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War of the Silver Kings
S01E01 · War of the Silver Kings

Sep 22, 1957

Bret rides into town looking for poker game to make some money. He finds one, but it's crooked, and he decides to get revenge, and also save the small mining town from the evil clutches of Phineas King.

Point Blank
S01E02 · Point Blank

Sep 29, 1957

Brett arrives in Bent Forks after being run out of the last town by posse, and gets a job as a spotter. But it's a set-up by a scheming couple so they can get out of town with the money they've stolen.

According to Hoyle
S01E03 · According to Hoyle

Oct 06, 1957

After Samantha Crawford cleans him out--twice--Bret suggests they partner up to take down a crooked casino owner.

Ghost Rider
S01E04 · Ghost Rider

Oct 13, 1957

Bret tries to track down a woman he loaned his coat to - who supposedly died years earlier.

The Long Hunt
S01E05 · The Long Hunt

Oct 20, 1957

Bret goes on a "long hunt" on an outlaw's request to clear a man accused of a robbery the outlaw help commit.

Stage West
S01E06 · Stage West

Oct 27, 1957

Bret comes to the assistance of a woman who came west when she learns of her husband's gold strike. A ruthless family of ranchers have killed her husband, though, and try to convince the young lady that they are her late husband's partners.

Relic of Fort Tejon
S01E07 · Relic of Fort Tejon

Nov 03, 1957

Bret wins a camel in a card game, and it helps him out against a crooked card player.

S01E08 · Hostage!

Nov 10, 1957

Bret and Bart look to sail on a riverboat's maiden cruise but get caught up in a kidnapping of the boat's owner's daughter. Bret is taken hostage, and Bart must outwit the kidnappers and the police to rescue his brother and the girl.

S01E09 · Stampede

Nov 17, 1957

Bret, and new character Dandy Jim Buckley, join a gold rush to even a score with Cadiz, a crooked gambler who robbed them. Cadiz's brawler Battling Kreuger is taking on all comers, and en route Bret, crashes into a possible challenger, mountain man Noah, complete with a pet skunk.

The Jeweled Gun
S01E10 · The Jeweled Gun

Nov 24, 1957

Bart gets involved with a mysterious woman, Daisy Harris, who wants him to act as her bodyguard, no questions asked.

The Wrecker
S01E11 · The Wrecker

Dec 01, 1957

Bret Maverick wins the right to join a ring of shipwreck salvagers, but he is soon in debt up to his neck when he engages in a spirited bidding contest, spending $21,000 for a ship whose cargo is apparently only worth half that. Brother Bart soon finds out why their unknown rival was willing to bid so high - in addition to bales of silk and rice, the wreck's hold is full of illegal opium.

The Quick and the Dead
S01E12 · The Quick and the Dead

Dec 08, 1957

In an attempt to clear himself of a robbery charge, Brett must protect a man marked for murder.

The Naked Gallows
S01E13 · The Naked Gallows

Dec 15, 1957

Bart's nosing round Bent Spur pursuing his friend's murderer. Bart was so down on his luck, he spent a winter trapping beaver outside town. Bent Spur's overstocked with red herrings, who too easily slip through the fingers of Sheriff Barney F, including the killer, broken out of jail by the evil Brink. The murder victim's brassy lady-friend/casino partner is a quick rebounder, who immediately sidles up to the suspicious Bart.

Comstock Conspiracy
S01E14 · Comstock Conspiracy

Dec 29, 1957

Bret is forced to kill someone in self-defense when he tries to collect a gambling debt. The next day the dead man turns up alive, and Bret tries to unravel the mystery.

The Third Rider
S01E15 · The Third Rider

Jan 05, 1958

Bart Maverick is helping two men, one of who is injured, when a posse appears. One horseman flees and escapes, while the other is killed by the posse. Bart becomes the chief suspect in a robbery/murder the horsemen are suspected of.

Rage for Vengeance
S01E16 · Rage for Vengeance

Jan 12, 1958

Bret agrees to serve as the bodyguard for a woman traveling with $200,000 in cash to a small Montana town. En route, he discovers that the money in the suitcase he's guarding is all counterfeit.

