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Der verlorene Sohn
S02E01 · Der verlorene Sohn

Sep 17, 2013

1987, six miserable years later of political exacerbation. Imprisoned at Hoheneck as traitor, Julia Hausmann lost Martin's baby and he is made to believe she escaped to Hamburg, hence sells his car to former police partner Peter Gorlitz, who took him in at home now he's a discredited carpenter, to pay for an illegal way out. Falk Kupfer blackmails Dunja Hausmann to Stasi informant threatening to treat Julia even worse, even convincing her Martin had returned to his daughter's mother. Hans Kupfer lost his job to Falk, posted as instructor in the ministry's ...

Die Rückkehr
S02E02 · Die Rückkehr

Sep 24, 2013

Martin donated a kidney anyway, which saved Roman's life, but instead of gymnast he'll need a new future as engineering student. As reward, Falk has Julia released, but the ingrate keeps Martin waiting, rather meeting her new lush mother, somehow blaming 'coward' Martin for the miscarriage. Vera being icy to Falk, he starts marriage counseling from a psychologist, whose past he uses to steer her. Vera meets and falls for children's home buddy Nicole's brother, free-spirited protestant preacher Robert Wolff, who takes her along to punk-concerts and the politically ...

S02E03 · Julia

Oct 01, 2013

Julia tries to convince Martin that their daughter is still alive.

Liebe ist stärker als der Tod
S02E04 · Liebe ist stärker als der Tod

Oct 08, 2013

Hans brings terrible news to Dunja, and she drowns her sorrows in alcohol.

Der Überfall
S02E05 · Der Überfall

Oct 15, 2013

Finding Martin at the burning dacha, blaming state, family and himself for Julia and daughter Anna's fate, Hans offers help to find out the kid's. Martin can't find Dr. Maiwald and general Gaucke seals all documents on the case, but Hans is reinstated at the ministry and manages to track down Dr. Schmolke, who signed the death certificate, and bugs Dunja's telephone to spy o them and their StaSi supervisor. Hans's Gorbachov-moderation is abhorred by pitiless Gaucke, who presses Falk to crack down on the environmental library, now the nerve center of preacher Robert's ...

S02E06 · Morgenluft

Oct 22, 2013

Falk Robert has the environmental library stormed, the 'opponents' arrested, and tries to play them against each-other. Robert is shown the StaSi enrollment of Vera, who also admits it to Nicole, who refuses to believe she passed only minor info. Vera feels her life is rendered senseless by Falk and leaves him. Hans is horrified to learn Falk was responsible for abducting Martin's daughter Anna but dares not tell Martin fearing fratricide and pressures Falk to help find Anna. Dunja is off liquor and returns to activism, performing at a church gathering for liberation ...


The Weissensee Saga (also know as Weissensee) Season 2 (2013) is released on Sep 17, 2013 and the latest season 4 of The Weissensee Saga is released in 2018. Watch The Weissensee Saga online - the German Drama TV series from Germany. The Weissensee Saga is directed by Friedemann Fromm and created by Friedemann Fromm with Florian Lukas and Uwe Kockisch. The Weissensee Saga is available online on MZ Choice Amazon Channel and Mhz Choice.

As know as:

Weissensee, The Weissensee Saga, Weissensee, Rakkautta Berliinin muurin varjossa, Kärlek i skuggan av Berlinmuren(Swedish)





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Ziegler Film & Company

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