Episodes (6)

Operation Juninacht
S01E01 · Operation Juninacht

Sep 14, 2010

Easy-going East Berlin Volkspolizist (GDR cop) Martin Kupfer, divorced without custody of his pre-teen daughter, starts an innocent affair with beautician Julia Hausmann, having dutifully arrested her in 1980 for a forbidden Walkman during a speeding drive with her German-American fiance Robert Schnyder, whom she cheats on despite being the perfect in-law for her mother, critical songwriter-club singer Dunja Hausmann. Martin and Julia ignore Dunja enjoys protection as former lover of Martin's father, high-ranking Security Ministry officer Hans Kupfer. Charging by Hans...

Die verlorene Tochter
S01E02 · Die verlorene Tochter

Sep 21, 2010

Stasi officer Falk Kupfer is started and furious that Julia wasn't found in American Robert Schnyder's car, as she stayed out of love for his cop brother Martin. Ignoring father Hans's instructions of diplomatic prudence, Falk keeps Robert in appalling conditions, questioning him as 'good cop'. He still won't incriminate Julia until shown pictures made by spying Martin as her lover, but that drives the capitalist to suicide. Falk now questions Julia but Hans intervenes for her at mother Dunja Hausmann's plea, only to find her a rebellious liar. Marti still ignores why...

Alles für die Liebe
S01E03 · Alles für die Liebe

Sep 28, 2010

Martin convinces Julia to move out together, but after he talks over the home assignment clerk to give them a shot against the rules, their application is squashed from the top, which only makes the conflict between Martin and father Hans, who calls his infatuation foolish and immature, deepen into a worrisome family rift. Falk fears for his position after tormented Robert Schnyder's diabetic hospitalization, compromising the party's detente policy, but general Gaucke chooses another scapegoat and even proposes a promotion, against Hans's advice, enabling him to bug ...

Eine alte Leidenschaft
S01E04 · Eine alte Leidenschaft

Oct 05, 2010

The search for missing Lisa has the Kupfer family bicker but also tie together. Hans and Marlene blame Falk's plot. Martin finds Lisa with a kind man who promised candy but tried nothing, and realizes he's only being charged as former Wall-flight-convict, so a scapegoat while the real pedophile is probably still lurking around. Marion invites Martin for a makeup family dinner, but he tells Lisa he's not returning to her mother ever. Klaus Meigold is arrested attempting to smuggle Dunja's subversive record to the West, Hans wants to recruit him as informer instead. ...

Das Konzert
S01E05 · Das Konzert

Oct 12, 2010

Hans Kupfer looses credit with general Gaucke, who promotes neither his candidate nor Falke, after Dunja's failed suicide which drives Julia hysterical, turning even a while on Martin, who incurs a formal warning -to his unconnected partner Peter Görlitz's envy- for refusing an order to raid a harmless party. Falk physically fights Martin, who is surprised to win for the first time, and to find his brother utterly unforgiving, while both feel betrayed by father, who learns his wife knew about Dunja. Falke is instructed to 'find ways' and blackmails a police employee ...

Am Ende des Tages
S01E06 · Am Ende des Tages

Oct 19, 2010

Falk has Dunja interned in psych ward until she signs either transfer of all her decisions to a regime lawyer or becomes his StaSi spy. Dunja gives in, finds he home bugged but informs daughter Julia. Hans prevents Martin being sanctioned for refusing a dubious order, even offers to arrange a lease for the home he squats with Julia, who calls him a coward for failing to oppose the regime with her, warning against her appointment with a West German reporter. Falk's wife Vera loses self-control after a pupil realizes he gets unfairly bad grades on account of his ...


The Weissensee Saga (also know as Weissensee) Season 1 (2010) is released on Sep 14, 2010 and the latest season 4 of The Weissensee Saga is released in 2018. Watch The Weissensee Saga online - the German Drama TV series from Germany. The Weissensee Saga is directed by Friedemann Fromm and created by Friedemann Fromm with Florian Lukas and Uwe Kockisch. The Weissensee Saga is available online on Hoopla and MZ Choice Amazon Channel.

As know as:

Weissensee, The Weissensee Saga, Weissensee, Rakkautta Berliinin muurin varjossa, Kärlek i skuggan av Berlinmuren(Swedish)





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Ziegler Film & Company

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