Episodes (10)

The New Arrival
S04E01 · The New Arrival

May 07, 2018

Hetty discovers a secret, while Gideon fears he caused Edwin's life-threatening accident.

S04E02 · Trouble

May 14, 2018

Hetty is forced to cover when Rosamund goes missing on the day of the Christening, while Gideon and Jack find themselves in muddy trouble. Mrs Brody takes control of the house.

S04E03 · Family

May 21, 2018

A new arrival at the Hall threatens Agnes and Sheila's jobs while Gideon falls out with Emily. Sheila struggles looking after Constance and Jack helps Edwin overcome his fears.

S04E04 · Prisons

May 28, 2018

Hetty steels herself to face her old enemy, while Lady Grenford introduces the family to her handsome young grandson, Robert. Emily is excited when a Suffragist visits the house.

For Shame
S04E05 · For Shame

Jun 04, 2018

Agnes's job is put at risk when her family secret is revealed, while Emily argues with her father about her future. Jack thinks Gideon has betrayed him.

S04E06 · Wolves

Jun 11, 2018

Hetty and Gideon are shocked when a figure from their past turns up unexpectedly, while Lizzie is terrified by the story of a savage wolf boy on the grounds. A mysterious new tutor arrives for the children.

S04E07 · Pride

Jun 18, 2018

An accident in the kitchen forces Sheila to choose between loyalty to the Cook or her own ambition, while Jack is stunned to discover the identity of a thief. Hetty reveals she doesn't trust Mrs Brody - but is this a mistake?

S04E08 · Fate

Jun 25, 2018

It's the day of the fair and Gideon makes a surprising discovery about Jack, while Hetty realises Brody is out to get her. Sheila and Constance battle to become the Festival Queen.

S04E09 · Truth

Jul 02, 2018

Hetty and Gideon search for proof of Jack's innocence, while Emily discovers Mr Buscombe has a secret - but is he telling the whole truth? Lady Grenford has a startling plan for Emily and Robert.

The Birthday Party
S04E10 · The Birthday Party

Jul 09, 2018

There's an explosive finale at Emily's 16th birthday party when Hetty fights to reunite Rosamund with her long lost son, while Lady Grenford will stop at nothing to force Emily and Robert's engagement.


Hetty Feather Season 4 (2018) is released on May 07, 2018 and the latest season 6 of Hetty Feather is released in 2020. Watch Hetty Feather online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. Hetty Feather is directed by Reza Moradi,Delyth Thomas,Chloe Thomas,Sallie Aprahamian and created by Jacqueline Wilson with Isabel Clifton and Dasharn Anderson.

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Hetty Feather


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British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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