moominvalley Season 3 (2022) is released on Apr 01, 2022 and the latest season 3 of Moominvalley is released in 2022. Watch Moominvalley online - the English Animation TV series from Finland. Moominvalley is directed by Steve Box,Marika Makaroff,Nigel Davies,Jay Grace and created by Mark Huckerby with Bel Powley and Rosamund Pike.

As know as:

Moominvalley, Moomin(Working Title), Moominvalley(English), Moominvalley(French), Mumidalen


Finland, United Kingdom


English, Finnish

Production Companies:

Gutsy Animations, YLE Draama

Official Site:

Gutsy Media Oy

Cast & Crew

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