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Going Home
S02E01 · Going Home

Oct 26, 1988

Vinnie's resignation from the Organized Crime Bureau leads him home and into a hotbed of racial hatred.

School of Hard Knox
S02E02 · School of Hard Knox

Nov 02, 1988

Vinnie returns to the O.C.B. on his own terms, determined to infiltrate the radical racist organization that has threatened his family and friends.

Revenge of the Mud People
S02E03 · Revenge of the Mud People

Nov 09, 1988

The local police leave their kid gloves behind when they haul Vinnie in, mistakenly believing he has murdered one of their own.

Last of the True Believers
S02E04 · Last of the True Believers

Nov 16, 1988

Knox Pooley's explosive appearance on an issue-oriented talk show ends in tragedy, and Vinnie and Richie join forces to link yet another brutal murder to the Pilgrims of Promise evangelist.

Aria for Don Aiuppo
S02E05 · Aria for Don Aiuppo

Dec 07, 1988

When Vinnie's mother falls in love with an organized crime boss, rekindling a romance that began in the old country, the O.C.B. asks Vinnie to intervene.

7th Avenue Freeze Out
S02E06 · 7th Avenue Freeze Out

Dec 14, 1988

Vinnie goes undercover for the O.C.B. as a garment-center security consultant to keep the new wave of organized crime leadership from destroying a father-and-son business.

Next of Kin
S02E07 · Next of Kin

Dec 21, 1988

Another side of Eli is revealed when his son David is reported missing while on an overseas business trip.

All or Nothing
S02E08 · All or Nothing

Jan 11, 1989

While David and Eli move to close their most important knock-off dress deal ever, Pinzolo uses the same deal -- and information from someone close to David - in an attempt to bury Eli and Elrose Fashions for good.

Where's the Money?
S02E09 · Where's the Money?

Jan 18, 1989

With Elrose Fashions in its death throes, David and Eli's tenuous relationship shatters, and David seeks to avenge his grievous losses against Rick Pinzolo.

Postcard from Morocco
S02E10 · Postcard from Morocco

Jan 25, 1989

David Sternberg's final act is to leave a letter incriminating Rick Pinzolo in a murder he witnessed, and Raglin desperately seeks to make the charges stick, as the OCB garment-center investigation draws to a disquieting close.

Stairway to Heaven
S02E11 · Stairway to Heaven

Feb 01, 1989

When Frank learns his wife is going to die, Vinnie uses the money LoCocco left him to get a lifesaving transplant.

White Noise
S02E12 · White Noise

Feb 15, 1989

Vinnie has no choice but to come out from behind his OCB badge to face the chilling accusations of mobster Sonny Steelgrave -- the friend he was forced to betray.

Dead Dog Lives
S02E13 · Dead Dog Lives

Mar 01, 1989

Vinnie and Frank hatch a plan to use a record company OCB acquired to gain entry into the corrupt music industry. Their target is a powerful player named Winston Newquay (Tim Curry).

And It Comes Out Here
S02E14 · And It Comes Out Here

Mar 08, 1989

Corrupt music mogul Winston Newquay tries to buy out Vinnie's Dead Dog Records, but he instead opts to merge with Isaac Twine's company, Shakala. Newquay tries to take away Vinnie's contracted star, Diana Price (Deborah Harry).

The Rip-Off Stick
S02E15 · The Rip-Off Stick

Mar 22, 1989

Newquay(Tim Curry) seduces Diana Price (Deborah Harry), and she tells Vinnie she can't resist him because she's in love. Vinnie sends her to Jamaica for 6 months to get her away from Newquay.

High Dollar Bop
S02E16 · High Dollar Bop

Apr 05, 1989

Vinnie and his record producer Johnny Medley try to steal Eddie Tempest, a hot property, from Winston Newquay. Newquay has Medley beaten severely. In a no-limit poker game, Newquay wins Shakala Records from Isaac Twine. Vinnie convinces Newquay to keep him on in the company.

Hip Hop on the Gravy Train
S02E17 · Hip Hop on the Gravy Train

Apr 12, 1989

Newquay tries to fire Vinnie, but Terranova responds with a restraining order. Newquay makes him the company mailboy to spite him. Vinnie's associate Bobby Travis finds out he's a fed. With Travis' help, Vinnie and Frank get incriminating evidence of Newquay committing fraud, and Frank arrests the mogul.

The One That Got Away
S02E18 · The One That Got Away

May 03, 1989

Not wanting to hurt his mother, Vinnie tries to resist an OCB investigation of his new stepfather while his relationship with Amber Twine grows ever closer.

Living and Dying in 4/4 Time
S02E19 · Living and Dying in 4/4 Time

May 10, 1989

The case against Newquay is dismissed as entrapment. After making a bet with Newquay that he will live to dance on his grave, Isaac dies of a heart attack. Vinnie lets Travis have Dead Dog Records, telling him to keep a chair warm for him for the future. Newquay goes insane and is institutionalized.

Call It Casaba
S02E20 · Call It Casaba

May 17, 1989

After Vinnie puts the Shakala Records investigation to rest, he and McPike take a trip to the mountains with Lifeguard, whose real-life problems may force him to quit the OCB.

Le Lacrime D'Amore: Part 1
S02E21 · Le Lacrime D'Amore: Part 1

May 24, 1989

After a restraining order keeps Vinnie away from Amber, Vinnie uncovers a plan to sell Shakala as part of a large real estate venture.

Le Lacrime D'Amore: Part 2
S02E22 · Le Lacrime D'Amore: Part 2

May 24, 1989

Not wanting to hurt his mother, Vinnie tries to resist an OCB investigation of his new stepfather while his relationship with Amber Twine grows ever closer.


Wiseguy Season 2 (1988) is released on Oct 26, 1988 and the latest season 4 of Wiseguy is released in 1990. Watch Wiseguy online - the English Crime TV series from United States. Wiseguy is directed by Bill Corcoran,Robert Iscove,William A. Fraker,Jorge Montesi and created by Stephen J. Cannell with Jonathan Banks and Jim Byrnes. Wiseguy is available online on The Roku Channel and Peacock.

Vinnie Terranova (Ken Wahl) does time in a New Jersey penitentiary to set up his undercover role as an Agent for the O.C.B. (Organized Crime Bureau) of the United States. His roots in a traditional Italian city neighborhood form the underlying dramatic base throughout the series, bringing him into conflict with his conservative mother Carlotta (Elsa Raven) and other family members while acting undercover as a syndicate enforcer. The segments, which ran several shows each, included in-depth and empathetic characterizations of the players on both sides of the law. Scenarios include the underbelly of the recording industry, protection rackets, international arms dealing, foiling white supremacist plotters, uncovering a government conspiracy to set up a compliant new head of state in a third-world country, and Vinnie's final reconciliation with his Italian mother and her new husband, the purely legendary Mafia figure Don Rudy Aiuppo (George Petrie).

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El astuto, Kampf gegen die Mafia, Panikos ston ypokosmo, Умник, Büyük Tuzak


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His first wrong move will be his last.

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