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Dade City Dodge
S05E01 · Dade City Dodge

Sep 18, 1961

Bart tracks oily swindler Pearly Gates to recoup his winnings, so does the doll-face who helped Pearly dupe Bart. Bart just lost his puffy shirt, Marla lost her icy heart - when Gates jumped the altar with the ring SHE bought. Bart plans to sting Gates back in oh-so-crooked Dade City. Will Bart get honey-voiced Marla on the rebound or will she fleece him, and Pearly Gates too ?

The Art Lovers
S05E02 · The Art Lovers

Oct 01, 1961

Mona Lisa rescues Bart from being an indentured servant, after Bart loses a high stakes poker game between nouveau riche art collectors. Oily backer Roger (Jack Cassidy) brought Bart into the game as a "Colonel," but when Bart loses, Roger denies the scheme, so Bart must work off the debt to the winner, a railroad tycoon. The other art collectors are big investors in the tycoon's latest rail project, and they are squeezing him dry, though the tycoon has a priceless ace he's reluctant to take out of the hole: he's acquired the recently-stolen Mona Lisa ! The miffed ...

The Golden Fleecing
S05E03 · The Golden Fleecing

Oct 08, 1961

Bart has to try to bluff wealthy Loftus Jaggers--and Jaggers' beautiful daughter when Bart gives up the poker table and tries his hand at being a stockbroker when he agrees to help a local farmer start a gold-mining company

Three Queens Full
S05E04 · Three Queens Full

Nov 12, 1961

Moose and Small Paul Wheelwright? The Subrosa Ranch? Hilarious "Bonanza" parody with Bart squirming in the middle between three naive, pa-whipped brothers and their worldly mail-order brides from the Barbary Coast, after matchmaker Whittleseed (Willard Waterman) is murdered. Episode also has fine performances by Kasey Rogers, Jake Sheffield as the amorous Moose, and Jim Backus as the blustery pa of the Wheelwrights, who always stick together - and we even find out why they have to. "Three Queens Full" is adorned with splendidly over-the-top music too.

A Technical Error
S05E05 · A Technical Error

Nov 26, 1961

Bart way-too-easily wins a bank in a poker game, because it's mysteriously missing a pile of money. The relieved loser advises Bart not to worry because "in banking, a little dignity can cover up a lot of ignorance." When the ex-owner instigates the small town's depositors into a bank run, the Sheriff (who resembles a dimwitted Marshal Matt Dillon) and his deputy (a Hoss Cartwright lookalike) can't wait to get their mitts on ignorant stranger Bart Maverick. Bart begs his gunslinging pal Doc Holiday to help him get flush any way possible, but the gallant dentist's very...

Poker Face
S05E06 · Poker Face

Jan 07, 1962

Bart wagers to save the lives of his fellow stagecoach travelers--who have shown their dislike for gamblers--when the coach is held up and Bart makes an unusual bet with the bandits. Now, the only question is: Does Bart hold the winning hand?

Mr. Muldoon's Partner
S05E07 · Mr. Muldoon's Partner

Apr 15, 1962

Comedy episode has Bart freeing a leprechaun who grants him 5 wishes in gratitude. Only each wish seems to get Bart deeper in trouble.

Epitaph for a Gambler
S05E08 · Epitaph for a Gambler

Feb 11, 1962

In a poker game, Bart wins part ownership of a gambling casino owned by Diamond Jim Malone. What he doesn't know is that he's also taken on Lucky Matt Elkins, who's been blackmailing Diamond Jim and sees no reason why his payments have to stop just because the place has a new owner.

The Maverick Report
S05E09 · The Maverick Report

Mar 04, 1962

Crusading newspaper publisher Bart? The publisher Bart won the rag from is assassinated and a corrupt U.S. Senator files a $100,000 libel suit against the Chronicle. Luckily, Bart's pal Doc Holiday is in town for a dentists' convention and owes Bart $2000. When Doc brags "I have enough collateral to raise the dead!", Bart feels no compunction in selling ½ the headache to Doc. The senator and his sinister political boss are Ivy Leaguers, so the suave Philadelphia dentist/hired gun will come in handy.

Marshal Maverick
S05E10 · Marshal Maverick

Mar 11, 1962

Abilene's marshal is bumped off and Bart kills the murderer. But instead of thanks, he's threatened with jail for vagrancy unless he becomes marshal. At least it's only a temp job, because Wyatt Earp's en route to undertake the assignment. In the meantime, Bart proposes a truce with the killer's gang, so he'll survive until Earp shows. When Earp sashays in, he forces Bart to stay on as deputy. Gambler Bart reasons "if we don't protect the lambs, who'll fleece the sheep?" Is the legendary lawman losing his nerve or what?

The Troubled Heir
S05E11 · The Troubled Heir

Apr 01, 1962

After Pearly Gates and Marla steal the money from a poker game to invest in a worthless mine, Bart unwittingly leads a wanted outlaw to them. Because they no longer have the money, the outlaw hatches a plan for Pearly Gates to turn the outlaw in for a reward with a promise to split the funds after the outlaw's gang break him out. But Bart learns that the outlaw plans to do away with Pearly instead of splitting the reward. In the meantime, Pearly has gambled away his supposed share of the reward with a promise to pay from his share of the reward. To save Pearly while ...

The Money Machine
S05E12 · The Money Machine

Apr 08, 1962

Cousin Jackie brings Bart money from Pappy with instructions to pay off a debt. But before Bart can follow through, Jackie invests the money in a machine that prints cash. After realizing she has been swindled, Bart seeks to recoup the cash by turning the tables on the swindlers while also keeping Pappy's creditor at bay.

One of Our Trains Is Missing
S05E13 · One of Our Trains Is Missing

Apr 22, 1962

Bart finds himself on Diamond Jim Brady's bullet train with Doc Holliday and Modesty Blaine. Bart is racing to the state line to avoid a thrashing. Diamond Jim is racing to obtain a lucrative railroad contract and win a bet against a competitor. But Doc, Modesty, and the competitor have their own agendas. And everybody's plans are thrown for a loop when the train is moved off the main track by a conceited robber.


Maverick Season 5 (1961) is released on Sep 18, 1961 and the latest season 5 of Maverick is released in 1961. Watch Maverick online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Maverick is directed by Leslie H. Martinson,Douglas Heyes,Richard L. Bare,Arthur Lubin and created by Douglas Heyes with Jack Kelly and James Garner. Maverick is available online on Tubi TV and Apple iTunes.

Bret and Bart Maverick (and in later seasons, their English cousin, Beauregarde) are well-dressed gamblers who migrate from town to town always looking for a good game. Poker (five-card draw) is their favorite but they've been known to play such odd card games as Three-toed Sloth on occasion. The show would occasionally feature both or all three Mavericks, but usually would rotate the central character from week to week.

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