Episodes (5)

Just a Theory
S01E01 · Just a Theory

Jun 30, 2003

Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot.

Got Any Micro-Transistors?
S01E02 · Got Any Micro-Transistors?

Jul 28, 2003

Flung far into the future, Dr. Bloom finds himself face to face with Garrett, an evil cyborg. Things go from bad to worse when a sinister stranger appears, wearing a Time Belt of his own.

S01E03 · Hitler!

Aug 25, 2003

Dr. Bloom is in Nazi Germany and Hitler has the Time Belt. The good doctor must battle past Nazi girls and laser eyes to save Anne Frank and continue his rescue mission.

Can I Tell You a Story?
S01E04 · Can I Tell You a Story?

Sep 29, 2003

Dr. Bloom awakens safe at home, with his wife and son at his side. His journey is over...or is it?

Oh. Shit. Zombies.
S01E05 · Oh. Shit. Zombies.

Oct 26, 2003

The Halloween episode. When the world is overrun by the living dead, Dr. Bloom must join forces with the last woman alive on a suicide mission to retrieve the Time Belt.


Time Belt Season 1 (2003) is released on Jun 30, 2003 and the latest season 2 of Time Belt is released in 2004. Watch Time Belt online - the English Short TV series from United States. Time Belt is directed by Chris Tallman and created by Chris Tallman with Chris Tallman and Claudia Dolph.

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