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Matthew - A Suitable Case for Treatment
S01E01 · Matthew - A Suitable Case for Treatment

Feb 27, 1995

Agoraphobic egotist Matthew shares his flat with his tenants, sensible Mandy and shy Martin. After they have gone to work he spends his day enacting scenes from films, ordering pizza and watching his home made videos, which Mandy has sabotaged. Later Mandy returns from work to find him in her bed wearing only her panties and blackmails into letting her off her rent arrears if she keeps quiet about it. After Matthew is freaked out by an overly amiable gay friend of Mandy's she likens their situation to that of the characters in the Jean-Paul Sartre work' Huis Clos.'

Working Girls
S01E02 · Working Girls

Mar 06, 1995

Whilst temping for a publishing firm Mandy meets the bluff Northern author Ron Grimshaw, who asks her to be his research assistant. However over dinner he confesses that there is no job but he is in love with her and they end up in bed together. Martin is despondent as he cannot get a girlfriend so, for his birthday treat, Matthew pays prostitute Kim to come to the house posing as a potential flat-hunter and she and Martin get on well. However after some doubt as to whether sex took place Matthew asks for Kim's services but she refuses, adding that she prefers women.

Bad Timing
S01E03 · Bad Timing

Mar 13, 1995

Despite being flirted with by glamorous work colleague Renate Martin feels he should change jobs and goes for interview as a teacher, with live-in accommodation. Matthew advertises his room to let and is bowled over by applicant Jessica, instantly giving her the room. However when she comes to move in she finds Martin in bed, injured after being beaten up by school-kids. Mandy is bored by her relationship with domestic-minded Graham and feels she is not ready for commitment so she goes to a club alone, copping off with the gorgeous Jason. Later, feeling guilty, she ...

The Great Escape
S01E04 · The Great Escape

Mar 20, 1995

On Monday morning with Mandy and Martin at work Matthew enacts his film role fantasies and tries unsuccessfully to get the girl next door to come in. In the evening he threatens to evict Mandy but she tells him she will probably be leaving anyway, having met a millionaire who has offered her a job in Bermuda. She returns from her date to tell Martin she thinks the man was a liar who got drunk and passed out. Martin confesses his own insecurity but they are interrupted by a paranoid Matthew who accuses them of plotting against him and tells them to leave immediately. ...

Big Wednesday
S01E05 · Big Wednesday

Mar 27, 1995

Mandy is dating famous boxer Paul 'The Rage' Johnson but Matthew does not take to him when he puts his beer glass down on Matthew's prized surf-board. Martin meets feisty American Nancy at the local take-away and, after she has told him of the bizarre places where she has had sex, invites him back to her flat. Unfortunately, after going to the chemist to buy condoms, Martin gets lost and has to come home, joining Mandy and Matthew to watch Paul fight. Matthew gets a terrible shock after it turns out that a sleepy Mandy had mistaken his surf-board for the ironing board...

S01E06 · Fame

Apr 10, 1995

Whilst Martin and Mandy are out Matthew goes upstairs to complain about the noise made by rehearsing band Pro-Active but, on learning that they are in need of a singer, is happy to join them. He sees himself as a Rock God and considers raising the tenants' rents for the privilege of knowing him. However when the band is called upon to perform a gig at very short notice the mere act of having to leave the flat increases his agoraphobic terror and he merely moans and whimpers whilst on stage. Nonetheless rock magazine The Dog's Bollocks believes this to be a perfect ...


Game-On Season 1 (1995) is released on Feb 27, 1995 and the latest season 3 of Game-On is released in 1998. Watch Game-On online - the English Comedy TV series from United Kingdom. Game-On is directed by John Stroud and created by Andrew Davies with Matthew Cottle and Samantha Womack. Game-On is available online on Tubi TV and Pluto TV.

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Game On!, Játszma vége!, Game On, Game-On, Kaksi miestä ja blondi


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Hat Trick Productions

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