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In the Dark
S03E01 · In the Dark

Sep 23, 2004

A girl who recently went blind is kidnapped along with her mentor while the two are on a camping trip for the weekend. Martin and Samantha begin their office romance.

Thou Shalt Not...
S03E02 · Thou Shalt Not...

Oct 07, 2004

A woman disappears from the side of the road and while the team searches for her, they make a startling discovery about her past.

Light Years
S03E03 · Light Years

Oct 14, 2004

The Without a Trace team searches for a missing x-ray technician who has believed since childhood that he was abducted by aliens.

Upstairs Downstairs
S03E04 · Upstairs Downstairs

Oct 21, 2004

The team investigates the disappearance of a wealthy family's newborn child and their nanny who was recently fired for stealing.

American Goddess
S03E05 · American Goddess

Oct 28, 2004

The winner of an extreme plastic surgery makeover show disappears during a publicity event.

Nickel and Dimed
S03E06 · Nickel and Dimed

Nov 04, 2004

A young, single mother who is struggling to make ends meet goes missing after dropping her son off at the babysitter. While the team struggles to find out what they can about the young woman's personal life, Sam feels the case is hitting very close to home. They soon learn of a drug smuggling gang and an ex-con who is connected to other unusually similar cases of missing women. The team plans to bust him on every charge possible, but at a very dangerous price.

Nickel and Dimed: Part 2
S03E07 · Nickel and Dimed: Part 2

Nov 11, 2004

Sam volunteers to go undercover to bust a ruthless drug smuggling ring, which the team believes is directly connected to the disappearances and murders of different women. Sam's difficult past is revealed, and despite warnings to get out, she becomes dangerously involved in her undercover investigation, which quickly turns into a life-or-death hostage situation.

Doppelgänger: Part 2
S03E08 · Doppelgänger: Part 2

Nov 18, 2004

An investigation into a case leads the team to previous suspects "Doppelganger" and their involvement into a missing girl from their teenage years.

S03E09 · Trials

Nov 25, 2004

Jack and the team search for Peter Dusek, a wealthy, 72-year-old murder trial juror, whose disappearance could cause a mistrial. Although the agents initially suspect that the defendant may have orchestrated Peter's disappearance as a means of forcing a mistrial, they soon wonder if the juror disappeared of his own volition, since he tried to recuse himself with a note from his cardiologist the day after the defendant threatened a witness in the courtroom.

Malone v. Malone
S03E10 · Malone v. Malone

Dec 09, 2004

As part of the child custody battle, Jack endures a lengthy, brutal deposition by his wife's divorce attorney, during which his wife, Maria, unexpectedly arrives. Maria's cutthroat lawyer uses Jack's childhood traumas, his past affair with Samantha and his dedication to his job against him.

S03E11 · 4.0

Jan 06, 2005

A teenage girl goes missing. The team discovers a secret from her mother - that she is pregnant and nearing her due date.

S03E12 · Penitence

Jan 13, 2005

A woman contacts the FBI when her brother disappears from prison. Prison authorities claim he escaped, but the sister suspects foul play since he was nearing parole.

S03E13 · Volcano

Feb 03, 2005

Jack and the team investigate the disappearance of a 12-year-old autistic boy who ran away during a class trip to a museum. His father, Daniel Norville, chaperoned the outing. Jack is suspicious of Daniel, who was seen yelling at the boy before he went missing.

Neither Rain Nor Sleet
S03E14 · Neither Rain Nor Sleet

Feb 10, 2005

Jack and the team investigate the disappearance of Rosie Diaz, a postal employee. When her truck is found abandoned and emptied of the $12,000 worth of video games Rosie was delivering, the team wonders whether she is a victim of foul play or a willing participant in the theft.

Party Girl
S03E15 · Party Girl

Feb 17, 2005

Jack and the team investigate the disappearance of Chelsea Prince, a 23-year-old society girl known for her constant partying and headline-grabbing escapades. Her badly beaten limousine driver recounts how the limo was ambushed and Chelsea was taken.

S03E16 · Manhunt

Feb 24, 2005

Martin is wracked with guilt when he fails to prevent Mike (MASAM HOLDEN), a 12-year-old boy, from being dragged into a car outside of the boy's school. Encouraged by Martin's description of the kidnapper, Brian Stone (DYLAN BAKER - "The Elizabeth Smart Story," "Kinsey"), and his vehicle, the team tries to ease Martin's anguish over failing to stop the boy's abduction, even though he jogged by Mike and the kidnapper just moments before the crime occurred.

Lone Star
S03E17 · Lone Star

Mar 10, 2005

A successful real estate agent disappears and as the team searches for him, they uncover secrets of his life and ties to a brothel.

S03E18 · Transitions

Mar 31, 2005

Jack and the team investigate the disappearance of Stephanie, a singer in a church choir. Stephanie's choir director informs the agents that the missing woman had been unusually emotional at the last choir practice and requested to perform a particular hymn on Sunday but then failed to show up to sing it.

Second Sight
S03E19 · Second Sight

Apr 14, 2005

Vivian takes time off from work to deal with her health problems and tries to act brave before her family and colleagues. Her deeply concerned team members attempt to focus on their case of a missing psychic, Agnes (ALEXANDRA LYDON - "24").

The Bogie Man
S03E20 · The Bogie Man

May 04, 2005

When a 13-year-old girl goes missing after choosing to investigate the age-old murder of a different teenage girl - taking suspicion off of the original suspect and placing it on her own father instead - the team races against the clock to find out what happened to Daisy and if her father, who turns out not to be so innocent, truly plays a part in both his daughter's disappearance and of the murder of Amber Bryce, a years-ago unresolved case.

Off the Tracks
S03E21 · Off the Tracks

May 05, 2005

The team helps Danny search for his missing, estranged brother, Rafael "Rafi" Alvarez (ALEX FERNANDEZ), a recovering drug addict and ex-convict who Danny grimly suspects may have lapsed into his illegal and destructive past habits.

John Michaels
S03E22 · John Michaels

May 12, 2005

An old man estranged from his wife and two daughters goes missing after last being seen ready to jump from the roof of his building. Jack gets personally involved in the case and trying to find the man.

End Game
S03E23 · End Game

May 19, 2005

As Vivian undergoes open-heart surgery, Jack and the team search for a missing woman who may be the innocent victim of an identity theft ring. But further investigation reveals that she is linked to international terrorists plotting the assassination of a foreign dignitary.


Without a Trace Season 3 (2004) is released on Sep 23, 2004 and the latest season 7 of Without a Trace is released in 2008. Watch Without a Trace online - the English Crime TV series from United States. Without a Trace is directed by John F. Showalter,Paul Holahan,Martha Mitchell,Jeannot Szwarc and created by Hank Steinberg with Anthony LaPaglia and Poppy Montgomery. Without a Trace is available online on HBO Max and HBO Max Amazon Channel.

As any detective can tell you, investigating missing property or deaths is comparatively easy compared to elusive missing people. However in New York City, there is a special unit of the FBI that is designed to find them. Using the vast resources of their bureau, the team, lead by Agent Jack Malone, race against time in the tight 72 hour window after a disappearance while hope for a recovery is still typically possible.

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