Episodes (22)

The Forge of Creation
S04E01 · The Forge of Creation

Oct 02, 2000

Lili, Vorjak, and the baby flee to find a shuttle to escape Earth. Liam and Sandoval are both tracking them - for different reasons. Augur is on the run from volunteers, but sends a friend (Juliet) to help Liam while he's gone.

First Breath
S04E02 · First Breath

Oct 16, 2000

A college friend of Renee's resurfaces and leads them on an investigation of the link between the Taelons and a biomedical facility's cloning operation.

Sins of the Father
S04E03 · Sins of the Father

Oct 09, 2000

A Senator's daughter is found to have kryss in her system. Liam and Renee suspect the Taelons lied about synthesizing it and there is a new location for production. They believe Federov is involved. Da'an is addicted to kryss.

S04E04 · Limbo

Oct 23, 2000

The Taelons lend some of their dwindling core energy to Joshua Doors for a pilot cold fusion project, but the energy is stolen, leaving the Taelons vulnerable. Jonathan Doors lives on as an AI in cyberspace.

S04E05 · Motherlode

Oct 30, 2000

Augur is caught and placed in a special prison where he is placed in a sensory deprivation chamber. An amoralist gets him out and wants Augur to help him steal the gold Zo'or has on the mothership. When Liam learns of what happened he tries to find Augur.

Take No Prisoners
S04E06 · Take No Prisoners

Nov 06, 2000

The ANA negotiate amnesty for all resistance members, Liam tries to convince resistance member Halley Simmons to take the offer. Sandoval uses parasites to make volunteers do suicide missions against the resistance.

The Second Wave
S04E07 · The Second Wave

Nov 13, 2000

The Taelons decide to leave Earth when it appears that the Jiridians are invading. Meanwhile, a group of Resistance prisoners saved from the mother ship include several disguised Jiridians who are causing trouble for Liam and Renee.

S04E08 · Essence

Nov 20, 2000

Renee's brother has PTSD. In a desperate effort to help him, she agrees to let him undergo special treatment. The treatment removes his emotion. The project is overseen by Sandoval and the emotion they take is given to Da'an.

Phantom Companion
S04E09 · Phantom Companion

Nov 27, 2000

While on board the mothership, Renee sustains an injury and while being treated, she gets pulled into the walls and disappears. Liam searches for her. While Zo'or believes that Renee's accident was not an accident and that someone on board is deliberately causing problems. Sandoval tries to find out who could be doing it. Both Liam and Sandoval discover that another protector who was believed dead is the one they're looking for.

Dream Stalker
S04E10 · Dream Stalker

Dec 04, 2000

Street asks Liam to help a friend who's arrested for the murder of a man he hated. Liam talks to him and he claims that he dreamed of killing him. Liam checks out the evidence and discovers that it's overwhelming. Liam discovers a device, which is of Taelon origin that can allow someone to get into a person dreams. Later Da'an is attacked and evidence implicates Sandoval. Liam offers to help him. He asks Sandoval where one can get the device and meets the seller, who remains anonymous. But they learn that the technology used is made by a woman Renee knows. But when ...

Lost Generation
S04E11 · Lost Generation

Jan 15, 2001

A CVI malfunctions and kills a soon-to-be father. The investigation leads Liam and Renee to a fertility clinic. Renee finds out she is infertile and suspects that Taelon technology is affecting worldwide fertility.

The Summit
S04E12 · The Summit

Jan 22, 2001

Da'an leaves and doesn't being Liam along. Zo'or is frantic as to why Da'an left. Liam wants to help but Zo'or doesn't trust him because he doesn't have a CVI, so Liam agrees to be implanted. But his CVI enables Zo'or to see and hear what Liam does. So he tells Renee. She tells Street who comes up with a plan to make double of Liam which doesn't have a CVI so with the double they try to find Da'an.

Dark Matter
S04E13 · Dark Matter

Jan 29, 2001

When the mother ship hits dark matter, the ship dos not begin to heal itself. Zo'or is left in an unconscious state and Sandoval takes control. He decides it is time to liberate the Earth from the Taelons.

Keys to the Kingdom
S04E14 · Keys to the Kingdom

Feb 05, 2001

The relic left by Ma'el is stolen from the mother ship. Zo'or threatens to destroy a major city if it isn't returned. Liam believes the final chapters contain information on synthesizing core energy.

Street Chase
S04E15 · Street Chase

Feb 12, 2001

Sandoval is watching via nanobots inside Street as she tries to decipher Ma'el's riddle. She tries to figure out how to escape from Sandoval and the Taelons forcing her to solve the riddle. She flashes back to childhood fears.

Trapped by Time
S04E16 · Trapped by Time

Feb 19, 2001

Liam and Renee learn of a facility where time travelers from the future are being held. They try to learn from them what happens to the Taelons. Sandoval's wife is used as a pawn to gain important information from him.

S04E17 · Atonement

Feb 26, 2001

Sandoval goes to Renee to request a trial to testify to atrocities against humanity committed by the Taelons. A manhunt for Sandoval begins when he quits and leaves the mother ship. Liam has to protect him on his way to the grand jury.

Blood Ties
S04E18 · Blood Ties

Apr 16, 2001

Strange assaults and several deaths may be related to a Doors/Taelon joint venture where Taelon core energy was used to heal people. It appears that the energy is being sucked back out of the patients.

Hearts and Minds
S04E19 · Hearts and Minds

Apr 23, 2001

When Renee's boyfriend appears to her while he is imprisoned on the mother ship, Liam theorizes a special energy bond between the pair. Zo'or is upset by the human's betrayal and bans all humans from the mother ship.

S04E20 · Epiphany

Apr 30, 2001

The Taelons announce that they will all go into death stasis and wait on the mother ship for humans to discover how to create core energy and revive them. Zo'or and Da'an don't trust each other to be the last to submit to stasis.

Dark Horizons
S04E21 · Dark Horizons

May 07, 2001

Eight Taelons are killed when protectors' implants are re-calibrated with a new imperative to kill instead of protect Taelons. They fear the Jiridians have found a way to control the CVIs. Meanwhile, their core energy continues to deplete.

Point of No Return
S04E22 · Point of No Return

May 15, 2001

When Street solves the 8th dimension of Ma'el's riddle, a beacon leads Liam to a chamber with a healing pool. However, there is only enough in the healing pool to help 6 Taelons. Zo'or will do anything to insure his own life.


Earth: Final Conflict Season 4 (2000) is released on Oct 02, 2000 and the latest season 5 of Earth: Final Conflict is released in 2001. Watch Earth: Final Conflict online - the English Action TV series from Germany. Earth: Final Conflict is directed by Brenton Spencer,Ross Clyde,Andrew Potter,James Head and created by Gene Roddenberry with Von Flores and Leni Parker. Earth: Final Conflict is available online on VUDU Free and Tubi TV.

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