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News from Nowhere
S03E01 · News from Nowhere

May 08, 2017

On the day that Miss Sarah Smith arrives as the orphanage's new governor Ida briefly returns to drop off a letter informing Hetty that she is living at the Ludgate workhouse. Harriet takes the letter to Hetty who runs away to search for her but Sheila informs on her to Matron Bottomley. Lost on the streets of London Hetty is rescued from Mr Grace's gang of teen-aged thieves by flower seller Cissy, a resourceful orphan, who takes Hetty to stay with her and her sickly younger sister Lil. Meanwhile Matron engages the services of shady Mr Bromsden to find Hetty.

The Unexpected Friend
S03E02 · The Unexpected Friend

May 15, 2017

Due to Sheila's treachery Matron discovers Ida's letter whilst Hetty and Cissy arrive at the workhouse to find Ida has left, for a job in Highgate. Selling flowers to finance the tram ride there they are saved from Grace's gang by a prospective customer. This is Miss Smith, who suggests Cissy takes Lil to a nearby refuge. She also returns Hetty to the orphanage, explaining that Ida would be sacked if it was known she had a child. She is actually a kindly woman who invents an elaborate lie to prevent Hetty and Harriet being punished and Hetty feels that she can trust ...

The Break In
S03E03 · The Break In

May 22, 2017

There is a break-in at the orphanage and next day Bromsden arrives to tell Matron that Jess, one of Grace's gang, has escaped and is on the premises with stolen goods, including a book which will incriminate them both. Hetty and her friends hide Jess whilst making sure all the stolen items are found - except the book - but Jess is discovered anyway. Miss Smith comes to visit, offering Hetty work in Highgate where she can meet Ida in secret and to place Jess in her refuge but Hetty selflessly allows Blanche to have the job so she can be near her kin, Jess. Having ...

Land of Opportunity
S03E04 · Land of Opportunity

May 29, 2017

Matron discovers the book recording her illegal sale of orphans and puts it on the fire in front of Hetty before entertaining Chester Benjamin, an American philanthropist, keen to open an orphanage in New York with Matron in charge. However when the staff and children start to fall ill and the source is traced to cheap flour bought by Matron to cut costs he withdraws his offer but Hetty is still determined to defeat her. Meanwhile slimy young Vince picks up on the relationship between Nurse Winterson and Constable Clarke.

Dangerous Game
S03E05 · Dangerous Game

Jun 05, 2017

Following a storm which damages the roof Matron hopes to impress the visiting governors by claiming that she will start fund raising for a new one. One of the governors, Dr Bridges, brings his naughty little daughter Annabelle, who almost gets Elizabeth in trouble but the doctor is impressed by the orphan's honesty and offers her work. A miserable Hetty is cheered by Vince and comes close to befriending him - until she learns he has been blackmailing Nurse Winterson. Miss Smith and Cook conspire to let Hetty have a secret meeting with Ida, but Matron finds out, ...

Cannon Fodder
S03E06 · Cannon Fodder

Jun 12, 2017

RSM Charlie Palmer comes to the orphanage to drill the boys for a military display and confesses to Walter that he is his father. Meanwhile, in an effort to reunite Nurse Macclesfield with Constable Clarke Hetty 'stages' a theft, hiding a picture so that the constable will come to investigate and continue seeing the nurse. This plan works but Charlie is accused of the theft and Hetty has Sheila to thank for clearing his name. For the first time both girls seem united against Matron.

The Last Sunday
S03E07 · The Last Sunday

Jun 19, 2017

With Harriet due to leave Matthias throws a picnic for his friends, including Sheila, whilst Colonel Brigwell brings patrons Mr and Mrs Callender to announce that most of the boys are destined for the army. Gideon is not happy, as he confesses to Mrs Callender, whom Matron has blackmailed not to tell Mr Callender that they knew each other in the work-house and she takes him and Sheila to be their servants. Aware that Grace has been arrested and could expose her Matron uses the roof fund money to buy herself a passage to America but is overheard by Hetty.

Farewell Service
S03E08 · Farewell Service

Jun 26, 2017

On the day most of the boys leave for the army and Harriet to work in America, Matron, aware that Hetty knows she has stolen the money and bought her own transatlantic ticket, locks her in a cupboard, from which she is rescued by Sheila. The girls confront Matron and prevent her from fleeing, exposing her theft in front of the governors, who order her arrest. Mr Cranborne proposes a fairer regime, encouraging Nurse Winterson to court Constable Clarke and promoting Nurse Macclesfield to temporary matron. A grateful Mrs Callender agrees to employ Hetty along with Gideon...

New Beginnings
S03E09 · New Beginnings

Jul 03, 2017

Hetty, Sheila and Gideon are now working for the Callender family, under stern housekeeper Mrs Penhaligon. Gideon befriends Edwin, the invalid son of the house, kept away from the others and notices secret meetings between gardener Jack and Emily, the Callenders' rebellious daughter. Matron, in hiding with Bromsden, sends two boys to retrieve the incriminating book from Hetty but they accidentally kidnap Emily instead.

The Past Returns
S03E10 · The Past Returns

Jul 10, 2017

Hetty and Sheila realize that Matron had sent spies to recover the book and has mistakenly taken Emily. Helped by Emily's friend Henry Hetty and Gideon rescue her but Hetty is caught. However she persuades Matron to accompany her in secretly retrieving the book but Sheila has told the family everything and they set a trap to arrest Matron and her accomplices. Now in possession of all the facts the grateful Callenders arrange for Hetty to resume seeing Ida and for a more relaxed regime in the household for their children and servants.


Hetty Feather Season 3 (2017) is released on May 08, 2017 and the latest season 6 of Hetty Feather is released in 2020. Watch Hetty Feather online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. Hetty Feather is directed by Reza Moradi,Delyth Thomas,Chloe Thomas,Sallie Aprahamian and created by Jacqueline Wilson with Isabel Clifton and Dasharn Anderson.

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