Episodes (3)

Computerman... Kill Dr. Bloom!
S02E01 · Computerman... Kill Dr. Bloom!

Jan 25, 2004

A Channel101 crossover. Things are already tense between Dr. Bloom, Eugene, and Computerman when Montague arrives. Initiate fight sequence.

At the Table of the Gods
S02E02 · At the Table of the Gods

Mar 01, 2004

Dr. Bloom lands at the beginning of time-- in the middle of a fight to the death between bloodthirsty dinosaurs and savage Amazons. Without the Time Belt, will he ever see Sara again?

S02E03 · Finally

Mar 29, 2004

Dr. Bloom learns that the Time Belt has thrown the world into chaos. He must return to where it all began and make a choice: Will he sacrifice Sara in order to save the world?


Time Belt Season 2 (2004) is released on Jan 25, 2004 and the latest season 2 of Time Belt is released in 2004. Watch Time Belt online - the English Short TV series from United States. Time Belt is directed by Chris Tallman and created by Chris Tallman with Chris Tallman and Claudia Dolph.

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