Episodes (22)

S03E01 · Crackdown

Oct 04, 1999

An unknown woman saves Augur and Liam from the raids on the Resistance. Lili sabotages the mother ship, but Zo'or stops its total destruction. Lili is reportedly dead. The investigation on the President's shooter continues.

The Vanished
S03E02 · The Vanished

Oct 11, 1999

Some who were detained during the Resistance sweep have not reappeared after their release. Lili is taken to a lab run by Sandoval and implanted. Renee tries to help Liam find the missing people.

S03E03 · Emancipation

Oct 18, 1999

A group posing as volunteers attacks using a stolen skrill prototype that does not require an implant to control. It is discovered that the skrill queen is also missing. The investigation leads to a resistance group called Black Wednesday.

Déjà Vu
S03E04 · Déjà Vu

Oct 25, 1999

A joint Doors International/Taelon venture creates a machine that allows people to vividly relive a memory, but Liam suspects a back alley version of the device is leading to the death of some users.

The Once and Future World
S03E05 · The Once and Future World

Nov 01, 1999

Artifacts believed to be Taelon are found in South America. Renee and Liam try to beat Sandoval to the source to determine the importance of the found pieces.

Thicker Than Blood
S03E06 · Thicker Than Blood

Nov 08, 1999

An old business partner of Augur's is hired by Da'an to get information about the Resistance, resulting in the death of many members. Meanwhile, Sandoval finds out he has a life threatening blood disorder.

A Little Bit of Heaven
S03E07 · A Little Bit of Heaven

Nov 15, 1999

Liam and Renee investigate a dead pregnant woman missing her fetus. They discover a town that Da'an helped after a nuclear meltdown and a suspicious brother and sister who were part of an early experiment to combine human and Taelon DNA.

S03E08 · Pad'ar

Nov 22, 1999

Pad'ar is a fierce battle game where spectators can connect via a "jack patch" that Liam suspects is causing neurological damage to users. When a Pad'ar warrior dies, it raises even more questions about the safety.

In Memory
S03E09 · In Memory

Nov 29, 1999

Lili wakes up, supposedly on Earth after a coma, and is told the Jaridians have come and conquered the Taelons. She remembers Sandoval telling her she no longer has and Earth-based physiology and believes things are not as they seem.

The Cloister
S03E10 · The Cloister

Dec 11, 1999

Zo'or and Da'an travel to a cloister for an energy sharing ceremony, but one of the sisters is killed and everyone is a suspect.

S03E11 · Interview

Jan 22, 2000

Zo'or agrees to do a live television interview to try to endear himself to humans, but the show's producer has an ulterior motive in getting him in front of a camera.

Keep Your Enemies Closer
S03E12 · Keep Your Enemies Closer

Jan 24, 2000

The shuttle Liam and Zo'or are in crashes over wilderness, but survive in safety bubbles. The people they meet live off the earth and know nothing of the Taelons. However, Zo'or is injured and missing a Synod meeting on the mother ship.

S03E13 · Subterfuge

Jan 31, 2000

Sandoval has a mole attempting to gain information about Liam - particularly concerning his commitment to the Taelons. When a Taelon and protector are killed in a portal that malfunctions, Liam is suspicious that it was intentional.

Scorched Earth
S03E14 · Scorched Earth

Feb 07, 2000

Bombings begin at embassies and Liam believes they may reignite the SI (Sino-Indian) War, which ended with an armistice several years before. An old intelligence agency friend of Renee's has interesting holographic technology.

S03E15 · Sanctuary

Feb 14, 2000

Liam Kincaid races against the clock to find Zo'or, who disappears after contracting an ancient Taelon virus that has the potential to cause a devastating plague.

Through Your Eyes
S03E16 · Through Your Eyes

Feb 21, 2000

Zo'or kidnaps a comatose policeman in order to use the man's body as a 'vessel' in a consciousness transfer experiment that will allow him to 'test' the human survival instinct and cause havoc on Earth.

Time Bomb
S03E17 · Time Bomb

Feb 28, 2000

While examining Ma'el's ship, Liam and Renee find a chamber and in it are some life pods and the persons are all dead except for one. He awakes and reveals himself to be from Ancient Rome and he was chosen by Ma'el to deal with the Taelons if they chose not heed Ma'el's telling them not to come to Earth. At the same Tathan decides to challenge Zo'or for the right to lead the Synod and Zo'or decides to get an advantage by using Sandoval.

The Fields
S03E18 · The Fields

Apr 17, 2000

Liam investigates a mission run by the Church of the Companions when a friend of his disappears. Sandoval and the Taelons are concerned about "the fields" where something vital to the Taelons' survival is harvested.

S03E19 · Apparition

Apr 24, 2000

Liam investigates the suspicious death of a banker, which he saw in a dream. It seems to be an exiled Taelon spirit that is contacting him. Da'an berates Zo'or for his money and power hungry attitude.

One Taelon Avenue
S03E20 · One Taelon Avenue

May 01, 2000

Joshua Doors is running his own technology development company and Renee goes undercover to find out what is going on. An artificial intelligence program of the Taelons that controls human minds seems to be acting on its own.

S03E21 · Abduction

May 08, 2000

A volunteer who was working to interpret an ancient message from Ma'el assaults Da'an and escapes through a portal. Sandoval helps Da'an avoid interrogation from Zo'or while they try to locate her.

S03E22 · Arrival

May 15, 2000

A Taelon shuttle is shot down over Antarctica. There are Jiridians aboard, but two of the passengers escape. When Augur discovers Lili's blood on the ship, he is convinced that she is not dead.


Earth: Final Conflict Season 3 (1999) is released on Oct 04, 1999 and the latest season 5 of Earth: Final Conflict is released in 2001. Watch Earth: Final Conflict online - the English Action TV series from Germany. Earth: Final Conflict is directed by Brenton Spencer,Ross Clyde,Andrew Potter,James Head and created by Gene Roddenberry with Von Flores and Leni Parker. Earth: Final Conflict is available online on VUDU Free and Tubi TV.

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