Episodes (13)

Moomin's Winter Follies
S02E01 · Moomin's Winter Follies

Dec 21, 2019

When a charismatic winter sports champion arrives in the valley, Moomintroll struggles to win back Snorkmaiden's affections.

The Fire Spirit
S02E02 · The Fire Spirit

Dec 21, 2019

As the valley evacuates under the threat of volcanic eruption, Moomintroll helps Snufkin on a perilous quest to return a lost fire spirit to her home.

Moominpappa & Son
S02E03 · Moominpappa & Son

Dec 21, 2019

In an attempt to set a good example for his family, Moominpappa becomes a changed Moomin when he decides to get a job. But all is not what it seems.

Little My Moves Out
S02E04 · Little My Moves Out

Mar 02, 2020

When Moomintroll gets his wish to be free of the troublesome Little My, he soon comes to regret it.

The Strange Case of Mrs Fillyjonk
S02E05 · The Strange Case of Mrs Fillyjonk

Dec 21, 2019

When Moominmamma is accused of an unlikely crime, Moomintroll turns detective to try to save her. Can he succeed where his father couldn't.

The Hobgoblin's Hat
S02E06 · The Hobgoblin's Hat

Jan 01, 2020

Moomintroll and his friends find a magical and mysterious hat. While fun to begin with, they soon realise that the hat is dangerous.

Thingumy & Bob
S02E07 · Thingumy & Bob

Mar 30, 2020

In his desire for more independence, Moomintroll pushes Moominmamma away. But he soon becomes jealous when she finds a new outlet for her motherly love.

The Trial
S02E08 · The Trial

Mar 30, 2020

Sniff learns that friends are far more important than possessions when he tries to make himself rich by defending the Groke in Moominpappa's impromptu court case, and the Hobgoblin finally arrives in Moominvalley.

Farewell Snorkmaiden
S02E09 · Farewell Snorkmaiden

Apr 11, 2020

Moomintroll wants to try to stand on his own two feet and moves into his own place with Snorkmaiden. But is Moomintroll ready to give up the care and comfort of Moominamma and Moominpappa?

Moominpappa's Island
S02E10 · Moominpappa's Island

Apr 12, 2020

Moominpappa is desperate to be the guiding light of his family again, but his efforts to become the new lighthouse keeper and prove that they can thrive on the desolate island only seems to push them further apart.

Moominmamma's Mural
S02E11 · Moominmamma's Mural

Apr 12, 2020

Moominmamma is so homesick that she finds a magical way to travel back to Moominvalley - until she becomes trapped!

Moomintroll & the Seahorses
S02E12 · Moomintroll & the Seahorses

Apr 13, 2020

Undergoing his own island struggle, Moomintroll realizes he must break away from his parents and overcome childish fears to truly make his transition into independence. His parents finally come to terms with their little Moomin growing up.

S02E13 · November

Apr 13, 2020

After making a hasty return to Moominvalley, only to find the Moomin family have gone away, Snufkin accepts that he can't replace them. He must have faith he will see them again one day, and move on.


Moominvalley Season 2 (2019) is released on Dec 21, 2019 and the latest season 3 of Moominvalley is released in 2022. Watch Moominvalley online - the English Animation TV series from Finland. Moominvalley is directed by Steve Box,Marika Makaroff,Nigel Davies,Jay Grace and created by Mark Huckerby with Bel Powley and Rosamund Pike.

As know as:

Moominvalley, Moomin(Working Title), Moominvalley(English), Moominvalley(French), Mumidalen


Finland, United Kingdom


English, Finnish

Production Companies:

Gutsy Animations, YLE Draama

Official Site:

Gutsy Media Oy

Cast & Crew

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