Episodes (24)

S04E01 · Showdown

Sep 29, 2005

During an ambush, a hail of gunfire seriously wounds Martin and kills the FBI detainee that he and Danny were transporting.

S04E02 · Safe

Oct 06, 2005

The team searches for missing 15-year-old Ryan Wallace who was obsessed with the safety of his school after losing a parent and watching the towers on 9/11 fall. Martin and Vivian both return from medical leave. Jack seems to be feeling protective of his staff and loses his temper when Danny puts himself in the way of unnecessary harm.

From the Ashes
S04E03 · From the Ashes

Oct 13, 2005

The team's newest member, FBI rookie Elena Delgado, formerly of the NYPD, encounters a learning curve as she attempts to help search for missing 20-year-old Dina Kingston.

Lost Time
S04E04 · Lost Time

Oct 20, 2005

The backpack and ID of missing college coed Skye Petersen are suddenly dropped off at a thrift store seven years after Jack--and ultimately the legal system--determined she was murdered by her married professor with whom she'd just ended an affair.

Honor Bound
S04E05 · Honor Bound

Oct 27, 2005

The team searches for 25-year-old Korean-American Wendy Kim, who vanishes after a fight with her new boyfriend during her night shift at her parents' deli.

Viuda Negra
S04E06 · Viuda Negra

Nov 03, 2005

Jack and Danny head to Mexico to find wealthy American vacationer James Costin who was abducted, at the request of James' mother-in-law. While Vivian, Sam, Martin and Elena work the case back in New York, Jack encounters resistance from the locals. The team soon becomes suspicious of James's wife Lucy Costin, convinced she knows more about her husband's disappearance than she is saying.

The Innocents
S04E07 · The Innocents

Nov 10, 2005

When the team investigates the disappearance of a man, they find pictures of child pornography in his home office and on his computer - all of the same little girl. However, the man who initially appears to be a pedophile on the run quickly becomes a helpful aid with the good intent of finding this little girl who has been subjected to a life of human trafficking and child prostitution.

A Day in the Life
S04E08 · A Day in the Life

Nov 17, 2005

This case, a missing 15-year-old school boy, focuses on the emotional anguish of the parents as the team does its best to find him.

S04E09 · Freefall

Nov 24, 2005

Jack's friend Max Cassidy vanishes after leaving a message on his wife Anne's voice-mail. While investigating, Jack realizes that Max was having an affair, and that he has got in much deeper into an espionage case than he should have following the murder of his partner, Jimmy, a man Max had felt was too green for undercover work. Both Jack and Ann fear the worst as the team try to find Max.

When Darkness Falls
S04E10 · When Darkness Falls

Dec 08, 2005

While Jack tries to determine what to do about his increasingly frail and delusional father, Sam investigates an unidentified amnesiac woman in the mental ward of the hospital.

Blood Out
S04E11 · Blood Out

Jan 05, 2006

The FBI investigates the disappearance of Cole Warren, an FDNY paramedic who was last seen at the hospital after delivering a wounded gang banger. Warren is good at his job and is highly respected. He's stayed in his neighborhood and takes dangerous calls. He was a gang banger himself at one point and managed to get out of that life. He's taken an interest in a young man with the potential to make something of himself and not fall into the spiral that leads so many to crime and violence. Warren's past however catches up with him anyway. Meanwhile, Malone has to deal ...

Patient X
S04E12 · Patient X

Jan 19, 2006

After therapist Gina Hill disappears, the team investigates and initially suspects that one of her patients may be involved. After discussions with Gina's fiancé and her own therapist, the team follows the trail of clues to a bartender named Vince with an unusual ability to get good women to do whatever he wants them to. Martin continues to struggle with his recovery.

S04E13 · Rage

Jan 26, 2006

The agents investigate the disappearance of Claire Hunter, a prep school teacher who was last seen at her gym the previous evening. She'd had a confrontation with a man at the gym who claims to have seen her subsequently getting into a car. Claire was well respected at her school and always went the extra mile as far as the students went. She had just broken up with her boyfriend Pete a fireman but that proves to be a dead end. When one of her 15 year-old students runs off with her, they can't help but wonder is they're having a relationship. It proves to be far more ...

