Episodes (6)

Roundheads & Cavaliers
S02E01 · Roundheads & Cavaliers

Sep 16, 1996

Martin has to go to casualty, where he meets and is smitten by Irish nurse Clare, whom he takes on a date. She explains that she is a virgin and wants Martin to be her first. He is nervous but takes advice from Mandy - who has actually decided to eschew sex until she meets the right man. Clare comes to Martin's flat but whilst he out buying pizzas Matthew hits on her. She hits back - literally and leaves an injured Matthew in the hall to have sex with Martin.

Slime Surfers & Jissom Monkeys
S02E02 · Slime Surfers & Jissom Monkeys

Sep 23, 1996

Whilst Martin bores everybody by boasting that he has a girlfriend Mandy attracts the attention of Italian teacher Marco, whom she tells she is a virgin. As Matthew sinks into depression Mandy brings in her psychologist friend Jason to help, passing him off as a straight Australian cousin although he is gay and soon finds himself in love with Matthew. Too naïve to realize the truth Matthew, under the impression that he is teaching Jason how to pick up women, kisses and goes to bed with him.

Double Hard Bastards & Girly Shirt-Lifting Tosspieces
S02E03 · Double Hard Bastards & Girly Shirt-Lifting Tosspieces

Sep 30, 1996

Martin becomes obsessive about Clare after she praises work colleague Dr Harding and follows her to a staff night out where he makes a fool of himself by not realizing that Dr Harding is a platonic woman friend. Matthew assists Mandy in deceiving Marco into believing that she is a virgin but the deceit is discovered when Marco turns up unexpectedly whilst Matthew is watching a video he secretly made of Mandy having sex. Jason, in love with Matthew, coaxes him out of the house to the park and a gym where he acquires some gay admirers. Newly confident Matthew goes to ...

Heavy Bondage & Custard Creams
S02E04 · Heavy Bondage & Custard Creams

Oct 07, 1996

Mandy gets an unexpected visit from childhood sweetheart Stoat, who says he has been away at sea but a television news flash reveals that he is one of three escaped convicts. Annoyed that he is not described as dangerous he ties up Mandy, Clare, Jason and Matthew, having previously tied up Martin and stripped him of his suit. Mandy outwits him by suggesting a bondage session and calling the police whilst he is tied up. Afterwards everybody is jubilant - until Clare announces she is dumping Martin to go around the world and Matthew discovers that Jason is gay.

Tangerine Candyfloss & Herne Bay Rock
S02E05 · Tangerine Candyfloss & Herne Bay Rock

Oct 14, 1996

Tired of being regarded as a sex object at work Mandy decides to go back to university and asks for a reference from Brian Kennedy, the former English tutor whom, unlike her friend Julia, she really fancied. Mandy meets up with Brian and they return to his house where she discovers not only that she must have been mad to fancy him when he tries to grope her but that he married Julia. Feeling sorry for Martin she sends a friend Hannah round to go on a date with him. Matthew is so impressed that Martin can pull that he decides to dye his hair red to be another '...

Bruce Willis & Robert De Niro Holding a Fish
S02E06 · Bruce Willis & Robert De Niro Holding a Fish

Oct 21, 1996

Mandy is dating Patrick, a very bad stand-up comedian who does hopeless Bruce Willis impressions. Clare is still at the hospital but refusing to go back with Martin, whom she finds boring, so he becomes a volunteer on a Samaritans-type help-line and gives his home number to a girl called Tesni. Whilst Martin is out a suicidal Tesni phones and Matthew forces himself out of the flat to see her though she has recovered when he gets to her flat. However he passes out and comes to in hospital in the arms of Tesni's friend Susie. Patrick is also in hospital having been ...


Game-On Season 2 (1996) is released on Sep 16, 1996 and the latest season 3 of Game-On is released in 1998. Watch Game-On online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Game-On is directed by John Stroud and created by Andrew Davies with Matthew Cottle and Samantha Womack. Game-On is available online on Tubi TV and Pluto TV.

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Game On!, Játszma vége!, Game On, Game-On, Kaksi miestä ja blondi


United Kingdom



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Hat Trick Productions

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