Rope of Cards
S01E17 · Rope of Cards

Jan 19, 1958

Bret is selected to serve on the jury of a murder trial and finds himself the only member who refuses to believe that the defendant is guilty.

Diamond in the Rough
S01E18 · Diamond in the Rough

Jan 26, 1958

A San Francisco tycoon takes a dislike to Bart and has him beaten, robbed and thrown on board a sailing ship bound for New Orleans. Maverick vows revenge and with the help of a pair of charming, but broke, French countesses, returns to the City on the Bay to extract the $17,000 that was stolen from him. Maverick discovers that his nemesis is plotting a multi-million scam by fleecing his fellow millionaires by selling stock in a phony diamond field and is determined to protect his friends and recover his money at the same time.

Day of Reckoning
S01E19 · Day of Reckoning

Feb 02, 1958

Bret is caught between the local cowboys, who threaten to destroy a town, and the businessmen who have to give into the cowboys' demands.

The Savage Hills
S01E20 · The Savage Hills

Feb 09, 1958

A beautiful con woman convinces Bart that a fellow hotel guest is really the leader of a counterfeit ring in possession of the plates to print the phony money. After Bret helps steal the plates, he learns that the gangster is really a Secret Service agent and the two men join forces to reclaim the plates before they're put to criminal use.

Trail West to Fury
S01E21 · Trail West to Fury

Feb 16, 1958

While trapped in a storm, Bret and Bart tell Dandy Jim why they can't go to Texas.

The Burning Sky
S01E22 · The Burning Sky

Feb 23, 1958

Travelling across the Arizona desert, the stagecoach conveying Bart Maverick and his companions is attacked by what appear to be Apache Indians. The passengers manage to reach the ruins of an adobe house and soon discover that the men besieging them are actually Mexican bandits who want something that one of the passengers possesses. As the broiling heat takes its toll, Bret attempts to discover which one of his fellow wayfarers is protecting a secret worth fighting, and possibly dying, for.

The Seventh Hand
S01E23 · The Seventh Hand

Mar 02, 1958

To clear their names, Bret and Samantha Crawford go after two gunmen who stole money from a high-stakes poker game they were involved with.

Plunder of Paradise
S01E24 · Plunder of Paradise

Mar 09, 1958

Bart Maverick and Big Mike McComb are invited to a remote Mexican fishing village to help locate and remove buried treasure from under the nose of the authorities. When they arrive, the man who asked for their help has disappeared and in his place they find a marooned saloon singer, a woman claiming to be the missing man's wife and a gang of Mexican bandits who dog their every step.

Black Fire
S01E25 · Black Fire

Mar 16, 1958

Bret is played to play stand-in at a family party, and then the guests start dying one by one.

Burial Ground of the Gods
S01E26 · Burial Ground of the Gods

Mar 30, 1958

Bart trails a thief to the Wyoming badlands where the man is leading a woman and her fiancé to where he claims to have seen her supposedly dead husband. In order to regain his money, Bart must join the party and make sure they can return safely to Denver after crossing sacred Sioux Indian territory.

Seed of Deception
S01E27 · Seed of Deception

Apr 13, 1958

Bart and Bret ride into a town and the townspeople mistake them for Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp. Problems arise when when a group of outlaws make the same mistake as the townspeople.


Maverick Season 1 (1957) is released on Sep 22, 1957 and the latest season 5 of Maverick is released in 1961. Watch Maverick online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Maverick is directed by Leslie H. Martinson,Douglas Heyes,Richard L. Bare,Arthur Lubin and created by Douglas Heyes with Jack Kelly and James Garner. Maverick is available online on Tubi TV and Apple iTunes.

Bret and Bart Maverick (and in later seasons, their English cousin, Beauregarde) are well-dressed gamblers who migrate from town to town always looking for a good game. Poker (five-card draw) is their favorite but they've been known to play such odd card games as Three-toed Sloth on occasion. The show would occasionally feature both or all three Mavericks, but usually would rotate the central character from week to week.

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Madagascar, Maverick, マーベリック, Мэверик


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