Episodes (9)

Battle of the Bulge
S03E01 · Battle of the Bulge

Nov 14, 2005

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Battle of Britain
S03E02 · Battle of Britain

Jan 01, 2006

Battlefield Detectives investigates why Germany was defeated in the Battle of Britain.

Battle of Oriskany
S03E03 · Battle of Oriskany

Dec 06, 2005

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Siege of Masada
S03E04 · Siege of Masada

Jan 01, 2006

The Roman siege of Masada in 70 A.D is recreated to separate fact from myth. The length and difficulty of the siege, which group of Jews were involved and whether they committed mass suicide are especially questioned.

World War I: Jutland
S03E05 · World War I: Jutland

Jan 01, 2006

An examination of the biggest naval battle of World War I.

S03E06 · Stalingrad

Feb 09, 2006

Battlefield Detectives examines several distinct Soviet advantages in their victory over Nazi Germany in the Battle of Stalingrad.

The War of 1812: The Chesapeake and the Shannon
S03E07 · The War of 1812: The Chesapeake and the Shannon

Jan 01, 2006

Documentary examining the naval duel between two (38-gun) frigates during the War of 1812 (America v Canada/Britain). On 1st June 1813, Captain Philip Broke of the British frigate HMS Shannon issued a challenge to the USS Chesapeake, moored in Boston Harbour. Captain James Lawrence accepted and sailed forth to his doom. The short but brutal battle left 71 dead, including Lawrence, while Broke was among the 155 injured. The captured American crew was imprisoned in Nova Scotia while the Chesapeake was repaired and joined the Royal Navy. It was broken up in 1819 and its ...

Pointe du Hoc
S03E08 · Pointe du Hoc

Dec 30, 2005

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The Six-Day War
S03E09 · The Six-Day War

Dec 30, 2005

In anticipation of a war with its Arab neighbors Israel spent years planning and refining its war plans and techniques. This program describes in some detail the elements of the plans that were critical to Israel's victory in the 1967 six day war.


BattleField Detectives Season 3 (2006) is released on Nov 14, 2005 and the latest season 4 of BattleField Detectives is released in 2006. Watch BattleField Detectives online - the English Documentary TV series from United Kingdom. BattleField Detectives is directed by Jeremy Freeston,Mark Elliott,Chris Malone,Bob Bentley and created by Jeremy Freeston with Gavin MacFadyen and Simon West.

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