Episodes (3)

Civil War: Shiloh
S04E01 · Civil War: Shiloh

Jan 06, 2006

BattleField Detectives challenges the conventional wisdom the the Confederate surprise attack at Shiloh failed due to the death of their commander, Albert Sidney Johnson, and the delay in the Hornet's Nest skirmish. Rather the cause was unexpected terrain challenges, less effective ammunition and an inadequate diet.

Battle of Big Hole
S04E02 · Battle of Big Hole

Feb 03, 2006

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Siege of Alesia
S04E03 · Siege of Alesia

Jan 01, 2006

BattleField Detectives examines the strategy and the technology behind the Siege of Alesia a battle in 52 BC between Rome forces led by Julius Caesar and the Gallic tribes under Vercingetorix. After an extended siege, Caesar wins a decisive victory over the Gauls and ensures Roman domination of the area for centuries.


BattleField Detectives Season 4 (2006) is released on Jan 06, 2006 and the latest season 4 of BattleField Detectives is released in 2006. Watch BattleField Detectives online - the English Documentary TV series from United Kingdom. BattleField Detectives is directed by Jeremy Freeston,Mark Elliott,Chris Malone,Bob Bentley and created by Jeremy Freeston with Gavin MacFadyen and Simon West.

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Harctéri nyomozók, BattleField Detectives, Entscheidende Schlachten


United Kingdom, United States



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Granada Television

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