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The Day They Hanged Bret Maverick
S02E01 · The Day They Hanged Bret Maverick

Sep 21, 1958

$40,000 is stolen from the bank of Hallelujah. The robber plants incriminating evidence on Bret and he is arrested, tried, and sentenced to hang. However, the question remains, what happened to the money? The sheriff is very curious.

The Lonesome Reunion
S02E02 · The Lonesome Reunion

Sep 28, 1958

Bret falls for yet another pretty face, who convinces him to help her to save her father's property in the town of Lonesome.

Alias Bart Maverick
S02E03 · Alias Bart Maverick

Oct 05, 1958

Bart makes the mistake of befriending fellow gambler Gentleman Jack Darby, who soon leaves Bart mistaken for a crime Jack is wanted for.

The Belcastle Brand
S02E04 · The Belcastle Brand

Oct 12, 1958

Bret is taken in by Englishmen "roughing it" in Wyoming, and has to lead them out of the desert when they become stranded.

High Card Hangs
S02E05 · High Card Hangs

Oct 19, 1958

Newcomer Bart Maverick is suspected by sheriff Bald Bill of a robbery/murder. Bart's friend Dandy Jim Buckley helps the imprisoned Bart uncover the actual culprits.

Escape to Tampico
S02E06 · Escape to Tampico

Oct 26, 1958

In Mexico, Bret agrees to accompany a man wanted for murder back to New Orleans, and develops a friendship with him along the way.

The Judas Mask
S02E07 · The Judas Mask

Nov 02, 1958

Bart chases a can-can girl who stole $20,000 from him - and insists she had a good reason to do so.

The Jail at Junction Flats
S02E08 · The Jail at Junction Flats

Nov 09, 1958

Bret has to get Dandy Jim out of an escape-proof jail so Jim can take Bret to the money he stole from Bret.

The Thirty-Ninth Star
S02E09 · The Thirty-Ninth Star

Nov 16, 1958

After getting off a stage and checking into a hotel room, Bart is tricked into slipping out of his room just long enough for the suitcase he is carrying with $2,600 to be stolen. Looking for the men on the stage who knew he was carrying the money, he finds one of them dead and another has left the hotel. But then another, a town judge, returns Bart's suitcase with the money intact. The suitcase Bart left the stage with was the judge's identical looking one which held a valuable document in it that many believe Bart has hidden, and are willing to kill for.

Shady Deal at Sunny Acres
S02E10 · Shady Deal at Sunny Acres

Nov 23, 1958

Bret gets ripped off by a small-town banker, and summons his friend and allies to con the man while he sits out the con, whittling on a hotel porch.

Island in the Swamp
S02E11 · Island in the Swamp

Nov 30, 1958

Bret is held hostage by a group who think he's a government agent after them.

Prey of the Cat
S02E12 · Prey of the Cat

Dec 07, 1958

When his horse is spooked by a wild cat, Bart suffers a broken leg. His benefactor's wife has plans for him and all he wants to do is get away as soon as he is able. But his friend's wife may have something to say about that.

Holiday at Hollow Rock
S02E13 · Holiday at Hollow Rock

Dec 14, 1958

Bret attends the annual 4th of July horse race in Hollow Rock, WY. He learns the two top contenders have strong reasons for winning which may involve Bret more than just his desire to make a sure bet.

The Spanish Dancer
S02E14 · The Spanish Dancer

Dec 28, 1958

Bart is stuck in a mining town, accused of murdering Gentleman Jack and dealing with a feisty Spanish dancer.

Game of Chance
S02E15 · Game of Chance

Jan 04, 1959

A strand of pearls appraised at $40,000 leads Bart to loan $10,000 to the owner. When they skip town leaving him with a strand that's worthless, he enlists Bret to help him get his money back - for a fee, of course.

S02E16 · Gun-Shy

Jan 11, 1959

Bret, seeking buried Confederate treasure in Elwood, Kansas, keeps running afoul of U.S. Marshal Mort Dooley. The marshal keeps running Bret out of town. Bret, in turn, keeps outwitting the lawman.

Two Beggars on Horseback
S02E17 · Two Beggars on Horseback

Jan 18, 1959

The Maverick brothers race against time, and each other, to cash bank drafts before one company office learns that the main office has gone under.

The Rivals
S02E18 · The Rivals

Jan 25, 1959

A rich playboy pays Bret Maverick to switch identities with him, so the playboy can court a wealthy young woman, who'd otherwise reject him.

Duel at Sundown
S02E19 · Duel at Sundown

Feb 01, 1959

Bret Maverick is on his way to a high stakes poker game, when an injured friend with a hidden agenda, begs him to visit. After Bret arrives, the friend's beautiful daughter draws Bret into a plot of her own. Both plots revolve around cold-blooded Red Hardigan (a lanky, young Clint Eastwood). Red demands Bret leave Sundown immediately - or rest in Sundown forever.

Yellow River
S02E20 · Yellow River

Feb 08, 1959

Losing his stake in a bank robbery, Bart agrees to hold two men for $300 on a pretty woman's say-so. When the story proves false, he rides after her only to find she is partnering a cattle drive and they are being murdered one by one.

The Saga of Waco Williams
S02E21 · The Saga of Waco Williams

Feb 15, 1959

Bret partners up with a man he met on the trail, Waco Williams. Waco, much to Bret's disgust, is too good to be true.

Brasada Spur
S02E22 · Brasada Spur

Feb 22, 1959

A rich widow woman uses her influence to get Bart into a high stakes poker game in which he wins both stock in a railroad and a colossal headache.

Passage to Fort Doom
S02E23 · Passage to Fort Doom

Mar 08, 1959

Bart hires on as a scout for a wagon train, and gets involved with intrigue between the passengers.

Two Tickets to Ten Strike
S02E24 · Two Tickets to Ten Strike

Mar 15, 1959

Frankie French has a mysterious and secret benefactor who has paid for her trip to Ten Strike with the promise of more funds. Who is the benefactor, and what does he want from Frankie?

S02E25 · Betrayal

Mar 22, 1959

Bart is en route to Virginia City, but his stagecoach gets waylaid and he sets out to recover his money.

The Strange Journey of Jenny Hill
S02E26 · The Strange Journey of Jenny Hill

Mar 29, 1959

Why does singer Jenny Hill keep moving from town to town for short engagements when she could find a longer term gig if she wanted? And why does Bret keep following her on her journey?


Maverick Season 2 (1958) is released on Sep 21, 1958 and the latest season 5 of Maverick is released in 1961. Watch Maverick online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Maverick is directed by Leslie H. Martinson,Douglas Heyes,Richard L. Bare,Arthur Lubin and created by Douglas Heyes with Jack Kelly and James Garner. Maverick is available online on Tubi TV and Apple iTunes.

Bret and Bart Maverick (and in later seasons, their English cousin, Beauregarde) are well-dressed gamblers who migrate from town to town always looking for a good game. Poker (five-card draw) is their favorite but they've been known to play such odd card games as Three-toed Sloth on occasion. The show would occasionally feature both or all three Mavericks, but usually would rotate the central character from week to week.

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Madagascar, Maverick, マーベリック, Мэверик


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