Episodes (6)

Sky: Part 1
S05E01 · Sky: Part 1

Oct 03, 2011

The night after a meteor shower has fallen Sarah Jane finds an abandoned baby girl whom she calls Sky on her door-step. Sky is plainly not of this world as she blows all the electrics in the street. At the local power station a surge of electricity heralds the appearance of Sky's mother Miss Myers,anxious to claim her child for possibly less than maternal reasons. At the same time a metallic robot is also after Sky and as Sarah Jane and her friends witness the stand-off between the two parties at the power station Sky suddenly transforms from an infant into a little ...

Sky: Part 2
S05E02 · Sky: Part 2

Oct 04, 2011

Sarah Jane discovers that Sky is actually a bomb disguised as a child. She has been manufactured by Miss Myers whose planet is in a long-standing war with a rival planet occupied by robots and is the ultimate weapon of destruction. At the power station Sarah Jane keeps Miss Myers talking long enough for Rani and Clyde to close down the plant and defuse Sky,who is prepared to sacrifice herself to save the world. Will they succeed?

The Curse of Clyde Langer: Part 1
S05E03 · The Curse of Clyde Langer: Part 1

Oct 10, 2011

One day fish rain from the sky and computer Mr. Smith links it to a similar event when a Mojave Indian totem pole was removed from its environment. The totem pole,said to have once harboured an evil spirit,is now on display in the local museum and Sarah Jane goes to see it with Rani,Sky and Clyde,who cuts his finger on it. Overnight his cut heals but every document in his room with his name on it turns to flame. Next day everybody turns against him when the name Clyde Langer is spoken in their presence and he becomes an outcast,pursued by the police . Homeless and ...

The Curse of Clyde Langer: Part 2
S05E04 · The Curse of Clyde Langer: Part 2

Oct 11, 2011

Ellie takes Clyde - calling himself Rico - to the homeless camp,from which,she says,people have mysteriously disappeared,due to the Night Dragon. Sky,still loyal to Clyde,persuades Sarah Jane and Rani that the evil spirit in the totem pole has transferred into Clyde and they locate him in order to break the curse. Searching for Ellie he also solves the mystery of the Night Dragon.

The Man Who Never Was: Part 1
S05E05 · The Man Who Never Was: Part 1

Oct 17, 2011

Sarah Jane takes Sky and Luke,back from university,to the press conference for the Serf Board,the revolutionary new computer everybody wants but Sky is suspicious of the odd behaviour of its inventor,reclusive Joseph Serf whose DNA according to Mr. Smith is not human. Whilst Sarah Jane interviews Serf in the company of his protective assistant Harrison Sky and Luke explore his office basement where they find small hooded figures working a contraption that controls Serf's every movement. They are not pleased to be interrupted.

The Man Who Never Was: Part 2
S05E06 · The Man Who Never Was: Part 2

Oct 18, 2011

Harrison captures Sarah Jane and her children,explaining that the Skullions, who operate the hologram of the non-existent Serf, are slaves whom he has bought from an alien planet. He aims to use the hologram to hypnotise people into buying the Serf Board, thus making him very rich. However Sarah Jane uses Mr. Smith to beam down a spaceship which frees the Skullions and returns them home whilst Sky and Luke take over Serf's controls to foil Harrison's plans.


The Sarah Jane Adventures Season 5 (2011) is released on Oct 03, 2011 and the latest season 5 of The Sarah Jane Adventures is released in 2011. Watch The Sarah Jane Adventures online - the English Action TV series from United Kingdom. The Sarah Jane Adventures is directed by Joss Agnew,Alice Troughton,Ashley Way,Graeme Harper and created by Russell T. Davies with Elisabeth Sladen and Daniel Anthony. The Sarah Jane Adventures is available online on HBO Max and HBO Max Amazon Channel.

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The Sarah Jane Adventures, As Aventuras de Sarah Jane, The Sarah Jane Adventures(English), The Sarah Jane Adventures(French), Sarah Jane Investigates


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