Odds or Evens
S04E14 · Odds or Evens

Feb 02, 2006

The FBI investigate the disappearance of Andy Reynolds who vanished after appearing in a police line-up in a rape case. He was released by the police but hasn't been seen since. The FBI learn that Andy had served 5 years in a military prison after confessing to to raping a young woman while stationed in Japan. Andy had a steady job working for another ex-Marine, Nelson Wolpert, but seems to have returned to Japan soon after the line-up. Jack Malone heads to Tokyo while the team in New York City continue the investigation. As they continue to gather evidence, the ...

The Stranger
S04E15 · The Stranger

Feb 09, 2006

Missing: one suburban housewife. Last seen arguing with a man outside of a Soho gallery. Husband more than a little worried.

The Little Things
S04E16 · The Little Things

Mar 02, 2006

A young boy goes missing in a car-jacking. His father worked for a large drug company and would like to sort things out by himself.

Check Your Head
S04E17 · Check Your Head

Mar 09, 2006

An agoraphobic journalist goes missing.

The Road Home
S04E18 · The Road Home

Mar 30, 2006

A bike messenger goes missing. The team finds out that he is in fact only 15, not 18 as his employers thought. When delving into his family life, they find some quite disturbing information.

S04E19 · Expectations

Apr 13, 2006

The team members search for a pregnant, HIV-positive woman, Megan, who vanished moments after she and her husband saw the ultrasound of their healthy late-term fetus.

More Than This
S04E20 · More Than This

Apr 20, 2006

A rich daddy's son, Breck Mulligan, disappears after his job at a shelter where he is doing community service to which he was sentenced. A surveillance tape shows that he was attacked and possibly abducted in front of the shelter.

S04E21 · Shattered

Apr 27, 2006

Pete and Joanie McMurphy report their teen daughter, Kelly, whom he coaches intensely aiming at Olympic ice skating, missing. The team finds a harmless peeping Tom a false trail. The team finds the school has a problem with doping, and she's obsessed with the dead of her doting, more gifted elder brother and mentor Jason, whose death wasn't an accident but the result of steroids for lack of alternative to meet Pete's unrealistic expectations.

S04E22 · Requiem

May 04, 2006

A family - father, daughter and son - go inexplicably missing. The investigators find out from a school friend that the son witnessed something he shouldn't have.

White Balance
S04E23 · White Balance

May 11, 2006

Two teenagers go missing at the same time - a black boy and a white girl. The team is faced with the difficult task of finding both teens, which is made incredibly difficult by all the media coverage given to the white teen.

S04E24 · Crossroads

May 18, 2006

Former ADA Jennifer Nichols, now senior partner in a 'social' law firm, disappears after a scolding visit form her allegedly stalking-prone ex Eric Jensen, but he proves inoffensive. She recently visited in jail Grant Stoker, the only caught member of a violent robber gang, and tricked him into betraying the mastermind. Jack suspects travel agency entrepreneur Allen Davis, who date her but was bothered in the restaurant by pregnant slut Lucy Stoker, adulterous wife of Grant who took the blame for her sake. Smelling a rat in the FBI office, Davis seizes the initiative ...


Without a Trace Season 4 (2005) is released on Sep 29, 2005 and the latest season 7 of Without a Trace is released in 2008. Watch Without a Trace online - the English Crime TV series from United States. Without a Trace is directed by John F. Showalter,Paul Holahan,Martha Mitchell,Jeannot Szwarc and created by Hank Steinberg with Anthony LaPaglia and Poppy Montgomery. Without a Trace is available online on HBO Max and HBO Max Amazon Channel.

As any detective can tell you, investigating missing property or deaths is comparatively easy compared to elusive missing people. However in New York City, there is a special unit of the FBI that is designed to find them. Using the vast resources of their bureau, the team, lead by Agent Jack Malone, race against time in the tight 72 hour window after a disappearance while hope for a recovery is still typically possible.

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