Episodes (22)

The White Dolphin
S02E01 · The White Dolphin

Oct 05, 1996

The new Bal Harbor Institute staff and Rescue Team unite to stop the illegal capture and theft of a rare dolphin.

Sea Horse
S02E02 · Sea Horse

Oct 12, 1996

When Emma Phelps overhears her husband plotting to maim their prize thoroughbred to get insurance money to pay off a debt, she enlists Cap, Jennifer and Maya's help to hide the horse until the big race the following weekend.

Ghost Ship
S02E03 · Ghost Ship

Oct 19, 1996

Attendees at the annual Bal Harbor Art Auction are held up by modern day pirates who make their getaway on a pirate ship equipped with a powerful engine. When the pirates learn that Holly Myers, one of Jennifer's students, is the daughter of the auction's millionaire benefactor, they return to the scene of the crime to kidnap the beautiful blonde.

The Sword of Carlos de Cabral
S02E04 · The Sword of Carlos de Cabral

Oct 26, 1996

Much to his brother's disgust, a Portuguese nobleman enlists Maya's aid to help him find a 15th Century sword that he believes will prove that his ancestor was the true discoverer of America.

Radio Free Flipper
S02E05 · Radio Free Flipper

Nov 02, 1996

A game of cat and mouse between an at-sea radio disc jockey and FCC agent causes mayhem in the Florida Keys.

A Day at the Boat Races
S02E06 · A Day at the Boat Races

Nov 09, 1996

Craig's pal has a fuel-injection system that will revolutionize power-boat racing; a saboteur has other plans.

Maternity Test
S02E07 · Maternity Test

Nov 16, 1996

Flipper finds a baby adrift on a raft.

Best of the Beach
S02E08 · Best of the Beach

Nov 23, 1996

Tom attempts to protect his ex-girlfriend, a professional volleyball player, from danger; Jennifer and Tom discover their true feelings for each other.

Wedding Bell Blues
S02E09 · Wedding Bell Blues

Jan 04, 1997

Quinn's wedding day at-sea is interrupted by revenge-seeking criminals.

Ebb Tide
S02E10 · Ebb Tide

Jan 12, 1997

Tom's former mentor Russ, a famed lifeguard, visits the Florida Keys; Jennifer discovers a tragic secret about the man.

Long Weekend
S02E11 · Long Weekend

Jan 19, 1997

A great white shark attacks Quinn, Cap and Flipper.

Paradise Found
S02E12 · Paradise Found

Jan 26, 1997

Holly and Dean are stranded on an island governed by lost and wild teenagers.

Flipper Goes to Miami
S02E13 · Flipper Goes to Miami

Feb 02, 1997

Criminals steal Aphrodite to use her to murder a prominent Miami official; Jennifer, Tom, Quinn and Flipper head to Miami to rescue Aphrodite.

Beach Music
S02E14 · Beach Music

Feb 09, 1997

A stranger makes two attempts on the life of an itinerant blues musician.

Help me, Rhonda
S02E15 · Help me, Rhonda

Feb 16, 1997

The interns mistrust a younger woman who sets her cap for Cap.

La Sirene Maya
S02E16 · La Sirene Maya

Feb 23, 1997

Maya finds a magic amulet among her grandmother's effects.

Mermaid Island
S02E17 · Mermaid Island

Mar 02, 1997

A possible heir to an island shows up claiming to be a mermaid.

The Package
S02E18 · The Package

Apr 20, 1997

Incriminating disks are planted on Jennifer at the airport. When the criminal shows up at The Institute to retrieve the disks, everyone must trust the special connection between Maya and Flipper to diffuse the potential powder keg.

Retribution Beach
S02E19 · Retribution Beach

Apr 27, 1997

An officer Tom knew in the Gulf War comes looking for revenge.

On the Ropes
S02E20 · On the Ropes

May 04, 1997

Tom and Quinn host a charity boxing match, which attracts a shady boxing promoter; Maya and Holly unearth a fighter's real identity after he violently attacks an intern.

Target Practice
S02E21 · Target Practice

May 11, 1997

The gang is shipwrecked on a Navy target range.

S02E22 · Reflections

May 18, 1997

As a hurricane bears down on the Florida Keys, Maya is trapped in a drainage ditch and reflects on her time at the Institute.


Flipper Season 2 (1996) is released on Oct 05, 1996 and the latest season 4 of Flipper is released in 1999. Watch Flipper online - the English Action TV series from United States. Flipper is directed by Donald Crombie,Brendan Maher,Geoffrey Nottage,Brian Trenchard-Smith and created by Michael Nankin with Whip Hubley and Anja Coleby.

As know as:

Flipper, Flipper(English), Flipper(French), Flipper: The New Adventures


United States, Australia



Production Companies:

The Samuel Goldwyn Company, Tribune Entertainment, Universal Television

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