Shaun C. Grenan

Shaun C. Grenan

actor, costume and wardrobe department, additional crew

Shaun C. Grenan was born on Apr 12, 1980 in USA. Shaun C. Grenan's big-screen debut came with Gods and Generals directed by Ron Maxwell in 2003, strarring Soldier (uncredited). Shaun C. Grenan is known for The Hunt for John Wilkes Booth directed by Tom Jennings, Jean-Pierre Parent stars as John Wilkes Booth and Terry Alford as Self. The upcoming new movie Shaun C. Grenan plays is The Hunt for John Wilkes Booth which will be released on Dec 23, 2007.

Shaun Christopher Grenan was born in Detroit, Michigan, and was raised on a steady diet of historical books, documentaries, and British comedies. Shaun was always losing himself in his own worlds of time and imagination. Shaun used this in his artwork and writings, and performed in theatre, leading off as Jean ValJean in "Les Miserables" for his first role.In 1999, Shaun moved to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, to further surround himself in a historic scene. It was there than Shaun began Civil War reenacting, which easily transitioned to work in historical films for the likes of the History Channel, Discovery, BBC, National Geographic, and others.Shaun has served in roles ranging from a Knight Templar during the medieval period, to a French Officer in the 18th century, to a conspirator in the plot to kill Abraham Lincoln. He has also worked behind the camera with historical props and wardrobe for the Civil War and Medieval periods.His love for all things historic shines through in his performances on the screen, no matter how large, or small, the roles.Shaun resides in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

  • Birthday

    Apr 12, 1980
  • Place of Birth

    Detroit, Michigan, USA