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Palms, Pigs and Bad Debts
S03E01 · Palms, Pigs and Bad Debts

Jan 02, 1998

Martin is still pining for Clare, having written a novel about her and the others charge him money each time he mentions her name. Matthew has had cards printed advertising himself as a palm reader though his agoraphobia precludes any customers and the one female visitor to the flat, Tess Freeman, whom he wrongly believes to be a transsexual, is actually a debt collector chasing Mandy for the £9,000 pounds she owes on her credit cards. Fortunately Mandy's gentlemanly new boss Archie has taken a shine to her and gives her an interest-free loan to pay off the debt.

Martin's Baby
S03E02 · Martin's Baby

Jan 09, 1998

Whilst in the video shop with Mandy, Martin meets up with Clare and her baby Rosie, of whom he is the father. However Clare believes Martin would not make a good parent and does not want him to see Rosie so he turns up at her house unannounced, finding another man there whom he mistakes for Clare's new boyfriend, though he has only come to fix the washing machine. Martin decides to consult a lawyer regarding his parental rights whilst Mandy starts to date Archie, who impresses Matthew with his tales of being in the Marines.

Marines and Vacuum Cleaner
S03E03 · Marines and Vacuum Cleaner

Jan 16, 1998

Inspired by Archie, Matthew declares his ambition to become a Marine - in honour of his brother Danny, who died in a road crash days before going into action. He builds an assault course in the flat but also gets himself into an awkward situation when he tries to pleasure himself with a vacuum cleaner and gets stuck, requiring Clare to come round and rescue him. Archie comes in and reveals that he was the one whose brother Danny died in the crash - before Mandy and Archie have satisfactory sex.

S03E04 · Crabs

Jan 23, 1998

Clare tells Martin he would make a dreadful father and announces that she has found somebody else. Mandy tries to impress Archie's mother and his sister Lulu by cooking them a meal of crab but she is nervous and resorts to a few glasses of Dutch courage with the result that she passes out. Although not invited to the meal Matthew and Martin save the day through Martin's prowess with microwave meals. Lulu, however, mistakenly believes that Rosie is Mandy's daughter and that she only wants to marry Archie to give her a name and for his money.

S03E05 · Laura

Jan 30, 1998

Martin discovers that Clare is planning to move to Australia with baby Rosie and boyfriend Shane and consults a lawyer to stop them, though he fires him when he believes him to be mad. He then plans to abduct Rosie and take her to Brazil but abandons the idea on seeing how well Clare and Rosie bond. Matthew begins an affair with married Laura from the upstairs flat but Martin and Mandy do not believe his claims as he has lied to them about sexual partners before. Martin learns that it is true having hidden behind the sofa when Laura and Matthew were having sex but ...

Wedding Day
S03E06 · Wedding Day

Feb 06, 1998

After hearing from Clare that she is marrying Shane and settling in Australia, Martin accompanies Mandy on her hen night and meets an English girl, Rachel, the exact double of Clare. She is interested in a date until he asks her to wear a nurse's uniform and speak in an Irish accent to remind him of his lost love, whereupon she drops him. After problems with the hired limousine Martin drives Mandy to the church for her wedding with Archie with Matthew in the boot. Sadly the groom never arrives. Having been set a number of pre-nuptial dares by his old army friends he ...


Game-On Season 3 (1998) is released on Jan 02, 1998 and the latest season 3 of Game-On is released in 1998. Watch Game-On online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Game-On is directed by John Stroud and created by Andrew Davies with Matthew Cottle and Samantha Womack.

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Game On!, Játszma vége!, Game On, Game-On, Kaksi miestä ja blondi


United Kingdom



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Hat Trick Productions

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