Episodes (18)

I Dream of Gene
S05E01 · I Dream of Gene

Jan 05, 1997

Lisa is lonely, looks for another genie and finds one named Gene that lives in Texas in a teapot.

Girl Talk
S05E02 · Girl Talk

Jan 12, 1997

Lisa becomes friends with a local waitress who tells the world about her after she confides in her.

Boys on the Hide
S05E03 · Boys on the Hide

Jan 19, 1997

Lisa and Principal Scampi try to find out who defaced his portrait and all the clues lead to Gary and Wyatt.

Gary Had a Little Cram
S05E04 · Gary Had a Little Cram

Jan 26, 1997

Lisa helps the boys get ready for college.

Forbidden Janet
S05E05 · Forbidden Janet

Feb 02, 1997

Using a magical hat, Wyatt creates a perfect girl as do Chett and Gary. Unfortunately only one girl can exist at a time.

Man's Best Friend
S05E06 · Man's Best Friend

Feb 09, 1997

After Chett is saved in the wilderness by a dog, Lisa turns him into a human friend for him.

Show Chett
S05E07 · Show Chett

Feb 16, 1997

Lisa turns Chett into a male stripper at the local 'Chip and Tales.'

Bee in There
S05E08 · Bee in There

Feb 23, 1997

When the boys lament that they should have spent more time with their fathers, Lisa turns them into their parents when they were younger. Gary ends up as his mother and when they get together, the other parents think that they are having an affair.

Future Bride
S05E09 · Future Bride

Mar 07, 1997

Lisa gives Wyatt a bride detector that goes off near his future bride. Chett uses it to convince Lisa that she is going to be his wife.

Stalag 16
S05E10 · Stalag 16

Mar 14, 1997

Lisa creates a holodeck program where Gary and Wyatt have a Stalag 17 (1953) scenario running.

I, Chettus
S05E11 · I, Chettus

Mar 21, 1997

When they find Principle Scampi dressed in a toga (and that they should be) the boys have to go back to ancient Rome to correct what Chett has done.

The Genie Detective
S05E12 · The Genie Detective

Apr 11, 1997

Chett and Lisa are trapped in a 1940s detective film noir virtual reality game where you can die.

Magic Comet Ride
S05E13 · Magic Comet Ride

Jul 11, 1998

A ride on a comet might help Lisa learn more about herself and her powers.

School Spirits
S05E14 · School Spirits

Jul 11, 1998

Ghosts from past Farber High School teachers don't want the library built over the old facility lounge.

Wicked Wish
S05E15 · Wicked Wish

Jul 18, 1998

Mrs. Donnelly gets caught up in a Snow White story and wants to be the fairest in the land.

Night of the Swingin' Steves
S05E16 · Night of the Swingin' Steves

Jul 18, 1998

The return of the X-file FBI agents and the alien race called Steve.

Genie Junior
S05E17 · Genie Junior

Jul 25, 1998

To test Chett, Lisa makes herself pregnant. Chett later takes on the burden and the baby.

S05E18 · WS4

Jul 25, 1998

When Lisa zaps up an alien race to erase the hate at the high school, they decide to attack the school instead.


Weird Science Season 5 (1997) is released on Jan 05, 1997 and the latest season 5 of Weird Science is released in 1997. Watch Weird Science online - the English Comedy TV series from United States. Weird Science is directed by David Grossman,Max Tash,Ricardo Méndez Matta,Tom Spezialy and created by Alan Cross with Michael Manasseri and John Asher.

Gary Wallace and Wyatt Donnelly create their dream woman, Lisa, on their computer. Lisa has extraordinary powers and can grant the boys their wishes for short periods of time.

As know as:

Ciencia loca, Podivná veda, Weird Science, Lisa ja pojat, Ciencia Loca


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St. Clare Entertainment, Universal Television

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