Episodes (26)

Wreck of the Zephyr
S04E01 · Wreck of the Zephyr

Aug 28, 1999

Tom Hampton's 17-year-old niece, Courtney runs away from home after a row with her mother and shows up at Tom's house unannounced. Tom tries to patch up the relationship between Courtney and her mother, Sarah, but it takes a shipwreck which nearly kills the older woman for Courtney to realize how much she loves her mom.

Blind Faith
S04E02 · Blind Faith

Oct 16, 1999

After Chris and his friends take a sailing class Mark takes them out on a sailboat. Naturally several mishaps occur. Courtney gives Alex and Jackie a makeover. Gus helps Tom remodel a room and put up bookshelves.

Helping Hand
S04E03 · Helping Hand

Feb 05, 1999

Alex hires her Marine Biologist friend Heather for an important project but Heather has changed a lot since Alex last saw her.

The Wish
S04E04 · The Wish

Sep 18, 1999

Jackie and Courtney befriends a little girl named Shelby. They have plans for Shelby to swim with flipper. However, Shelby's mother Jean is reluctant to let Shelby play or be out of her sight because her little daughter has leukemia. Alex and Jean become good friends. They all learn that Shelby's 'wish' is to be able to swim with flipper. Meanwhile, Chris thinks his little league team has a good chance to win a rival game and make it to the state championship because of Tom, his father's outstanding coaching skills.

Saving Tom
S04E05 · Saving Tom

Jan 01, 1999

Tom takes Chris diving on his 12th birthday, but has to go on a rescue soon after. Tom develops the bends because his helicopter has to fly at 20,000 feet to get over a storm. Tom is taken to a hospital, where he spends a few hours in a re-pressurization chamber. After getting out of the hospital, he is put on leave for a few days but is hanging around Search and Rescue when a call comes in about a trapped diver. Off he goes, even though he is not fully recovered.

Spring Break
S04E06 · Spring Break

Oct 10, 1999

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Blind Faith
S04E07 · Blind Faith

Jan 01, 1999

Tom blames himself for the death of a man during a failed rescue attempt. He suffers a crisis of confidence and his family rally around him in support. Tom's moment of truth comes when he is once again called on to save somebody. The rescue is successful, and Tom's faith in himself is restored.

Nickels & Dimes
S04E08 · Nickels & Dimes

Jan 01, 1999

Chris gets his first job delivering papers. On the first day, he crashes his bike into a gate belonging to an elderly man. Chris discovers that the man's son died in a boating accident five years earlier. He befriends the grieving father and helps him come to terms with his loss.

S04E09 · Hurricane

Nov 13, 1999

A hurricane is headed towards Bal Harbour.

Free Diving
S04E10 · Free Diving

Dec 04, 1999

Champion free-driver, Stephanie, will do anything to break the world free-driving record, including risking her life. Tom and Flipper race to the rescue when Stephanie lapses into unconsciousness hundreds of feet under the ocean surface.

A Night to Remember
S04E11 · A Night to Remember

Dec 25, 1999

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Princess Weekend
S04E12 · Princess Weekend

Jan 01, 2000

Tom takes Jackie an a Princess Weekend. They are teamed with Susie and her dad Lionel, who is having marital problems. The weekend takes an unexpected turn when Susie runs away, believing it to be the only way to save her family. Lionel realizes that he needs to address the problems in his marriage and be honest with Susie about it.

Black Dolphin
S04E13 · Black Dolphin

Jan 01, 2000

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Black Dolphin
S04E14 · Black Dolphin

Jan 22, 2000

A series of dolphin attacks occur in the waters of Bal Harbor and all fingers seem to point at Flipper. The culprit turns out to be an escaped Navy dolphin trained to protect U.S. property.

The Inquiry
S04E15 · The Inquiry

Jan 01, 2000

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The Inquiry
S04E16 · The Inquiry

Feb 19, 2000

When a routine rescue mission goes awry, Delaney is held responsible. His career hangs in the balance as he is tried for negligence.

Message in a Bottle
S04E17 · Message in a Bottle

Jan 01, 2000

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Message in a Bottle
S04E18 · Message in a Bottle

Mar 25, 2000

Troublesome Occurs While Fun Is Being Had.

Kidd's Treasure
S04E19 · Kidd's Treasure

Jan 01, 2000

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Kidd's Treasure
S04E20 · Kidd's Treasure

Jan 01, 2000

Chris finds an old sword whilst diving, and believes it once belonged to the famous pirate Captain Kidd. And where there's a pirate's sword, there's a pirate's treasure. With his friends, Chris goes on a treasure hunt which turns into a comedy of errors.

Mystery Ship
S04E21 · Mystery Ship

Jan 01, 2000

Holly and Delaney think they've struck it rich when they find an abandoned yacht adrift. The yacht, however, is under a mysterious spell, which affects both Holly and Delaney. Everyone is relieved when the haunted boat finally sinks to its rightful place in the depths of the ocean.

Re-Educating Rita
S04E22 · Re-Educating Rita

Jan 01, 2000

Flipper brings a sick dolphin to the Institute, placing the other dolphins at risk. Alex intends to release the sick dolphin back to the ocean as soon as possible, but her plans change when the dolphin's history is revealed.

The Survivor
S04E23 · The Survivor

Jan 01, 2000

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The Survivor
S04E24 · The Survivor

Jun 03, 2000

Holly and Alex find an Hispanic woman adrift on a life raft. She is suffering from amnesia, and the Immigration Department is keen to deport her as an illegal immigrant. Alex fends them off as Delaney seeks to find out her identity, his only clue being a locket found on the raft.

Prodigal Father
S04E25 · Prodigal Father

Jan 01, 2000

When Courtney's father goes missing, she is forced to deal with some long-hiding feelings about him. The Hamptons rally to support her, and arrange for the pair to be reunited.

The Dreaming
S04E26 · The Dreaming

Jul 01, 2000

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Flipper Season 4 (1999) is released on Aug 28, 1999 and the latest season 4 of Flipper is released in 1999. Watch Flipper online - the English Action TV series from United States. Flipper is directed by Donald Crombie,Brendan Maher,Geoffrey Nottage,Brian Trenchard-Smith and created by Michael Nankin with Whip Hubley and Anja Coleby.

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Flipper, Flipper(English), Flipper(French), Flipper: The New Adventures


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The Samuel Goldwyn Company, Tribune Entertainment, Universal Television

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